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2.4 Extreme Heat and Droughts Extreme Heat This can occur during a period of very hot weather lasting several days but that can sometimes last much longer, during which temperatures average more than 38 degrees Centigrade.

There are certain groups that are particularly at risk during an Extreme Heat event. These include: 1. Older people, especially those over 65 years old and/or living on their own, or in a care home;

2. People suffering from mental ill health, those with dementia, and those who rely on help from other people to manage day to day activities;

3. People who are house/bed bound;

4. People taking certain types of medication; and

5. Babies and young children, especially those under four years old.

A Heat Advisory means that a period of hot temperatures is expected. The combination of hot temperatures and high humidity will combine to create a situation in which heat illnesses are possible. We should: 1. Stay cool 2. Stay hydrated. Drink water, not juices or sodas; 3. Minimize consumption of alcoholic or caffeinated beverages; 4. If possible stay in an air-conditioned room; 5. Stay out of the sun; and 6. Check up on co-workers and family members, neighbors, and other vulnerable individuals in your area. Drought There are different categories of drought:

Agricultural Drought is brought about when there is insufficient moisture for average crop or range production. This condition can arise, even in times of average precipitation, due to soil conditions or agricultural techniques.

Meteorological Drought – is brought about when there is a prolonged period with below average precipitation. and

Hydrological Drought – is brought about when the water reserves available in sources such as aquifers, lakes, and reservoirs falls below the statistical average. This condition can arise, even in times of average (or above average) precipitation, when increased usage of water diminishes the reserves.

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BVI DDM Community Disaster Preparedness Guide  
BVI DDM Community Disaster Preparedness Guide  

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