BPD Winter Spring 2022 Program Guide

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School of Dance & Movement

Dance Information

To find the best classes to choose for your athlete, classes have been broken down to specific levels for the School of Dance and Movement. You can find these listed below. During this time we are making adjustments to help prevent the spread of disease. This includes but is not limited to keeping class sizes smaller, practicing hand washing before each class, and providing at home videos and/or exercises to help prepare students for their next classes. Pre Classes: Intended for the first time athlete to learn the very basics and be introduced to the class. These classes will introduce body awareness and work on motor skills as well as offer a learn through play approach. These classes range from 2-5 year olds, depending on the particular class. Level I Classes: Introducing students to the world of dance through classes with more structure and discipline. These classes will develop body awareness and placement. As well as the key points to making a routine and skills, students will learn to develop their individual passion for the sport. Level I classes are intended for 6-9 year olds. Level II Classes: As you move your way through the School of Dance and Movement, you will learn to master your skills as well as develop more challenging ones. Level II classes will be taught at a faster pace and students are expected to show discipline and enthusiasm for the sport they are continuing. Here you begin setting an example to other dancers moving up in the program. These classes are created for 10-14 year olds. Building Block Classes: These classes are made for all levels and intended for strengthening the core classes. You may take building block classes separately, or use them to challenge yourself even more. Created for the dancer who wants to take it a step further, you will find extra practice time and an opportunity to work on your individual skills.


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Dance Attire

Please see your receipt for specific requirements for class. *Masks must be worn if under 12 or not vaccinated

Instructors Needed

If you are interested in being a part of our fantastic School of Dance and Movement educators, please apply online at BvilleParks.org.