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BVRLA News October/November 2012

The newsletter of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association

‘Chaos’ fear for van fleets over Euro-plans for whole vehicle type approval There are fears that the introduction of European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval (ECWVTA) regulations for light vans next spring could cause chaos for BVRLA members.

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From 29 April 2013, light commercial vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes will come into scope of ECWVTA and will therefore require additional approval for any modifications made to them.

to identify, agree and publish a list of modifications that would be seen as having no impact on a vehicle’s original type approval. However, there is still a great deal of uncertainty as to what modifications could be ‘blanket approved’. There are also worries that converters and body-builders will require a thorough understanding of the scope of new type approval for vans and the impact of any modifications. “Our members are already planning for fleet requirements well into 2013, so we are working closely with the VCA and with the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA), who will police the regulations, to avoid delays or additional costs from arising next year,” said BVRLA chief executive John Lewis.

Is permission required? Working vans need modifications like protective ply-lining

Given that almost all panel vans will have some additional modification to equip them for service, whether it is ply-lining, racking, lamp beacons or rear steps, the BVRLA is concerned that any such changes could result in each vehicle being individually reinspected, tested and approved. At the BVRLA’s recent Technical and Operational Management Forum, the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) presented details of a ‘light touch’ approval scheme for the more common vehicle modifications, to reduce the burden on fleets, test centres and inspectors. It has agreed to continue to work with the BVRLA

“While the VCA’s ‘light touch’ proposal is a step in the right direction, there are still too many unanswered questions and we are very concerned that the system will not be able to cope with this potential new surge in type approval testing. This could have a major effect on lead times for fleet van operators, who need to get to grips with the potential time and cost implications involved.” Rental and leasing companies must also make sure that they are kept informed of any modifications their customers make to their vehicles. They could do this by adding a clause to this effect to their rental and leasing contracts. n Further information can be found in Whole Vehicle Type Approval (BVRLA Fact Sheet 577), which can be downloaded from the BVRLA website:

In this issue BVRLA publishes directory of members Our new directory details our corporate, leasing broker and associate members – and it’s free to download page 3 Toeing the commercial vehicle testing line VOSA has warned that MOT failure rates for vans are likely to rise next year with the introduction of tougher EU testing standards page 4 Revised code for leasing brokers The BVRLA has issued a new code of conduct and guidance for leasing brokers to strengthen industry standards page 6 BVRLA emphasises road safety role Police and MPs have joined the BVRLA in calling for the government to work harder on road safety page 7 RISC Online: there’s safety in numbers The RISC Online database details over 9,000 ‘problem renters’ – and saves users from an awful lot of grief page 9

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The BVRLA returns to London’s West End for its Annual Dinner – The Big Event! It is the only evening to bring the whole industry together – last year more than 900 people representing over 100 companies enjoyed top-class food and entertainment. Bring your clients and business partners to this must-attend occasion, widely acclaimed as the friendliest, funniest and most looked-forward-to event on the rental and leasing industry calendar. As well as networking with your peers, you can help us recognise the efforts of our industry’s most talented individuals and unsung heroes.

Guests will be entertained by the wry humour and revealing insights of Andrew Neil. This former editor of The Sunday Times and The Economist, and the founding chairman of Sky TV, is an acclaimed journalist and broadcaster. Our top comedian for 2013 will be announced early in the new year – and you can be sure it’ll be a big name!

The Big Event comes at typically great BVRLA value: Just £190 (+VAT) per person. For details of accommodation options, contact membership administrator June Dyer: Tel 01494 545714



Comment Used cars see unseasonal strength in auction prices The whole vehicle type approval story that leads this issue of BVRLA News is a great example of why trade associations like ours exist. Governments get all fidgety if they aren’t introducing new legislation or tinkering with existing regulations. Unfortunately, in their eagerness to make the world a better place, they often forget about the people who live and work in it! Here at the BVRLA we keep a close look out for this sort of thing to make sure that the industry is forewarned and can respond before it is too late. It is all part of the service, as they say… This will be the last issue of BVRLA News this side of the festive season. See you in 2013!

Toby Poston

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BVRLA News | October/November 2012

Stock shortages and forwardthinking buyers mean that used fleet car prices are likely to buck the seasonal trend and remain stable as 2012 draws to a close, says the National Association of Motor Auctions.

also expect to see a few dealers start to proactively buy for January. “If corporate vendors indicate that they may withhold cars from the market we could see close to stable prices in November.”

Commenting in NAMA’s latest monthly auction report, vice chairman Mike Pilkington said: “During November the underlying stock shortages that are a continuing feature of the long-term market will become evident once again. We would

Average age in months Recorded mileage Conversion rate


Sales volume


Sales price



BVRLA publishes directory of members The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association has published a new directory of members. The BVRLA Member Directory 2013 contains the details of more than 400 corporate members offering rental, leasing and fleet management services. It also provides contact information, fleet sizes and details of the services and vehicles they offer.

continues to grow,” said BVRLA chief executive John Lewis. “We are very proud to publish this list of BVRLA members. There is a healthy and diverse mixture of companies – large and small, publicly listed or family-owned – who are all united in their support for the industry and its ability to provide affordable, sustainable road transport.”

— BVRLA Member Directory 2013 | Corporate Members —

Member Directory 2013

“For our members’ customers the directory provides an up-to-date listing of reputable vehicle rental and leasing companies who are quality assured and adhere to professional standards, set out in the BVRLA Code of Conduct.” n

The definitive listing of corporate, leasing broker and associate members of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association – including services, contact details and fleet sizes

In addition, the directory includes a listing of BVRLA leasing brokers and associate members – all of whom are key suppliers or stakeholders within the wider automotive and vehicle finance industry. “There is plenty of talk of industry consolidation, but our membership

The BVRLA Member Directory 2013 can be downloaded from the BVRLA website: 3

Toeing the commercial vehicle testing line The Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) has warned that MOT failure rates for vans (Class 7 vehicles) are likely to rise next year with the introduction of enhanced EU testing standards.

Class 7 MOT failures are already a major concern for government, and currently stand at 50%. The pass rate is much better for vehicles in the BVRLA member age profile, at around 80% for three and four-year-old vans.

Speaking to delegates at November’s BVRLA Technical and Operational Management Forum, a VOSA representative said that the enhanced MOT would feature testing for new items, including electronic braking, power steering and stability control (ESC), battery security, driver warning lights and headlamp washers.

However, VOSA expects the failure rate to increase some time next year when van operators have their vehicles failed for these new items instead of just being issued with advisory notes.

Top HGV defects (by category)

Photo: PaulPaladin /

Category 1 (immediate prohibition for the most serious defects):


Category 2 (immediate prohibition for all other defects):


Category 3 (delayed prohibition for the most serious defects): brake systems Category 4 (delayed prohibition for all other defects):


❱ VOSA placed all its testing standards manuals online.

VOSA believes that lessons can be learned from the way that annual test failure rates for HGVs have been falling for the last four years: from 33% in 2008/9, to 23% in 2011/12. Failure rates were pretty static in the years up to 2008, but have improved since then without the need for extra regulation.

Top 5 Class 7 MOT failures 1 Parking brake efficiency.


Instead, the agency introduced some practical measures that enabled the industry to help itself:

2 Numberplate lamp not working. 3 Stop lamp damaged, inoperative or obscured. 4 Wiper blade insecure, in poor condition or missing. 5 Another obligatory lamp is damaged, inoperative or obscured.

❱ It simplified the headlamp aim test. ❱ It spent more time educating the

industry about the cost of noncompliance and the importance of a green operator compliance risk score.

❱ It gave operators and important

stakeholders, such as service agents and asset owners, access to first-time pass rates.

“VOSA’s policy of providing more information and data on HGV testing and recognition of our quality assurance programme have been a major success, and we think a similar approach can help the van fleet sector,” said BVRLA chief executive John Lewis. “MOT testing has to move with the times, but we believe that van failure rates are too skewed by relatively minor defects, such as numberplate lamps. These should be removed from the testing regime as they have virtually no road safety implications.” n

BVRLA News | October/November 2012

Van makers ready a raft of new models Despite light commercial vehicle sales being in the doldrums and currently showing a year-on-year drop of 6.5% compared with 2011, the market can look forward to a raft of all-new, high-profile models appearing in 2013. Neil McIntee, editor of VansA2Z, tells BVRLA News what to expect. Ford and Mercedes-Benz will be first off the blocks in 2013 with the Transit Custom and Citan respectively. Both are big news, but for very different reasons. Ford Transit The Transit is an iconic panel van in the UK and is set to remain so, despite Ford’s Southampton plant being due to close in July 2013. It has been a best-seller since its launch in 1965, but for the first time Ford is turning it into a true brand. Stage one is to split the classic Transit van range into two distinct models: the one-tonne Custom and two-tonne Transit.

familiar that’s not surprising because it is based on the Renault Kangoo. The front-end and cab have been redesigned, and a great deal of detailed re-engineering work has gone on beneath the metal. Citan will be available in three different body lengths and load capacities, with power coming from the tried and tested 1.6-litre Renault diesel. Mercedes has made some changes. There’s a stop/start system, for example, something not currently offered by Renault on Kangoo.

Electric vans Following the demise of the Azure Dynamics Transit Connect Electric, Renault pretty much had the batterypowered van market to itself in 2012 courtesy of Kangoo ZE. Next year will be a very different story, however, as Nissan and PSA enter the fray. The former will have the e-NV200 – utilising the drivetrain from the LEAF – up and running by the middle of the year. This will be around about the same time as the Citroën Berlingo Electric and Peugeot Partner Electric break cover.

Custom will take care of the frontwheel drive small panel van sector, as well as take on Volkswagen’s Caravelle with high specification Torneo versions. Powertrains transfer over from the current Transit and there are two wheelbase options. The bigger end of the 3.5 tonne van and chassis cab market will be catered for by the all-new Transit, due to take centre stage on Ford’s stand at the 2013 Commercial Vehicle Show (9-11 April). A global product, it will also be sold in North America, replacing the classic E-Series van. Stage two is to replace the existing Transit Connect with an all-new successor. This is likely to be towards the end of 2013, once the dust has settled from the ‘big’ Transit launch during the summer. Stage three is the reintroduction of the Courier name, prefixed by Transit this time. Scheduled for introduction in 2014, it’s based on the B-Max passenger car and will effectively fill the gap between Connect and Fiesta Van. Speaking of which, light commercial versions of the recently revised Fiesta will appear early in 2013. Mercedes-Benz Citan Just as newsworthy is Merc’s entrance into the light van sector with the Citan range. If it looks a bit BVRLA News | October/November 2012

Going head to head? The new Ford Transit Custom (left) and Mercedes’ Citan (right) will be competing for the light van market in 2013 as manufacturers refresh their offerings.

It will be interesting to see how Mercedes Truck and Van dealerships cope with the Citan; the smallest van they have ever had to sell up until now is the Vito. Toyota ProAce Another high-profile launch in 2013 is the Toyota ProAce. It sees the Japanese manufacturer return to the European van market after an absence of nearly two years. Hiace ceased to exist towards the end of 2011. Thanks to a deal with PSA Peugeot Citroën, the Dispatch/Expert-based ProAce will be built for Toyota by the French giant, with deliveries expected to begin in the summer. It will be available with two wheelbases and roof heights, and powered by either 1.6 or 2.0-litre PSA diesels.

Trending As far as any general trends are concerned, expect them to revolve around fuel economy. As the price of diesel goes ever upwards, low rolling resistance tyres, speed limiters, cruise control and stop/start systems will become standard fare. If not fitted as standard they will be at the top of the specified options list. n is an independent light commercial vehicle website. Videoled, it provides information for anyone looking to buy and kit-out an LCV, whether it be a small car-derived, panel or 4x4 van, pick-up or chassis cab-based conversion. 5

New code for leasing brokers… and guidance, too A new code of conduct for BVRLA leasing brokers will be introduced from January 2013 to further strengthen standards within the sector. Developed with support and input from the Leasing Broker Committee, the code provides a clearer picture of the standards customers can expect when using a BVRLA leasing broker.

Key areas that have been strengthened in the code include:

❱ Reference to the importance

of keeping the provision of the leasing broker service contract separate from the quotation and order form.

bbvvrrl laa. .ccoo. .uukk

❱ The role of leasing brokers in assisting the customer with vehicle condition issues at the end of the contract, eg ensuring all documentation and keys, etc, are present.


❱ When leasing brokers need

CODE OF CONDU what customers can expect

British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association

For the first time it also features a summary of these standards in the form of a simple customer charter, which can be recreated on websites and other marketing materials. Leasing_Code_06.indd 1

15/10/2012 12:37

to makeOF customer CT aware CONDU CODE the CONDU OF thatCODE they are being CT paid a commission and when the commission should be disclosed. n

The new Leasing Broker Code of Conduct can be downloaded from the BVRLA website:

The BVRLA is to publish new best practice guidance for leasing brokers. It will clarify what they should tell customers about their relationship with finance providers and the commission they are paid. This follows a review of the Office of Fair Trading’s new guidance for credit brokers and intermediaries, which covers the standards the OFT expects from them. The standards address matters ranging from advertising and sales through to refunding fees and the handling of complaints. OFT Guidance for credit brokers: Disclosure of commission (BVRLA Fact Sheet 589), to be published shortly, will be updated to offer further advice, including: definition of commission, roles and responsibilities of funders and leasing brokers, and what to do when the level of commission is not ascertainable. n

The BVRLA emerged victorious from its annual golf match against the Motor Trades Golfing Society in October, winning the event trophy and returning it to the association’s headquarters in Amersham. BVRLA v MTGS has been a regular fixture on the golfing calendar since 1995, when it was instituted by the BVRLA’s honorary life president, Freddie Aldous, who still organises the event – with the assistance of membership administrator June Dyer. Photo: David Hanson

This year, the BVRLA team, made up of the best golfers from its annual golf day, won four of their six matches, played out in the spectacular surroundings of the Stoke Park estate in Buckinghamshire (pictured). The association has held the cup continuously since 2009.

BVRLA boots out Belgian MEP’s tachograph threat The BVRLA has worked with Leaseurope, the European rental and leasing association, to successfully fight a Belgian MEP’s attempt to have digital tachographs introduced for vans over 2.8 tonnes gross vehicle weight. The Member of the European Parliament had sought to add an amendment to a planned directive on digital tachographs, calling for atwork drivers of commercial vehicles 6

between 2.8 and 3.5 tonnes gross train weight (gtw) to be required to record their drivers’ hours. “If this amendment had gone through unchecked, a huge burden would have been placed on the industry,” said BVRLA legal and policy director Jay Parmar. “Operators would have had to ensure all larger vans were fitted with digital tachographs, which is not always possible due to the vehicle design.”

In their discussions with the UK and other EU governments, the BVRLA and Leaseurope were able to demonstrate the lack of evidence for such a significant change and the cost it would have meant for business. Although the amendment has now been rejected by the European Council of Ministers, Leaseurope will continue to monitor the debate on the digital tachograph. n BVRLA News | October/November 2012

Association emphasises road safety role After reporting the first rise in annual road deaths for nearly ten years, the government is under growing pressure to be more proactive in tackling work-related road safety. BVRLA News explores the issue.

The first warning for the government came in July when the Department for Transport (DfT) released statistics for 2011 showing that the number of road deaths had risen to 1,901 – a 3% increase on the previous year. This was the first backward step since 2003. Any suggestion that the figures were a blip was removed a few months later when new figures showed that the number of people killed or seriously injured on British roads continued to rise in the first three months of 2012.

Officers and the Metropolitan Police has called for a national standard for managing work-related road risk, and greater involvement by the police in disseminating safety information. “We were delighted to be able to contribute to this report and wholeheartedly endorse its recommendation for a national standard for the management of workrelated road safety,” said the BVRLA’s Lewis. “The awareness of work-related road risk has improved in recent years, largely thanks to the efforts of organisations including Brake and Driving for Better Business. A national standard would help focus attention on a single,

“The previous statistics were a wakeup call, and the latest figures show that the government must act now to prevent this avoidable rise in deaths and serious injuries,” said BVRLA chief executive John Lewis. The House of Commons Transport Select Committee also made its concerns known, suggesting that the figures meant that the government should provide stronger leadership on road safety. The MPs clearly weren’t happy with the response they got from the DfT because committee chair Louise Ellman launched a new broadside in October: “Generalised talk about everyone playing their part to bring road casualties down should not be allowed to hide central government’s responsibilities to keep local authorities, the police, other agencies and the public fully focused on delivering significant and sustained improvements in road safety.” The police have also joined the debate, with a focus on work-related road safety. A new report funded by the Association of Chief Police BVRLA News | October/November 2012

well-understood framework that would be easier for fleet managers to implement. “Asking the police to keep businesses informed about employees committing road traffic offences while driving at work makes perfect sense, but we would go further. The BVRLA believes that the police should be given the extra resources to be able to categorise all work-related road accidents and report them to businesses.” Companies could then start recording these incidents and reporting them as part of their Reporting of Injuries, Disease and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR) requirements. The BVRLA was disappointed and dismayed that the Health & Safety Executive is not considering bringing workrelated road traffic accidents within the scope of RIDDOR as part of its current consultation on the reporting regime. n

BVRLA and road safety Road safety and duty of care should be the BVRLA’s second-most important policy priority, according to respondents to the association’s 2012 Member Survey. This is how we are tackling the issue:

❱ The BVRLA has worked with technology company Ebbon-Dacs to launch

a new online vehicle safety recall notification service which should speed up communications between manufacturers and vehicle owners and drivers.

❱ The association has published Driving at Work – a guide to all aspects of vehicle and driver duty of care.

❱ The BVRLA works closely on compliance and safety issues with the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) and enforces minimum standards within the industry via its Code of Conduct and Quality Assurance programme.

❱ The association supports and contributes to the work of other road safety

organisations, including RoadSafe, Driving for Better Business and Brake.

Photo: cla78 /

The Metropolitan Police, the Association of Chief Police Officers and a group of influential MPs have now joined the BVRLA in calling for the government to work harder on road safety, particularly as it affects people driving for work.


When the car’s gone… Ask RISC first You’ll want to identify customers who may pose a risk to your company. Using the BVRLA’s RISC Online database, which contains details of over 9,000 individuals and companies, will help you make an informed decision. The system enables rental companies to legitimately share risk information with other BVRLA members in order to gather information about prospective renters. Some of the things RISC can help protect your business against include:

• • • • •

Customer fraud Theft Unauthorised extensions Late payments

Find out more here

Abusive behaviour

RISC Online: there’s safety in numbers Originally developed in the 1980s as a way of pooling information on high-risk customers safely and legally, the BVRLA’s Rental Industry Secure Customer online database now contains the details of over 9,000 individuals and companies. Our industry owns attractive and expensive vehicle assets and the typical high-risk renter or fraudster is expert at shopping around. RISC Online users have reported 944 new ‘problem renters’ so far this year – and spotted more than 893 RISC-listed individuals and companies turning up to rent vehicles, preventing huge potential losses. RISC is not a ‘do not rent’ system; instead, it gives members a warning to ‘proceed with caution’ and provides them with information that enables them to qualify renters at a local level. However, proactive communities like RISC depend on fast and accurate reporting of information. The relief associated with recovering a stolen car or uncovering a credit card fraudster should not deflect members from trying to prevent a recurrence elsewhere in the industry. Members have both a moral and contractual obligation to report their bad risks so that all BVRLA members can benefit from the information. Working together, we can protect the industry from a wide variety of risks. As more members contribute to RISC, so RISC becomes an even more effective benefit to all members.

The RISC facts

Photo: APaterson; Graphic: kstudija /

New notifications submitted by members Searches conducted by members RISC warnings issued


230,824 893

Did you know? Many BVRLA members check their leisure or retail customers on RISC, but you can also check business notifications. In fact, business renters were the fastest-growing section of our database in recent months – mostly for credit and non-payment reasons. RISC USE IN 2012 (JAN-SEPT)

BVRLA News | October/November 2012

Thrifty and Arnold Clark: two cases in point Thrifty Car & Van Rental is one of the most active users of the RISC database, with staff checking all leisure/retail customers. Managers keep track of the number of searches made at each branch and statistics are discussed with regional managers. A recent incident shows how this proactive use of the system benefitted both Thrifty and another BVRLA member, Arnold Clark. A customer rented on ‘own insurance’ from Thrifty Car & Van Rental and was placed on the RISC database because he failed to give notice that his insurance cover had been withdrawn. Thrifty recovered the vehicle in a damaged condition, but the customer did not pay the bill arising from this. Some months later, the same customer rented a vehicle from Arnold Clark.

Most commonly reported incidents on RISC Failed to comply with terms and conditions of rental. Did not pay in full for rental or other charges. Failed to return vehicle at time and place agreed. Did not look after the vehicle. Gave false or misleading information.

Pressure at the counter that day resulted in a RISC check not being made at the time of rental. Later, utilising RISC and communicating with Thrifty gave Arnold Clark staff the information they needed to monitor the rental. When the customer telephoned to ask for another, larger vehicle, they refused. The renter abandoned the vehicle in a public car park, keys in the ignition. Arnold Clark staff recovered the vehicle and added more information on RISC about this lessthan-desirable renter. The same customer attempted to rent another vehicle from a second Arnold Clark office a month later and was declined due to a successful RISC check. Outraged at being refused, he was referred to the BVRLA. Following the association’s own standard appeal process and a great deal of correspondence, the BVRLA has upheld his inclusion on the RISC database. We are still in correspondence with this individual – but that’s our job in supporting RISC. We do this, so you don’t have to. n For further information about how RISC Online can benefit your business, contact head of member services Nora Leggett, or member services executive Rob Burford, for more information. Contact Nora Leggett, 01494 545713 Rob Burford, 01494 545702 9

DVLA workshop explains agency’s planned changes More than two dozen representatives from the leasing and rental sectors attended joint BVRLA and Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) workshops in October to discuss the agency’s plans to change the way it delivers its services. The proposed changes have the potential to save the industry millions of pounds in fees and administration costs.

The workshops allowed members to hear first-hand the key changes that the DVLA is proposing, highlighted in the last BVRLA News. The agency also shared its plans for motorists to be allowed to pay Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) monthly by direct debit, using a non-transferable, multi-year tax disc. The impact of the planned closure of local DVLA offices was discussed, too. Members were pleased to hear that

the post office network is likely to take over some of their services. Shona Harper, fleet administration manager from LeasePlan UK, who attended the meeting, said: “The meeting provided a great opportunity for us to discuss with the DVLA their proposed solutions and we are now in a position to start considering how we can start planning for these changes.” n

Lease accounting: latest IASB proposals due early in 2013 The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) and its US counterpart will publish their revised plans for lease accounting in the first quarter of 2013. The IASB hopes to produce a common accounting standard to ensure that assets and liabilities arising from all lease contracts capable of surviving more than a year are detailed in

financial accounts for companies following the International Financial Reporting Standards. Its new ‘right of use’ approach would recognise the value to a lessee of a leased item, and a corresponding liability (ie a rental payment). This differs from the current standard, where a lessee recognises the leased asset only under so-called finance

leases, with a note to the accounts for operating lease liabilities. The BVRLA understands that customers will be expected to account for their lease rentals on a ‘front-loaded’ basis, with the lessee factoring interest charges and depreciation into the value of the leased vehicle. This accounting model is not expected to be implemented before 2016. n

Name your heroes of 2012 here Training Do you have a star on your sales team, a champion at your rental desk or a legend handling customer queries? If so, the BVRLA would like to hear about it. Each year our Industry Hero Awards recognise the vehicle rental and leasing sector’s most deserving staff. We want you to nominate employees for their outstanding contributions during 2012. Award winners will be announced at the BVRLA Annual Dinner on 7 March 2013, which they will be invited to attend as guests of the association.

Entries are open to all BVRLA corporate and leasing broker members. Your candidate could fulfil any role in your company, as long as they are not a senior manager. Just tell us why they deserve to win in 500 words or less. Entries should be sent to head of communications Toby Poston by 31 December 2012. Please note that all submissions must be approved by a senior manager at your company. n Contact Toby Poston, 01494 545700

BVRLA Events Residual Value and Remarketing Forum

Heritage Motor Centre

22 Nov

BVRLA Industry Conference

Heritage Motor Centre

29 Nov

BVRLA Annual Dinner 2013

London Hilton on Park Lane 7 March

For enquiries about BVRLA forums, seminars and conferences, and to book places: contact member services sales administrator Fran Hampson:, 01494 545703 For enquiries about the BVRLA Annual Dinner, and to book places: contact membership administrator June Dyer:, 01494 545714 Full details of all BVRLA events can be found on the association’s website:

New members Rental AM Auto Rent Gilford Van Hire Ltd

(Wembley) (Portadown)

Hiregate Vehicle Rental Ltd (Bicester) Solar Self Drive


Associate iAccident

The iAccident® app combines a highly intuitive user interface with industrial strength to transform the accident reporting process. iAccident is a free download from the Apple App Store. It is also available as a white label product for businesses in the automotive sector to add their own branding and marketing content. With its plug-and-play technology it can readily be configured into existing systems.

BVRLA News | October/November 2012


Shoosmiths LLP is a top-40 national law firm with 124 partners and more than 1,200 personnel at ten UK offices. Shoosmiths’ Asset Finance Recoveries practice, headed by partner Melanie Chell, is able to manage both volume recoveries and complex asset finance disputes. Its Debt Recovery Unit, headed by Richard Gywnne, is one of the largest in the UK. Contact Melanie Chell, 03700 863606 Richard Gwynne, 03700 868204

Selling Contract Hire

23-24 January 2013, Amersham This two-day course is aimed at sales professionals in contract hire, leasing and fleet management. Run by BVRLA-accredited training provider Grosvenor Training Services, the course aims to increase product knowledge and enhance sales techniques. It covers:

❱ company acquisition methods and the benefits of contract hire. ❱ VAT, taxation and balance sheet principles. ❱ sales process, including generating leads. Fleet Consultant Development Programme

17-18 April & 26-27 June 2013 Amersham Our four-day course, delivered in a pair of two-day modules, is aimed at sales and account executives who regularly discuss fleet issues with their customers. Attendees will come away confident that they will be able to advise clients of the best options available to them. The course provides an overview of the new vehicle marketplace, indicating trends in private, business and fleet registrations, including light commercial vehicles. It also covers the market shares of the different methods of acquisition, the organisations and initiatives that drive development of the marketplace, and funding methods. What key benefits can be gained by attending the course?

❱ An industry-recognised qualification. ❱ Encouragement to discuss new and creative solutions. ❱ Opportunities for sharing ideas.

For further information on BVRLA training see To book places on any BVRLA training course, contact member services sales administrator Fran Hampson: Fran Hampson, 01494 545703 11

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BVRLA News, October/November 2012  

The newsletter of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) for October/November 2012.

BVRLA News, October/November 2012  

The newsletter of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) for October/November 2012.