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March/April 2016

BVRLA News The bimonthly newsletter of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association

Budget fails to address industry’s tax concerns The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, has delivered his eighth Budget, announcing a number of measures that will impact the fleet industry. The BVRLA welcomed the continued freezes in fuel duty, Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) rates for HGVs, and the Road User Levy, as well as the plan to cut Corporation Tax to 17% by 2021. The three-year extension on 100% first year allowances for businesses purchasing ultra-low emission cars was also positively received, although the BVRLA expressed disappointment that this benefit continues to be denied to companies that lease their cars.

Before the Budget, the BVRLA wrote to HM Treasury highlighting the increasing tax burden on company car drivers. Demonstrating the combined effect of the two percentage point increase in Company Car Tax bandings from 2017, plus the abandonment of the Chancellor’s previous pledge to remove the additional 3% surcharge on diesel vehicles, the BVRLA outlined how this will result in an average tax increase per company car driver of £626.94 in 2017-18, and £882.26 in 2018-19. This growing tax burden could

exacerbate the reduction in the number of company car drivers, which has fallen by 30,000 since the Chancellor took office. BVRLA Chief Executive Gerry Keaney said: “While the decision to retain the 3% diesel supplement for the next three years was announced in the 2015 Autumn Statement, it’s unacceptable that the Chancellor has not seen the error of his ways and done a U-turn in this Budget. This punitive tax on company car drivers penalises innocent employees for decisions they have already made.” The BVRLA also expressed caution at the Chancellor’s repeated reference to reviewing the current salary sacrifice arrangements. Although HM Treasury has stated its intention to maintain the attractiveness of salary sacrifice schemes, only childcare, cycle purchase and pension schemes were specifically mentioned in the Budget statement. Further announcements are expected, with HM Treasury considering a formal review of salary sacrifice arrangements ahead of this year’s Autumn Statement. The BVRLA will meet with representatives of the Treasury to discuss the scope of this review, and will contact interested members to discuss an industry response. Keaney said: “It’s vital that the government understands the cumulative effect of its announcements, rather than looking at them in isolation. The rental and leasing industry is responsible for more than four million vehicles and contributes £24.9bn to the UK economy. It relies on a fair and simple system of taxation.” u The BVRLA’s summary of Budget 2016 is available at

CV Show launch for Fair Wear & Tear Guide Fully revised and clearer than ever, the BVRLA’s Industry Standard HGV Fair Wear & Tear Guide is ready for action. page 4 Association talks to Highways England The BVRLA leads crisis talks to address problems dogging the Dart Charge payment system for crossing the River Thames. page 5 BVRLA policy papers set fleet agenda Four policy papers have been issued to address key areas of concern to the industry. page 6 Leasing survey sets out business growth The latest figures show that BVRLA members’ business leasing fleet continues to grow. page 7 Pow! Annual Dinner packs a punch! The industry’s biggest social event has already happened: relive the highlights here. page 8 Training gets off to a flying start in 2016 The BVRLA’s training division has already delivered several effective courses this year – including one in Poland. page 10

• Promoting responsible road transport since 1967 •

The BVRLA Broker 200 is back! Taking place on Wednesday 18th May 2016 at Daytona Milton Keynes, this endurance race is for a great cause. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet up with peers and other business contacts in a good hearted competition and raise those much needed funds for our industry charity.

18 May 2016


Daytona Milton Keynes


For more information and to book online visit:

The BVRLA team Chief Executive Gerry Keaney 01494 545716, Secretary to the Chief Executive Kate McLaren 01494 545709, Management Accountant Bharti Ladwa 01494 545708, Director of Communications & External Relations Toby Poston 01494 545700, Interim Research & Insight Manager Manda Long 01494 545717, Media & Communications Officer Jamie Fretwell 01494 545710, Marketing & Communications Administrator Tamsin Stuczynska 01494 545707, Director of Member Services Nora Leggett 01494 545713, Events Executive Fran Hampson 01494 545703, Learning & Development Professional Duncan McMillan 01494 545719, Marketing & Administrative Executive James Mansfield 01494 545720, Director of Policy & Membership Jay Parmar 01494 545706, Membership Manager Greg Theaker 01494 545705, CRM Project Lead Robert Burford 01494 545702, Senior Policy Advisor Patrick Cusworth 01494 545712,

Comment By Gerry Keaney, BVRLA Chief Executive

Why the BVRLA is not taking a position on Brexit With less than 100 days to go until Britons vote on the issue, many people are still undecided about whether the UK should remain part of the European Union or leave. The referendum will take place on 23 June, and some trade bodies have already revealed their position. More than three-quarters of Society for Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) members wish for the UK to remain part of the EU. BVRLA associate member Grant Thornton is currently surveying the automotive industry on the subject as well. As the trade body for the vehicle rental and leasing sector, the BVRLA is used to taking a position on major issues, but we won’t be doing this for the EU referendum. At the moment there is very little detailed analysis of the regulatory or economic

implications and the potential risks involved. Furthermore, we feel the referendum is a personal and political decision – not a business one. As ever, our role is to keep members advised. This is no different to the way we notify you about impending changes to Vehicle Excise Duty, benefit-in-kind tax or the lease accounting standard. Where we can, we will inform members of any potential ramifications of Britain staying in the EU or exiting. But we will do this by sharing information that comes from independent organisations. Come 23 June, it will be down to you as individuals to use this information to make your own decisions.

Legal & Policy Executive Amanda Brandon 01494 545701, Compliance Officer Natasha Howard 01494 545718, Conciliation Service Manager Sallie Catchpole 01494 545715, Conciliation Service Officer Stephen Dix / Sarah Philp 01494 545711, /

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Honorary Life President Freddie Aldous Chairman Simon Oliphant

BVRLA News | March/April 2016

Vice Chairman Peter Cakebread Honorary Treasurer Brian Back



CV Show date for HGV Vans get their Fair Wear & Tear Guide own forums The BVRLA will use the upcoming Commercial Vehicle Show to launch the latest version of The Industry Fair Wear & Tear Standard for Drivers and Operators of Contract Hire, Rented and Leased Vehicles over 3.5 Tonnes GVW – or HGV Fair Wear & Tear Guide, for short. The aim of the guide is to provide an industrywide standard for fair wear and tear on HGVs when they are returned to BVRLA members. It is hoped that greater clarity will help keep vehicle leasing an attractive option for business customers by explaining end-of-lease procedures. For 2016, the publication has been simplified and aligned with the BVRLA’s Fair Wear & Tear Guide for leased light commercial vehicles. Examples of acceptable fair wear and tear include chips to painted surfaces – as long as the diameter of the chip is no more than 8mm and there are no more than four on a

panel, six on a door edge and eight on a forward-facing panel. One or two dents of up to 15mm diameter are acceptable on a panel, and scratches of 25mm are acceptable (with a maximum of four scratches on any panel). Light scratches (those with no burr) may be longer on the bodywork of a trailer. As well as the new HGV Fair Wear & Tear Guide, the BVRLA will also have copies of its new Commercial Vehicle & Minibus Code of Conduct available at the CV Show. BVRLA staff will be on hand to answer any questions from operators and hire companies. u The BVRLA can be found at stand 4J02 at the CV Show, which takes place from 26-28 April at the Birmingham NEC.

BVRLA members’ commercial vehicle fleets are running at an all-time high, with members responsible for 689,508 vehicles at the end of 2015. The growth in internet sales and home deliveries, shortages of professional HGV drivers, increased regulation in the HGV sector and restrictions surrounding clean air in city centres have all led to increased demand for businesses to rent and lease vans. For many BVRLA members, dealing with commercial vehicle customers is a steep learning curve. With this in mind, the association is to hold two van forums this year, on 19 July and 25 October. Both will be hosted by DAF in Thame, Oxfordshire.

To arrange to meet the BVRLA at the show, please contact BVRLA Membership Manager Greg Theaker.

These forums will enable members to help their clients formulate fleet policies to ensure compliant, safe and efficient operations. Speakers will discuss vehicle specification, training and the latest telematics products, as well as vehicle, driver and accident management. u

Contact Greg Theaker 01494 545705

Contact Fran Hampson 01494 545703

TfL wants to modify London lorries The BVRLA has called on Transport for London (TfL) not to implement plans that would require lorries to have vision panels in passenger-side doors. In its response to a consultation on the London transport authority’s proposals, the association says the panels: “will not deliver the [claimed] road safety benefits and reduce the driver blind spots that contribute to accidents.”


The BVRLA also suggested that TfL further explore electronic devices which warn of cyclists’ and pedestrians’ proximity, and/or devices which show a 360-degree view around the vehicle, as if from above. The BVRLA objects to cities introducing their own design-specific road safety measures as this would cause added costs and confusion for operators. The association

considers such issues a matter for the UK government through the type approval regime and construction and use regulations. u Further information The consultation can be found online at TfL’s Consultation Hub: The BVRLA’s response can be found on the association’s website:

March/April 2016 | BVRLA News


VED poses list price dilemma

Association meets with Highways England at Dart Charge crisis talks The BVRLA has met with senior officials from Highways England (HE) and service provider Sanef following a strongly worded letter complaining of the poor performance of Dart Charge – the payment system for users of the Dartford Crossing across the River Thames to the east of London. Despite three meetings between the BVRLA, its members and representatives of Highways England in the past eight months – with representatives of Sanef in attendance – members continue to report increasing numbers of Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) being issued and mismanaged. One member reported that it is dealing with Dart Charge PCNs at the rate of one every minute, resulting in a 35% increase in administrative time. Some of the concerns raised with HE included: › Problems with the online Dart Charge system currently

The BVRLA has been working with the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) on how it will implement the new Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) regime on 1 April 2017.

registering payment against the most recent crossing journey, rather than the date and time the payee intended. › PCNs being received up to eight months after a crossing has been made by a customer. › Poor customer service.

Vehicles which attract the supplement won’t be treated differently in terms of electronic relicensing – the supplement will simply be added onto the standard VED rate.

In its letter to HE, the BVRLA called on the government-owned company to suspend enforcement actions until all these issues are resolved satisfactorily. The letter was also copied to Andrew Jones, the Secretary of State for Transport, and to Louise Ellman, the chair of the House of Commons Transport Select Committee. The BVRLA is hopeful that the meeting will result in some swift action to help members with the stress caused by the current system. If not, the association will begin a press campaign for the suspension of enforcement action.

As announced in last year’s Summer Budget, vehicles with a list price above £40,000 will attract a supplement of £310 on top of the standard VED rate in years two through six (there is no supplement in the first year).


The list price is the price the day before the vehicle was registered and includes accessories fitted before registration. Members should consider advising customers who are ordering vehicles that cost around £38,000 and have long lead times about the changes and the impact any accessories may have which will push the list price over £40,000. u

BVRLA establishes data principles The BVRLA has been working with members on a document to set out principles for the collection and use by manufacturers of data from vehicles owned or managed by leasing companies. The intention is to facilitate discussions between members and manufacturers on ‘connected vehicles’ – those using telematics.

BVRLA News | March/April 2016

The association wants to ensure that members’ customers are able to enjoy the benefits of new technology and full access to the services of their leasing company, whilst having appropriate data protection. This data principles document will be published shortly and members will be sent a link to it via the BVRLA’s Weekly Update email, which is sent out every Monday afternoon.

The BVRLA will be discussing the issues surrounding connected cars and data at the 2016 Fleet Technology Congress. Taking place on 6 July at the Williams F1 facility in Grove, Oxfordshire, the event – sponsored by Trak Global – will feature a range of expert speakers.


Further information To book a place at the Fleet Technology Congress, visit the BVRLA website:



BVRLA policy papers set fleet agenda The BVRLA has published a set of four policy papers, following its series of roundtable events in 2015. The papers focus on the themes of air quality, business car taxation, intelligent mobility and vehicle safety. They include policy recommendations agreed by members and stakeholders from the fleet sector aimed at safer, greener and more cost-efficient motoring. The Business Car Taxation paper, which partly informed the BVRLA’s submission ahead of the Budget in March, includes recommendations such as reforming benefit-in-kind (BIK) ratings, with greater detail on incentives for the take-up of lower emission vehicles. This would ensure tax policy is more closely aligned with depreciation of the vehicle, as well as improving fairness for drivers of greener cars. The paper also highlights the growing tax burden on company car drivers as a result of the Chancellor’s two percentage point increase in Company Car Tax, as well as the


abandonment of his previous pledge to remove the 3% surcharge on diesel vehicles in 2016. The Vehicle Safety paper recommends that the government further encourage the take-up of Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), given its demonstrable record in reducing road accidents, especially those under 40mph. As AEB is already mandatory for all newly registered HGVs, the BVRLA also recommends that the government consider making AEB mandatory for all new cars and vans. In Air Quality, the BVRLA supports the proposal by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) for a National Framework to provide guidance to cities across the UK considering bringing in a Clean Air (or Low Emission) Zone. However, it also emphasises that such a framework provide consistency and certainty, and give sufficient notice for fleet operators to make vehicle purchase decisions without unnecessary financial penalties. The paper also highlights the importance of the continuation of the Plug-in Car Grant to encourage

take-up of electric vehicles, as well as in-life incentives to provide confidence to the still-growing used vehicle market. The Intelligent Mobility paper emphasises the importance of establishing a common set of data standards and metrics for connected and autonomous vehicles. It suggests that the government appoint a new specialist Commissioner on vehicle data. The BVRLA has sent copies of the four papers to government ministers and senior policymakers across Whitehall, including HM Treasury, HMRC, Defra, and the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills. The association plans to meet with representatives from these departments to discuss the policy recommendations as well as the research and experience which contributed to them. u

Further information The four policy papers can be read online at the BVRLA website:

March/April 2016 | BVRLA News


Leasing survey sets out business growth BVRLA members’ business leasing fleet stood at 1.29 million vehicles at the end of the last quarter of 2015 (Q4). The latest quarterly survey of the BVRLA’s leasing members found that the leasing fleet is still growing. Cars experienced growth of 3.5% over the period from Q4-2014 to Q4-2015, while van volumes increased by 10.5% over the same period. Almost one in 20 of all new leased cars registered in the final quarter of 2015 was a plug-in. This exceeded the market penetration achieved across all new registrations, which stood at 1.3%, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. Across 2015, 4% of BVRLA leasing members’ new additions were plugin vehicles, compared to 1.1% of all new vehicles registered in 2015.

Average CO2 emissions in 2015 Whole fleet emissions remained stable at 117.8g/km CO2, with new registrations returning the lowest ever levels: 112.2g/km CO2. The average lease car added to a BVRLA member fleet in 2015 emitted just 112.6g/km CO2, more than 7% less than the average new car registered in 2015.

Market share of new plug-in cars in 2015

Furthermore, more than 25% of all lease cars now sit in Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) band A (sub 100g/ km CO2), with a further 20% in Band B. u

To ensure your company’s figures are included in these reports, contact BVRLA Interim Research & Insight Manager, Manda Long:

(Sub-100g/km CO2)


Manda Long 01494 545717

Survey says leisure trips rule rental market Personal renters answering the BVRLA’s 2015 Rental Behaviour Survey said that the main reasons they hire cars are to visit family and friends, for holidays, and for day trips. Rental cars had higher occupancies than private cars, amongst the personal renters surveyed, with the average vehicle occupancy while renting being 2.2 people. Nearly three-quarters of survey respondents (74%) said their rental vehicles were small or medium cars. u

BVRLA News | March/April 2016

visiting family or friends holidays


30.9% day trips or special occasion 20.5% general activities


work travel for meetings etc 15.5% link to another means of transport 8.7% shopping work travel




transporting goods or property medical appointment





1.4% 15








With a line-up including TV legend Jeremy Paxman and stand-up comedian Jimmy McGhie, this year’s BVRLA Annual Dinner really packed a punch… Taking place at the London Hilton on Park Lane in March, the event saw more than 950 guests enjoying a wonderful evening of food, wine and entertainment. Dinner attendees not only networked on the night, but they also donated £8,954 to automotive industry charity BEN – so with gift aid the charity received over £11,900.

The guests

One lucky diner won an iPad in the prize draw as well. The BVRLA would like to thank all guests for attending, and acknowledge the sponsors of the event: CCAS, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Lombard, moDrive, MS Automotive (London) Ltd, Paragon Automotive, VRS and Volkswagen UK. u

People from BVRLA member companies big and small attended the dinner, reinforcing the event’s position as the social highlight of the rental and leasing industry’s calendar.


To register your interest in attending the BVRLA’s 2017 Annual Dinner, please contact BVRLA Events Executive Fran Hampson. Contact Fran Hampson 01494 545703

The Chief Executive

Gerry Keaney welcomed attendees to the Dinner and highlighted the association’s success in the last 12 months.

March/April 2016 | BVRLA News

The Inquisitor

The Chairman

Award-winning journalist Jeremy Paxman recalled stories from his 25-year tenure on Newsnight.

It was Simon Oliphant’s first time hosting the BVRLA Dinner, but he didn’t disappoint.

The Players

The Joker

The after-dinner get together (sponsored by Volkswagen UK) featured a casino, where the roulette table proved popular.

Acclaimed stand-up comedian Jimmy McGhie entertained the audience with his quick wit and observational humour.

Award winners

BVRLA Chief Executive Gerry Keaney said: “Our awards recognise the very best individuals in the rental and leasing industry. Whether it’s the top performers from our accreditation and training courses, or the Industry Heroes who have gone above and beyond the call of duty, our winners are excellent ambassadors for our sector.”

Bryan Macdermid Arnold Clark Car & Van Rental in Aberdeen Rental Operator of the Year

Julian Okoronkwo Activa Contracts Industry Hero

Sara Williams Brecon Car Rentals Industry Hero

BVRLA News | March/April 2016

Debby Moore Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions Industry Hero

Andrew Smith CCAS (Awards Sponsor) Managing Director

Marco Capozzoli Volkswagen Financial Services (UK) Limited Fleet Consultant Development Award

The Industry Achievement Awards, sponsored by BVRLA associate member CCAS, were presented to the top performers from BVRLA training or assessments during 2015. The Industry Hero Awards rewarded stars of the sector, nominated by their co-workers.



Stokenchurch Feb ’16: Selling, Regulation and Compliance for Leasing Brokers

Training gets off to a flying start in 2016 The BVRLA’s training division has extended its services into Europe by delivering a successful Selling Contract Hire programme in Poland.

The Introduction to Daily Vehicle Rental course provided delegates with a sound foundation for all frontline employees involved in the daily vehicle rental business.

BVRLA Chairman Simon Oliphant is also Chairman of Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions. He worked with the association’s providers at Grosvenor Training Services to create a training course for the company’s sales team in Poland.

The Selling, Regulation and Compliance for Leasing Brokers course remains popular, with attendees learning about the skills, knowledge and technical expertise required to work as a leasing broker in today’s heavily regulated market. u

Lilly Santosh from the Hitachi Capital Newbury office and course facilitator Karen Morton flew to Warsaw to deliver the new programme in January.

For more information about the BVRLA’s training courses, contact Learning & Development Professional Duncan McMillan.

Closer to home, the BVRLA hosted two training courses in Stokenchurch, Buckinghamshire, in February.

Contact Duncan McMillan 01494 545719

Employers: health and safety penalties are tougher Companies that breach health and safety laws face fines of up to £20m after new sentencing guidelines came into force on 1 February 2016. The move is intended to ensure that large organisations pay higher fines, with penalties having been brought more closely into line with those for economic crimes such as competition law breaches. The guidelines set out procedures that take into consideration the degree of harm caused, the turnover of the organisation involved and the culpability of the offender. In light of this, the BVRLA reminds members to ensure that employees who drive for work have their driving licences checked regularly. u Further information For the BVRLA Driver Licence Check see:

New (and familiar) faces join the BVRLA The BVRLA is delighted to announce two additions to the Member Services team. After a short sabbatical, Fran Hampson has returned to the association as Events Executive. Members can contact her for all events queries: from forums and seminars to conferences and social events. Industry newcomer Duncan McMillan has joined as Learning & Development Professional.


While not as well known to BVRLA members as Fran, Duncan has considerable experience of working in the life insurance broking sector, which is also a regulated sales environment for consumers. Duncan is now taking bookings for the BVRLA’s training and accreditation courses.

Contacts Fran Hampson 01494 545703

Duncan McMillan 01494 545719

Fran and Duncan: boosting the BVRLA team u

March/April 2016 | BVRLA News



New members Rental 121 Rental (London) Blakedale (Lancashire) Go Drive (Essex) H & H Van Hire (London) Otis Vehicle Rentals (West Midlands)

Parkers Car & Truck Rental (West Sussex) Prestige Carriages (London) Priority Hire (Bromsgrove) Specialised Hire Solutions (Essex) Super Van & Superbike Rental (Essex)

Professional Fleet Consultant Development Programme 4-5 May & 28-29 June This course aligns the rental and leasing sales functions to the requirements of fleet managers.

Leasing/Contract Hire VMS (Fleet Management) (Hertfordshire)

Leasing Broker 21st Century Motors (Lancashire)

Genus Vehicle Solutions (Stirling)

A & W Fleet Solutions (Hampshire)

GVE London (Middlesex)

AMG Autolease (Doncaster)

Hamborough Enterprises (Oxfordshire)

Andrew Mole (Kent)

KG Vehicle Solutions (Glasgow)

Ash Vehicle Contracts (Hampshire)

Lindsay Finance (Nottingham)

Commercial Finance & Leasing (Huddersfield)

New Car Leasing Company LLP (West Sussex)

Company Vehicle Solutions (Llandudno Junction)

New Star Leasing (Derbyshire)

Economy Leasing UK (Essex)

Premier Leasing Options (Cheshire)

E-Drive West Midlands (Shropshire)

Proleasing (Watlington)

EFL Vehicles (Lancashire)

Radar Finance and Leasing (Derbyshire)

FFVM (Wiltshire)

Renascence Vehicle Leasing (Hampshire)

Fleet Elite Vehicle Management (Buckinghamshire)

Selling Contract Hire 27-28 April, Stokenchurch For sales professionals who oversee vehicle fleets. Delegates will learn the benefits and opportunities of contract hire products and services.

Phrasers (Perthshire)

WestWon (Buckinghamshire)

Introduction to Daily Vehicle Rental 1-2 June These two days of training provide a sound foundation for customer service in daily vehicle rental. It provides a good grounding for employees who are new to the business and need clear, relevant information to get them started. Contact Duncan McMillan 01494 545719

New associate members Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank

For over 175 years, Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank has served and supported the community. Today it has 300 retail branches and 40 Business & Private Banking Centres to support its growing customer base in the UK. Its specialist teams with industry experience and knowledge can add real value when developing the growth plans of businesses in the vehicle rental and leasing sector.

Lloyds Bank

Since its foundation on 3 June 1765, Lloyds Bank has been serving the households, businesses and communities of Britain. In 2015, the company celebrated 250 years of helping people with the things that matter most to them. It offers a comprehensive range of financial products and services – including current accounts, savings, mortgages, loans and credit cards.

Miles Smith Insurance Solutions

Miles Smith offers specialist and niche products to help protect members’ businesses, and offers advice on vehicle rental insurance. As a Lloyds insurance broker with chartered insurance status, the company is well placed to develop insurance solutions for the rental industry. Its risk management and in-house claims services ensure that members get the best cover.

BVRLA Events CV Show BVRLA Broker 200 Kart Race Industry Forum sponsored by M&P Insurance Solutions Technical & Operational Management Forum

The NEC, Birmingham Daytona Milton Keynes DW Stadium, Wigan MG Motor, Longbridge

26-28 April 18 May 19 May 7 June

For details contact BVRLA Events Executive Fran Hampson: 01494 545703, Full details of all BVRLA events can be found online:

BVRLA News | March/April 2016


BVRLA Fleet Technology Congress Wednesday 6th July – Williams F1 Conference Centre, Grove, Oxfordshire


Sponsored by

Technology Roadmaps

Working with Fleet Technology

Next Generation Supply Chain

What should fleets expect from future vehicle powertrains, autonomous systems and connected services?

What are the SMR, data compliance, security and risk implications of connected, autonomous and electric vehicles?

How are our automotive industry partners moving with the times?

Find out more at

Promoting responsible road transport

BVRLA News, March/April issue  

The newsletter of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) for March/April 2016

BVRLA News, March/April issue  

The newsletter of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) for March/April 2016