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• Never put used matches in a waste paper basket.

• Always apply a flame to the burner before turning on the tap. • Always open the oven door before turning on the gas. • Do not use naked flames to search for gas leaks

• Do not use rubber tubing to connect portable gas appliances to the gas supply • Do not overload electric circuits.

• Have electrical repairs and alterations carried out by qualified electricians. • Replace blown fuses with similar ones of the correct ratings.

• Turn off gas and electricity at the mains before going on holiday. • Burn rubbish well away from buildings. • Do not smoke in bed.

• Do not smoke when using flammable liquids such as petrol, lighter fluids, etc.

• Do not put lit mosquito coils under beds or in places where they can cause sheets or curtains to catch on fire. • Candles should be fitted in proper candlesticks with heavy bases.

• Use only certified lights on Christmas trees. Be sure to unplug these before going to bed, or going out. • Never leave handicapped persons or small children alone in the house.

• Know where the nearest telephones are and know the phone number of the VI Fire & Rescue Services.

Fire Emergency Number - 911



62 Community Disaster Preparedness Guide

BVI DDM Community Disaster Preparedness Guide  
BVI DDM Community Disaster Preparedness Guide  

The Disaster Management Department of the BVI's Community Disaster Preparedness Guide, released May 18, 2012