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Nov. 2011

KCPD始s NEW POLICE CAMPUS KCPD Sergeant Mark Stinson (816) 581-0682 attended our September 15th, 2011 meeting of BVNA to announce the future moving of the East Precinct. Sergeant Stinson stated the combined efforts from the Capital Projects Department, City Manager始s Office, the Third District City Council, KCMOPD, and Mayor James considered up to 25 possible building locations before agreeing on the Prospect site. The ideal property needed to be fairly flat as extreme hill/valleys make construction more challenging and costly. The location cannot be near a source of sizable vibrations (i.e. a heavily traveled highway or railroad tracks). Ground vibrations interfere with sensitive testing for the future Crime Lab, and may invalidate test results. It needed a favorable road network leading out of the complex to accommodate quick exiting for vehicles. The site needed 20 areas to accommodate the new campus. Visibility of surrounding properties was also a necessity. The joint efforts decided that all the needs were met with the Prospect site. The borders range from 26th St. on the North, 27th St. on the South, Brooklyn Avenue on the West and Prospect on the East. Residents living in this targeted area have been notified and are now seeking other housing. Sgt. Stinson assured the BVNA members that KCPD is assisting the soon to be dislocated families and finding new lodgings. Also, those who may have difficulty qualifying for a new mortgage will be given special considerations. The 20 acres will be razed to start the new construction. Questions from the audience asked why the present location was not considered. Sgt. Stinson stated that the present building was in dire need of renovation and the area surrounding it was land-locked. Sgt. Stinson stated that the present location would be renovated to be used as a radio repair building. He offered to request that BVNA would be allowed to continue to use the present location.

THINK SUNFRESH Blue Valley Neighborhood Association Meeting was visited by lawyers representing the (possible) construction of a new Sunfresh grocery store. Pat Jenson presented the plans and site construction to members and friends of NAAS. Many members of the audience live around the proposed site. Thriftway, located at the corner of Hardesty and Truman Road is the proposed site. The existing store will be razed to start construction possibly next year. The proposal will be presented to the Urban Redevelopment on Tuesday, 11-15-11at 9am on the 26th floor of City Hall. Pat invited all interested individuals to attend and present concerns and/or support to the committee. The fifty two thousand square foot structure will sit further back than the existing store. The large, landscaped parking lot will remain in front of the proposed new store. This beautiful new structure will offer a cold/hot deli, fresh bakery (made from scratch), a 60始 service shelves of meat, expanded produce, plus a beer cave.

Receiving docks will be at opposite sides of the building, with loading docks located behind the store. Landscaping is planned to absorb rain water, coupling with carefully planned underground piping to move excess water to exit at 12th Street. Members questioned the practicality of the planned water control design. The legal panel explained the necessity of moving the existing storm drainage system because the proposed store would be built on top of it. The plan is to move the drainage system along side the structure and reconnect the manhole at the base of the hill. This new venture will hire over 100 people. If you have questions about this project please email Pat Jensen at

FUN FOR FREE Kansas City Zoo offers free admission through November for Kansas City, Mo. residents. The hours are 9:30AM to 4PM. The zoo is closed on Thanksgiving. See you there!

- PERFECT DAY PERFECT FUN Mr. Melvin Merritt is a visionary. He envisioned a wonderful fun outing for the East Side residents – and it happened! The perfect location - where else? Blue Valley Park!

GRAND OLʼ LADIES Two beautiful, historical brick buildings are deserted and looking for new tenants. Both, Askew at 2630 Topping Avenue, and itʼs sister school, McCoy located at 1524 White were built in 1921 and both closed in 2010. The large well cared for buildings have completed phase one (tours for BVNA and others interested in the future of the buildings) and phase two (opening opinions and suggestions about future usage of both buildings). Now the Board of Education may consider leasing or selling each site; taking in consideration the purpose of the lease or sale and how it may meet the standards recom-

mended by the community. Suggestions ranged from a neighborhood grocery store, housing for the elderly, housing for low income (coupled with/or without offices for Social Workers, and medical clinics). Some offered business offices, others demolition. Askew sits across from the original Sante Fe Trail. Many of the present neighbors of both schools either attended one of the schools or their friends/family have. Hopes and dreams were formed there in the budding school childʼs mind. It is hoped that future use will create happy memories in these Grand Olʼ Ladies.


On August 28th at 10:00 the magic began. Volunteers and friends met to create the fun day filled with free hot dogs, free kettle korn, free pop and water, free horse back riding accompanied by Miss Tave singing her newest release: Mr. Santos on the Spanish guitar; Ron Oskool melodious voice belted out “Looking for a Lady”: Rex Peterfoy entertained with his trained horse. Fire trucks were explored by tiny future firemen. Mucho thank-yous go out to KC Fire Department; Veterans Hospital; KC Health Department, KCPD Mounted Police; Rex Perterfoy and his horse, singers – music makers – and great food bringers! But, especially to Mr. Merritt Mr. Merritt has a new radio spot on 9.01FM every Thursday. Please tune in. He will interview and entertain for 30 minutes.

Kansas City Dream Home Program Pursue the American dream of homeownership! The City of Kansas City, Mo. is currently accepting applications from first time homebuyers for the KC Dream Home Program. The Kansas City Dream Home Program: • Provides a forgivable loan of up to 20 percent of the sales price of a home; maximum loan of $20,000 • No payments required on forgivable loan - 10 percent forgiven each year for 10 years • Be a first time buyer or equivalent • Homes must sell for less than $150,000

Linda and Terrance Morris have lived at 2542 Oakley, KCMO for 18 years. Linda cares for the inside of their home as lovingly as Terrance cares for the outside.

Caring for our own property makes the neighborhood look better. Please send us pictures and/or information on someone that you consider keeps their property up.

• Homes must be within the city limits of Kansas City, Mo. • Household must meet income guidelines Interested persons should contact a participating lender to apply. For additional information, contact Coleman McClain at 816-513-3008.


Home Weatherization Program

Our biggest investment is usually our home. Upkeep of the home and property keeps the value up. We hope that surrounding neighbors feel the same. If their property is overgrown, trash strewn, deserted houses bring down the value of your house----the neighborhoodʼs collective value.

The Home Weatherization Program assists homeowners by providing energy conservation services customized to meet their specific needs. Eligible applicants receive a two- to four-hour energy audit performed by a City employee, to determine where energy escapes and the most cost-effective way to correct energy use problems.

If someone violates basic codes of having inside furniture on the porch, yard area; trash; abandoned cars; unlicensed cars; overgrown lawns; fallen trees; runaway vines, trees; broken windows, you can call 311 to report this.

Residents of Jackson, Clay and Platte counties may apply to receive these services: • Repair or replacement of furnaces and water heaters

Numbers that may be handy:

• Ductwork

Dirt Hauling / oversize loads 816-513-2679

• Repair of windows and doors

Trash Pickup


Illegal dumping


• Caulking, weather stripping and installing insulation to sidewalls and attics.

Weed control




If you own a rental, vacant, or foreclosed house it needs to register with the Cityʼs Neighborhood and Community Services 816-513-3200. This must be done within 90 days of vacancy. If the property is not registered you may be fined $50 per month. Foreclosed property must be registered within 14 days of foreclosure. You can become a volunteer code inspector. If interested call 816-627-2825. Ron Nguyen, Legal Aide Lawyer, locates property that is abandoned. Some structures may be demolished, others may be rehabbed for future long term residents. If you have questions for him please call him at 627-2825.

THE VOICE Dear BVNAerʼs, Our newsletter is being restarted to share local information that might affect you and your neighborhood. This is your newsletter. We welcome you to offer information of interest to your neighbors. Complaints are welcomed—acompanied by a proposed solution. Please alert us to Good Samaritans, people working at improving the neighborhood by improving their home or yard. Our BV district has been forgotten by the City. It is time to find your voice and remind them. Start Now!!! We are constructing a website complete with a calendar of events and activities. My email:

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources established and monitors the program criteria. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Kansas City Power & Light, Missouri Gas Energy, Aquila, Ameren UE, Independence Power and Light and Empire Electric provide funding for the program. To have an application mailed to you, call the Property Preservation Division, 816-513-3025. You can also go online and download the Home Weatherization Program application at

COLLEGE BOUND? Have you or your teenager ever considered going to college? Many members of our neighborhood are college graduates and are willing to help you to navigate financial aid, types of schools, college atmophere and other critical choices. We come from many different parts of the United States and can advise how one part of the United States can be very different than Kansas City. Does your long term career goal even need a four year degree? A two year degree? Will there be jobs available in the future in your field? Perhaps we have worked in that industry and can advise you what the work is like and how you establish a career in that field. If you wish to volunteer to help your neighbors, contact us at If you want to talk about higher education, either two year colleges, four year colleges and more, contact us at We can pair you with the best volunteer(s) for your needs.

FRIENDS OF BLUE VALLEY PARK Heidi led the beautification of Blue Valley Park campaign. Several schools, including Holy Cross, James Rodgers, and Trailwoods volunteered their fifth and sixth graders, teachers, and volunteers planted over 300 trees across the rolling hills. The one hundred fifty children were trained on proper planting techniques and appeared to have a wonderful time. Kudos goes out to Hilda Mendez and Wendy Sangster that brought the reforesting dream together. Stephen VanRhein, a Conservation Deputy MDC, reminded me that it takes time, work, and devotion to plant a tree and to keep it growing. However, the tree gives back more to us than we give to it. It cools us in the summer, absorbs water, cleans the air, and is a habitat and food source to animals and birds. Thank you, students, teachers, volunteers, Conservation workers, staff at Friends. And Heidi! Volunteers are needed to help water the baby trees. Please call Heidi at 816810-5240.

Presidentʼs Podium Our membership is growing after a few years of being dormant. Weʼve even gotten some of our previous members to return. We partner with Truman Road Corridor Association in helping to fill some our empty houses with new families. We are on the steering committee of the Truman Plaza Plan, making sure our neighborhood is part of the planning process. We are working with the school district in trying to make sure our two closed schools, McCoy and Askew, are part of the repurposing project. We work with Legal Aid, City of KCMO officials and our neighboring associations to make sure our area is not forgotten. We are a member of the Third District Council, making sure we get the latest information to bring to our neighbors. We worked to keep East Patrol in our area, although we were not successful, the fight is not over. We are now planning our Christmas party, you should join us, see what our future plans are. Our motto, in Blue Valley is “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” maybe we could help each other. Jacky Ross, President

HELPFUL PHONE NUMBERS BVNA Contact Info President: Jacky Ross 483-3987 Secretary: Verniece Ross 483-3987 VP: Arnold Shelby 678-6595 VP: Dale Walker Newsletter Coordinator HUMAN RELATIONS Community Relations and Dispute Resolutions 513-1836 Housing Discrimination Complaints 513-1836 HOUSE AND CAR Abandoned Cars on the Street Building Permits Code Violations Dangerous Buildings Minor Home Repair Ordinance Information ReStore Tow Services Water Bill Questions

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Police Officers Patrolling Blue Valley Sgts. Doll, Hall, Hicks 719-8075 P.O. Briscke, Reed, Harrison 719-8060

Blue Valley Neighborhood Association 6219 E. 17th St. Kansas City, MO 64126

Blue Valley Neighborhood Association When: Every third Thursday @ 6:00 pm Where: East Patrol Police Station, 5301 E 27th, (27th & Van Brunt Blvd.) Upcoming Dates of Meetings Nov. 17th Dec. 15th Jan. 19th, 2012 Feb. 16th, 2012 March 15th, 2012 April 19th, 2012

Truman Road Corridor Association When: Every fourth Wednesday @ 2:00 pm Where: Saint Paul School of Theology 5123 Truman Road

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