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타 Many respiratory illnesses can be aggravated by stress. In an emergency, oxygen and respiratory equipment may

not be readily available.

타 People with epilepsy, Parkinson's disease and other conditions often have very individualized medication regimes

that cannot be interrupted without serious consequences. Some may be unable to communicate this information in an emergency.

Be ready to offer assistance if disaster strikes: If a disaster warning is issued, check with neighbors or coworkers who are disabled. Offer assistance whenever possible.

Prepare an emergency plan. Work with neighbors who are disabled to prepare an emergency response plan. Identify how you will contact each other and what action will be taken.

Evacuation Be able to assist if an evacuation order is issued.

Provide physical assistance in leaving the home/office and transferring to a vehicle. Provide transportation to a shelter. This may require a specialized vehicle designed to carry a wheelchair or other mobility equipment.

1.5 Evacuation Although evacuations are not that common in the BVI, we should still prepare to evacuate if the need does arise.

If and when community evacuations become necessary, local officials will provide information to the public through the National Emergency Broadcast System (NEBS) via the media (television and radio) or in extreme circumstances, via a siren system.

To be prepared for an emergency, you should have enough water, food, clothing and emergency supplies to last at least three days.

The amount of time you have to evacuate will depend on the disaster. If the event can be monitored, like a hurricane, you might have a day or two to get ready. However, events such as flash floods and earthquakes do not allow any time for people to acquire even the most basic necessities, hence the need to prepare now. Stay tuned to your local radio and television station for emergency broadcasts.

27 Community Disaster Preparedness Guide

BVI DDM Community Disaster Preparedness Guide  
BVI DDM Community Disaster Preparedness Guide  

The Disaster Management Department of the BVI's Community Disaster Preparedness Guide, released May 18, 2012