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2014 by Big Floor Sdn Bhd

Touchwood create great floors for the places you call home: Touch to feel, Touch to create, Touch to believe, Touch to intimate, and Touch to connect



To u c h w o o d i s a l e a d i n g manufacturer of high performance flooring. As an innovative leader, Touchwood has built a reputation of exceptional quality and service across Malaysia. When it comes to specialty flooring, your company should expect nothing less than the very best. Using state-of-the-art technology, Touchwood has continuously strived to manufacture and market a superior quality product surpassed by none in the industry. The integrity of our wood, the expertise of our people, our revolutionary manufacturing system and the strength of our distribution network have undoubtedly made our Touchwood brands, a popular choice for laminated and solid timber flooring.


BIGFLOOR Design An experienced staff is available to help customers choose their ideal design solution. Our sales associates are talented, experienced and eager to help customers every step of the way. If you need a custom tile design, or want to create a one of a kind backsplash, we can certainly help.

Sanding and Refinishing Have existing hardwoods that need a makeover? We will come out and inspect your current wood floors and give you numerous options that will make your old floors like new.

Installation Our installers are highly trained installation experts. Our goal is to ensure everything we do for you is professional and stress-free. We will remove the existing floor, put in your new flooring and have your newly renovated room completed before you know it.

Estimates We know how difficult it might be to decide the kind of money you want to spend on your home and what is best to fit your needs. Before making such a big decision, we want to make sure you are aware of all your options and that you are informed about what it will take to reach your design goal. We provide a full service estimate in your home and walk you through each process so that you can feel comfortable and aware of what goes into your remodel.

Laminate Floor • Wear resistance • Termite Resistance • Stain resistance • Environmental friendly • 5-years warranty

Laminate Floor • Board Format: 8/12mm (THK) x 196mm (W) x 1216mm (L) • Profile: Square or Micro-Bevel • Standard Feature: AquaGuard Edge • Abrasion Class: 3

Classic Wood

Cold Wood

TW HD 318

TW HD 9899

TW HD 318

TW HD 318

TW HD 331

TW HD 355

TW HD 318

TW HD 318

TW HD 337

TW HD 332

Laminate Floor • Board Format: 8/12mm (THK) x 196mm (W) x 1216mm (L) • Profile: Square or Micro-Bevel • Standard Feature: AquaGuard Edge • Abrasion Class: 3

Exotic Wood

Warm Wood

TW 9859

TW HD 220

TW HD 377

TW 9913

TW HD 306

TW 9851

TW HD 147

TW 9915

TW HD 378

Solid Timber Floor Where nature meets the professional craftsmanship

Solid Timber LOCAL Species


Red Balau


Yellow Balau



Solid Timber Imported Species

Burmese Teak

Burmese Walnut


African Teak

White Oak

Š Big Floor Sdn Bhd 2014 BigFloor was founded in 2014 by Simon Kang and Kua Ho Lip who collectively brought into the company technical and professional experiences of more than fifteen years. BigFloor active in commercial and residential flooring market, with focus on new construction, home improvement , restoration and maintenance programmes. BigFloor has an extensive collections and the focus of company is to provide quality service with reliable and professional after sales service. The company sources products from most reputable floor covering manufacturers and wholesalers which includes all types of floor covering. BigFloor caters for most segments of the market and operate in a wide geographical area. With our commitment to the combined goals of high service levels and value for money, our business has grown steadily over the time. TEL : +603 7877 8121 | Fax : +603 7877 9121 | Email : |

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