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Volume 50 Number 4

Brandon Valley High School - Brandon, SD 57005

Friday, Dec. 16, 2011

Tis the season to be giving Students help local food pantry By Stephanie Meeter News Editor Senior Austin Hogie organized the success of the Citywide Chili Cook-off for the Brandon Area Food Pantry Nov. 20, which raised $1,700 and received 1,284 pounds of food. All of the money went to the Brandon Area Food Pantry. About 200 people attended the cook-off. Hogie wasn’t the only one behind this act of volunteering. Seniors Jenna Baltzer, Derek Swanson, Nora Lueth, Kaylynn Erlandson; juniors Nick Wilde and Dillon Waldera also helped out every Tuesday morning before the event. They also had help from biology instructor Justin Lovrien. “So often we use the term ‘Brandon Valley community,’” Lovrien said, “but then do all of our volunteering in Sioux Falls.” Hogie changed that with help from a $500 grant from Sodexo and Youth Service America to put on this event. It was before

Photos by Brit Hicks

Senior Austin Hogie (above) gives Linda Weber, director of the Brandon Area Food Pantry, the money raised from the cook-off. Junior Brendan Gallo and senior Austin Hogie (right) pack food to be delivered to the food pantry. Thanksgiving, a time when food and donations are needed. The cost was $5 a person to eat or four nonperishable food items. Adults and students entered their chili to be judged for the best. The winners received a small prize for their work. “It is great to see our community starting to recognize the local

need,” Lovrien said, “and when Austin and the kids decided they would do something to help, I was thrilled to see kids doing so much. “I think the Brandon area should be proud of the way we are trying to meet this need and our kids are amazing as evidenced by the role they are playing in supporting this, and many other causes.”

131 angels receive gifts

Photo by Cylie Svartoien

Senior Kristen Rise writes answers in Jeremy Risty’s government class. Rise will be graduating mid-year.

Rise graduates early By Cylie Svartoien News Editor Unlike past mid-year graduations with five to 10 seniors, only one is graduating: senior Kristen Rise. “I’m graduating because I have enough credits and I’d like to work to save up to get my own place and start my life,” she said. Rise plans on working at Avera McKennan until she moves to Texas to work as a railroad dispatcher.

School policy requires separate graduations for mid-year and end-of-year graduates. Since Rise is the only early graduate, the school board decided Monday to make an exception. “I’m glad mainly because it’s a bad time of year to have a graduation,” she said. “It takes a lot of stress off.” Even though Rise will finish at the end of this semester, she will walk across the stage with her classmates in the spring.

By Brittany Lunstra Photo Editor For several years the Dynamic Dance Team helped children in need through the Angel Tree project sponsored by the Student Council. This year was no exception. Senior Libby Hoffman donated to the Angel Tree project herself along with the Dynamic Dance Team for a second year. “I feel that giving to children who are less fortunate is something that everybody should do at least once in their lifetime,” Hoffman said. “Knowing a child received everything they asked for is really special.” Students purchased gifts for 131 angels. The youngest child on the tree was 10 months old and the oldest, in high school. Only children in the Brandon Valley School District are eligible to be an angel on the Angel Tree. “I think that it’s a great idea to give to those who really need it instead of always thinking of ourselves,” sophomore Tiara Tingle said. “It’s a little bit of effort that makes a big difference for many kids.” Guidance Counselor Amy Lupkes said for over 20 years the Student Council sponsored the Angel Tree and also provided money from their fund to purchase

Photo by Brit Hicks

Freshman Peter Choudek reaches down to select one of the 131 angels off the tree. Students were able to select an angel so the children would have a present under their tree. any gifts not brought in. Senior Kyle Klumpp took an angel off the tree and spent over $40 because he said the little boy needs gifts under his tree. When Klumpp helps others in need, he said he feels a sense of

comfort because those children’s needs are greater than his. “I just felt like it was the right thing to do,” he said. “The 8-yearold boy I chose needs those toys and clothing a lot more than I do. I hope he has the best Christmas.”

Brandon Valley Echo

Friday, Dec. 16, 2011

‘Marty’ teaches life lessons in Smith’s ‘Richest Man in Town’ Three of Aaron “Marty” Martinson’s lessons V.J. Smith wrote about in his book, The Richest Man in Town are valuable. Smith’s book is about Marty, a Brookings Wal-Mart cashier who made everyone who came through his line feel special and important. One of his lessons was “try to do a little more.” We should all try to do that as the Christmas season approaches and throughout the year. Being involved in the Angel Tree, donating at the Brandon Food Pantry and volunteering for organizations like Feed My Starving Children can benefit all people who give their time and also who receive. Taking some time out of a schedule to collect food or clothing to donate or putting time towards serving at places like The Banquet can have a big impact on someone who otherwise may not always have a hot meal or warm clothes. For example, the FFA held a clothing drive that will help keep people properly clothed during the upcoming snowy months. Another lesson Marty taught was “Only you can make you happy.” Doing things for others is a choice that can make everyone feel good about what they have done. A person’s attention should be focused on doing the best he can for others. “Relationships matter most in life” was a third lesson Marty taught. This holiday season people should focus on being with those they care about like family and friends. Less time spent watching T.V. or playing with electronics and more time spent with those who are important will create better memories and strengthen friendships and family bonds.

Echo editors encourage readers to submit letters to the editor, which must be signed. They may be rejected or edited for grammar, condensation, good taste and/or libel. They should be addressed to the Echo editors or dropped off in the publications room, 120.

Cook-off raises awareness By Brittany Lunstra Photo Editor Senior Austin Hogie, who is involved with FCA and SALSA, started a new, worthwhile tradition by creating the first annual Citywide Chili and Dessert Cook-off. The event raised $1,700 and collected 1,284 pounds of food. All of the proceeds donated went to the Brandon Area Food Pantry. “This all happened right around Thanksgiving, which is the food pantry’s busiest holiday,” Hogie said. He not only helped out the food pantry but also the community.

Great Bear opening

Angel Tree providers

Lower room temperatures

Thumbs up to Great Bear opening the snowboarding, skiing and tubing hills last weekend. Great Bear provides students with enjoyable activities during the winter months and a season pass for the entire park is $348. Great Bear’s annual firework’s display is at midnight New Year’s Eve.

Thumbs up to the students and faculty who bought 131 gifts for the Angel Tree, sponsored by the Student Council. Gifts are for anyone who lives in the school district with the ages ranging between 10 months through high school.

Thumbs down to the temperature in the building being colder than last year because of budget cuts. The thermostats are now set at 68 degrees. Even though the temperatures are charted every day, some rooms are lower than others. Students should dress warmer for the winter season.

What do you think about the temps in the classrooms?

“It’s getting colder outside, so the heat still doesn’t cause much change.” -Senior J.D. Holman

“The temperatures are great because they’re not as cold as before.” -Junior Zach Flanigan

“The temperatures have gotten better and are not as cold as before.” -Junior Madison Gries

“Austin wants to bring everyone together and to get people out there so others have the chance to volunteer,” junior Val Peltier said. Hogie and a group of students, including seniors Nora Lueth, Jenna Baltzer, Derek Swanson, Kaylynn Erlandson; juniors Dillion Waldera and Nick Wilde, met every Tuesday morning before the event. “Senior Nora Lueth was a major help,” Hogie said. “She promoted the event by hanging up posters and also helped set everything up.” Although Hogie didn’t have an official count of people who

attended, he estimated over 200 people. He was shocked by all of the outside donations and help from the community. Before the event concluded he received a standing ovation for everything he had done to prepare and put on the event. But he didn’t take all the credit; he gave it back to the community for all of its help. “I would not have gotten this far without help from the community and the school district,” Hogie said. “I am truly blessed.” And so is the Brandon Community with their help in judging and with making soups for everybody to taste.

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“A few days they should be turned up because it gets chilly in the classrooms.” -Junior Derek Olson

“It’s a little bit warmer, but still pretty cold.” -Freshman Drew Reinschmidt

“It’s better. I don’t have to wear sweatshirts everyday, but I wear long sleeves.” -Freshman Samantha Peterson

Brandon Valley Echo

My New Year’s resolution is...

Seniors: “To wear my seat belt every time I get in the car.” -Nicholas Tieszen “To snowboard more than I did last year.” -Zachary Fontenille “To volunteer more and help the needy.” -Shaina Sorensen “To have more fun.” -Benjamin Nelson “To play more video games.” -Zackary Beermann “To ace all the rest of my vocab quizzes.” -Curtis Tschetter “To learn something new.” -Katie Benz “To spread the word of God better than before.” -Mackenzie Driscoll Juniors: “To get my Algebra II grade to an A.” -Holly Olesen “To focus more on God.” -Ashlynn Boerhave “To get less speeding tickets.” -Robert Buchanan “To get a new car.” -Nicole Elster “To do better in school.” -Madison Gries “To eat healthier.” -Sarah Gehrman “To stop speeding.” -Vanessa Rise Sophomores: “To help out more in the community.” -Taylor Staab “To study more.” -Mackenzie Lien “To stop swearing.” -Jacob Adams “To get a job.” -Molly Simpson “To make it to high school national rodeo.” -Jenika Arens “To save my money and get better grades.” -Brooklyn Smith “To be a better student and to stay out of a car accident.” -Jonathan Heiberger “To be a happier person.” -Jacob Ludewig Freshmen: “To get better grades.” -Joshua Andrews “To get a job.” -Weston Meyer “To get moved into my new house soon.” -Jeffrey Martin “To not fail any classes.” -Vanessa Kaler “To keep up my grades.” -Braydon Reindl “To get my license.” -Tanner Koster “To turn in all my assignments on time.” -Clayton Ebright “To grow taller.” -Seth Hawe “To be nicer to my little brother.” -Cassandra Dean “To get better grades.” -Matthew Fickbohm “To study Spanish more often.” -Zachary Hagen

Friday, Dec. 16, 2011

Hockey rink to house practice, winter sports By Sara Nadenicek Circulation Manager After many years of preparation a new addition to the landscape of McHardy Park was added this fall, a hockey rink. “Why start a hockey rink? Why not?” Bryan Seaver of the Brandon Valley Hockey Association said. “We’ve been discussing it for a number of years, but this year it just fell into place.” The rink will allow public use for activities like figure skating, but it will also be used as a practice rink for the Icecats, Brandon Valley’s hockey team. “I think it will be a good addition because it will be open to everyone, not just the hockey team like last year,” junior Alison Kirby said. “I’ll be using it to practice my figure skating because I don’t have access to the Luverne rink 24/7.” Receiving the idea well, the Brandon City Council gave the

Photo by Sara Nadenicek

The hockey rink at McHardy Park is now open for the public, but skating is advised only on colder days. The BV Hockey Association created and funded the hockey rink. association the full support it was striving for. “We went to the city and told them our plans,” Seaver said. “They loved the idea.”

BV Hockey Association and private donations funded the rink. Currently the rink is open for skating even though it is still in the flooding process. However,

the association warns the skaters to be careful and if the day is too warm, not to venture on the ice because this may result in breaking through.

All I want for Christmas... Teachers: “Have my knee surgery to be a success.” -Joli Bruggeman Seniors: “Cichlid fish for my fish tank.” -Courtney Oleson “All of my family heath problems to be gone.” -Chris Sutter “To have the Christmas week off of work.” -Cole Sivertson “I want stuff for college.” -Briana Grimmius “Chocolate.” -Brigitt Seydel

Juniors: “Plane ticket to Arizona so I can see my sister. I miss her.” -Jaysa Widmann “A new camera and microphone.” -Jocelyn Laite “A lot of Coca-Cola.” -Austin Koob “ A lot of books.” -Lisa Gregersen “I want everyone happy and healthy for Christmas.” -Maggie Grapevine Sophomores: “The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.” -Jade Roozenboom

‘The Sitter’ is a must-see comedy By Libby Hoffman Voices Editor When the most irresponsible babysitter takes three high maintenance kids on a one-night adventure for a babysitting job, Noah Griffith (Jonah Hill) realizes he’s made one of the biggest mistakes of his life. In David Gordon Green’s The Sitter, released last Friday, men will realize that no matter who tells you that you are good with kids, an unemployed college student living with his mother should never accept a babysitting job. Noah finds out the hard way what adolescent girls think about having a male babysitter. Blithe (Landry Bender), who resembles a little Paris Hilton nightmare, puts her new babysitter through

a night of shenanigans just like students will relate to when they see the movie. Noah starts to regret what he’s got himself into. As Noah receives a phone call from one of his good friends, he is talked into taking the three kids with him on the most unheard of nights of their lives. As Blithe grows to like Noah more than her old babysitter Nancy, the two of them become long-lost friends and get along with each other better as the plot develops. From the directors of the 2008 comedy Pineapple Express, movie and fan critics have already given the new movie a must-see rating, and they should. The film is both a true lesson and even better than the teen favorite Pineapple Express.

“A car.” -Anna Blok “A puppy.” -Kourtney MacArthur Freshmen: “Fix up my Chevy Beretta.” -Jesse Natole “A pony.” -Brendan Gayken “A new car.” -Maddy Klamn “A horse and a new pair of cowboy boots.” -Lydia Eichelberg “Macbook or the new iPhone 4S.” -Kayla Houtsma

Brandon Valley Echo

Friday, Dec. 16, 2011

Wrestling team to dual top-ranked Pierre By Mason Bender Staff Writer Wrestling team is set to compete tonight against Pierre, the firstranked team in the state. “It will be a big challenge for us,” head coach Kraig Presler said. “I certainly think that we are capable of winning matches” The team wrestled against Lincoln and O’Gorman Tuesday. The team won both duals. Going undefeated on the night were seniors Collin Wible, Braden Heidbrink; juniors Josiah McGee, Gabe Langner, Mason Bender; and sophomore Adam Presler. “I was unsure going in but I was very pleased to win both duals and with the effort to get pins in some matches,” Presler said. The team also placed third last Saturday at the Yankton duals. Presler went 5-0 on the day. The team notched wins over Harrisburg, West Central and Vermilion. McGee, Presler and freshman Wyatt Winter made the all tournament team. “I thought it was a good experience and it helped us get a lot of early season matches,” Presler said. “Wyatt is fun to

Senior Braden Heidbrink works for a fall against his Watertown opponent. Heidbrink won the match 11-6. The Lynx lost the Eastern South Dakota Conference dual 43-27. The team will compete tonight against the first-ranked Pierre squad.

Photo by Amber Broekemeier

watch wrestle. He is an integral part of our team because he wins so much by pin.” Sophomore Wyatt Winter currently has an 8-3 record and went 4-1 in Yankton. His only loss on the day was to a defending state champion from Canton. His other losses this season were a

close 12-6 decision to the firstranked wrestler in Class A in the Roosevelt Invite finals and a loss to a state placer from Lincoln. “I want to be a state placer,” Winter said. “I was working hard when everyone else was resting.” Winter said the most rewarding part of the season has been

n Junior Allison Koehn Koehn started playing basketball in second grade and has been “bringing the pain” ever since. “The cheer ‘Bring the pain, Koehn’ was started during districts of last season,” she said. However, this famous cheer is not her favorite basketball career memory. “My favorite memory,” she said, “was last year at the state tournament when our team became a family. The best part was the entire community cheering us on game after game.”

n Senior Austin Eigenberg Dedication is why Eigenberg is a senior captain of the wrestling team. “His proven commitment to the team and to all aspects of our program is why I chose him to be a senior captain,” head coach Kraig Presler said. To Eigenberg, it means the world. “I worked extremely hard to be where I am today,” he said. Some of that dedication was traveling to Lincoln, Nebr., and Juneau, Wisc. Teammates noticed his commitment. “He was literally in the weight room five days a week, all summer long,” junior Mason Bender said. Wrestling under the spotlight for the first time is what Eigenberg looks forward to the most. “I’m excited for the Brookings dual,” he said. “I think it will be a great match up at home.” Eigenberg went 1-1 in the O’Gorman Triangular.

n Senior Ben Schultz Difference maker is how head coach Brent Deckert describes Schultz. “He’s become a better basketball player every season and off-season,” he said. During the off-season Schultz played on an Amateur Athletic Union basketball team. They traveled to many tournaments during the summer to play top-notch competition. JV head coach Craig Nelson helped Schultz in the offseason. “Coach Nelson put me through many basketball workouts,” he said. “I owe a great deal of my ability to him.” Schultz stays focused day in and day out with motivation. “I remind myself everyday on the goals,” he said. “That’s all the motivation I need.”

n Senior Josh Hillman Whether he is watching Walter Roy Williams Jr. or bowling for scholarships, Hillman does what he does best: bowls. His favorite part of bowling is doing it for the scholarship opportunities. “Bowling is one of the few sports you can do for scholarship money,” he said. He also isn’t half bad at it by bowling 279 twice. The first time was in Las Vegas, Nev., last summer at the Junior Gold Championship. His experience helps lead the other bowlers. “I help out if they have questions,” he said. “For example, I’ll tell them the best way to pick up the 10 pin, or tell them to work on something new everyday at practice.” Staying focused is what Hillman hopes will lead to another state title repeat.

winning several duals as a team. Last Tuesday in its season opening dual, the team lost 43-27 to the Watertown Arrows. Earning wins on the night were Heidbrink, senior Austin Eigenberg; Bender, junior Grant Dougherty, Winter and freshman Clayton Ebright. The team placed fifth at the

Roosevelt Invite with three finalists. Placers were Wible (182), fourth; Eigenberg (160), fifth; Heidbrink (138), fifth; Bender (145), first; Langner (170), fourth; Dougherty (126), fourth; Presler (113), second; Winter (152), second; and eighth grader Connor Rowbotham (106), fourth.

Top-ranked Lady Lynx to face Lincoln Patriots

By Kyle Rokeh Sports Editor When the Lynx square off against Sioux Falls Lincoln Saturday, senior Heidi Hoff will try to continue her strong season and career for the Lynx. In her fourth year on the varsity basketball team, Hoff is clawing her way into the Lynx record book. “We’re just focused on taking it one game at a time and hopefully we’ll return to the state tournament again,” she said. Hoff has certainly seen plenty of action in her four years. She played with her sister Kelli her freshman year when the girls finished second at state and was part of the girls first-ever state championship last season. “Having three sisters before me that played really helps me,” Hoff said. “I know the tradition and understand the expectations. It’s a lot at times but I love representing my sisters and the team.” The top-ranked Lynx whipped the

Huron Tigers 67-45. Senior Heidi Hoff led the charge with 30 points in the blowout, but called it a complete team effort after the win. “My teammates are incredible,” she said. “Not only on the court but off. They make me love the game of so much..” –Senior basketball The girls began their Heidi Hoff title defense in Aberdeen Central, outscoring the Eagles 16-6 in the fourth quarter to win 46-38. Junior Allison Koehn’s 3-pointer with two minutes left gave the Lynx a 42-38 lead, and they held on after that. Hoff added 17 points in the victory. “We really couldn’t do much of anything in the first half,” senior Briana Roegiers said. “We really turned it around in the second half and played our best in the fourth quarter. Lady Lynx played the fourth-ranked Yankton Gazelles Thursday night. Results were unavailable at press time.

We’re just focused on taking it one game at a time and hopefully we’ll return to the state tournament.

Cheer, Dance hosts Holidazzle By Stephanie Meeter News Editor Holidazzle, hosted by the Cheer and Dance team, had 36 cheer teams competing and 64 dance teams. Money raised at Holidazzle go to the Brandon Valley cheer and dance team. Cheer coach Katee Lane said that this year was much more successful than recent years. “Our girls always perform very well,” Lane said. “We are lucky to have such

amazing talent on both the cheer and dance this year and they represented their clubs very well at Holidazzle.” Local dance teams such as Champion Cheer and Dance and Dynamic Cheer and Dance participated. “I think we were more prepared than we have been in the past,” said senior Libby Hoffman of the Dynamic Senior Team. “We did very well for performing for the first time this year.”

Brandon Valley Echo

Friday, Dec. 16, 2011

Lynx set for ESD rival Bucks Tebow just keeps winning By Kyle Rokeh Sports Editor “Just win baby.” Those are the immortal words by the late Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis. Even though the Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow may not be a Raider, he has the heart of someone who just wins, saving his best for the fourth quarter, which is now known as “Tebow Time.” In the 2010 NFL draft most teams were hesitant to draft Tebow. His athleticism was considered beyond what many scouts had ever seen, but his long wind up throwing style and inaccuracy made many teams who needed a quarterback pass on him early. That is, until the Broncos gave Tebow a chance. Tebow was drafted with the 23rd pick by the Broncos and served as Kyle Orton’s backup at the start of the 2010 season. Tebow saw little playing time in 2010 until his first start Dec. 19 against the Raiders. It would appear that the experts were right, as Tebow was 8-16 passing in the Broncos loss. The next week, with his team down 17-0 at halftime against the Houston Texans, Tebow mounted a ferocious comeback, leading his team back with a 24-23 victory. At that moment, people received their first taste of Tebow mania. As the 2011 season started, Tebow once again found himself on the bench, until, once again, he was given a chance to make a name for himself. In his first start on Oct. 23, Tebow led the Broncos back from a 15-0 half-time deficit against the Miami Dolphins. He hasn’t looked back from there. After a loss to the Detroit Lions, Tebow has won his last six games, five of which overcoming half-time deficits. His most impressive comeback came against the New York Jets when he led the Broncos 95 yards in the final minutes against one of the best defenses in the league. Many experts are hesitant to buy into Tebow. This is not surprising, considering Tebow is averaging a mediocre 151 passing yards per game and is completing 48.5 percent of his passes, both of those numbers are well below the NFL average. So what makes him win? Tebow may not be a great passer; he’s not even an average passer. But he has a certain knack for keeping his team close, then finding a way at the end. Tebow has seven come-from-behind wins in his first 11 starts, by far an NFL record and something that football fans love. People crave a great underdog story. Lynx fans poured into Howard Wood to see the Lynx football team nearly upset the eventual State AA football champions, the Roosevelt Rough Riders. They saw the Lady Lynx basketball team come from the No. 4 seed to win the State AA title. Much like these two teams, Tim Tebow is a reason we are all sports fans. He is an icon who prays on the sidelines, screams encouragement to his players at all times and, most importantly, just wins.

By Ian McClanahan Sports Editor As the boys set their eyes on Yankton Saturday night, senior Trevor Crow plans to contribute to a third consecutive win. “I’m in there to play defense and shoot threes,” he said. “I guarded Huron’s best player and made some big threes against Aberdeen.” Crow distributed his talents on the varsity level three straight years now. His final year on the squad started positively in the Eastern South Dakota Conference. Last Saturday the boys held tight to pull out a consecutive win in Huron, 4946. After trailing for most of the first half and a low scoring third quarter, the boys turned on the heat in the final quarter of action. The Lynx outscored the Tigers in the second half 23-20 to clinch the threepoint victory. “It’s great to get wins on the road especially in the ESD,” senior Ben Schultz said. “A lot of young guys stepped up for us.” Schultz led the way with 27 points and snagged down five rebounds along with Crow’s nine rebounds. Before the boys played in their second ESD match up, they opened the season against the Aberdeen Golden Eagles. The game was close throughout as the Lynx led at half 35-32. With the game tied at 66, junior Adam Bauer snagged down a rebound and made a lay-up to put the Lynx ahead with less than two minutes left. The Eagles contributed to the cause by turning the ball over on their next two possessions. Crow clinched the game by draining four of his next six free throws. “When we have the ball and the lead, we want to make it simple,” head coach Brent Deckert said. “Get the ball to our best free throw shooter.”

Photo by Ian McClanahan

Senior guard Ben Schultz drives past his Aberdeen defender. Schultz contributed 31 points in the victory. The boys play Yankton Saturday. Senior Cody Brown sails through the air after jumping off the box at Great Bear last weekend. Brown has already spent a large amount of time snowboarding at the Great Bear Recreation Park.

Photo by Stephanie Meeter

Great Bear opens for season By Libby Hoffman Voices Editor Great Bear opened the snowboarding, skiing and tubing hills last weekend. Senior Cody Brown has used Great Bear as his second home during the winter for as long as he can remember. He enjoys every bit of winter, and the snowfall just makes it a perfect season. “Since this is my last season being able to be at Great Bear, I will go every day that I can. I want to make it memorable,”

he said. “I will definitely continue to snowboard throughout my entire college career because it is what I enjoy most.” Earlier this season, Great Bear workers started the snow machines on the hills Nov. 19 only to find the temperature climbed back up to the 50’s the following week. Last year the popular recreation park for people of all ages opened Dec. 1. Great Bear is offering two-hour private lessons at $50, small group lessons of two to three people at $20 per person and group

lessons at $12 per person. Season passes are also available. A single person season pass costs $249 for just the snowboarding and skiing hills. A season pass for the entire park costs $348. If family members are all regular returning guests, family all-area season passes cost $845 for four people. Punch cards, which are good for 10 uses, cost $175. A season tubing pass is $129. Great Bear will host its annual firework display at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Brandon Valley Echo

Friday, Dec. 16, 2011 Sophomores Alec Finch, Kristin Smith, Amanda Berberich and Alicen Beldin (left) play a song during the Sounds of the Seasons Concert. Concert Choir (below) is singing one of the six songs at the Sounds of the Season Concert last Tuesday.

Quiz Bowl teams host Brandon Valley Invite Quiz Bowl teams will be hosting their own tournament Jan. 23. “Quiz Bowl in Huron went wonderful,” Coach Jessica Simmons said. Team one placed third at the Huron Invite last Monday. They were junior Sean Rollag, junior Long Pham and senior Bryan Jackson. The second team placed 10th out of 20 teams. The students were freshman Robert Haggar, freshman Kevin Huizenga, sophomore Braydon Reindl and freshman Troy Small. “Of course, there are areas our teams are stronger in than others,” Simmons said. The area where they need the most improvement in is literature, she said. Simmons said the season is going well. Team one consistently places in the top five and all the teams place in the top half. “Never having coached Quiz Bowl before,” Simmons said, “I did not have any expectations except to have fun.”

Polasky earns superior at Oral Interp Festival Sophomore Kara Polasky received a superior in drama at the SDHSAA State Oral Interp Festival in Pierre Dec. 2-3. Others who competed were senior Marissa Vivens in humorous; sophomore Annika Hindbjorgen, nonoriginal oratory; freshman Summer Rogers, poetry; sophomore Bailey Quanbeck, prose; and Kara Polasky and Quanbeck in duo interp. Interpers also competed in a tournament in Lennox last Saturday. Quanbeck placed second in drama; Polasky, third in drama; Vivens, third in humorous, sophomore Desiree Rohrbach, fifth in humorous; freshman Jeanna Brandsrud, fifth in drama; and Quanbeck and Polasky, second in duo. Interpers will host the next tournament Jan. 7.

Did you know...? n Brandon Historical Society book sale is Saturday, from 9 to 2 p.m. in the Brandon Area Museum. n Semester tests are Wednesday through Friday. n Winter Break begins Friday with early dismissal at 2:10 p.m. n School resumes Jan. 3. n SALSA meeting is Jan. 10 at 7 a.m. in the library. n Bloodmobile returns Jan. 10. n Registration deadline for the Feb. 11 ACT is Jan. 13. n All-State Band auditions are at the Lincoln High School Jan. 14. n No school is on Jan. 16 for the teacher inservice/workshop. n December students of the month are seniors Austin Hogie, Nora Lueth; junior Amanda Peterson, sophomore Leah Rohlf and freshman Kendall Jessip.

Photo by Brit Hicks

Sounds of Season Orchestra, Choir present concert By Shaun Fendrich Staff Writer Orchestra, Lynx Choir and Concert Choir presented their Sounds of the Season Concert last Tuesday. “The concert went really well,” orchestra director Shelly Berg said. “The students tackled some difficult music and were able to be expressive with the selections.” Seniors Elliot Blue and Nate Boscaljon played percussion for the Concert Choir. “I thought it went smoothly, wonderfully,” choir director Terry Gullickson. “Everything went when it should.” Junior Anthony Pederson and junior

Brendan Gallo accompanied the Concert Choir piece “Carol of the Magi.” “I thought that we (Concert Choir) did really good and we all knew our parts very well,” sophomore Briana Grage said. “It took us a very long time to get the parts down, but we did at the very last minute.” Some songs that the Lynx Choir sang were “Gloria for all Seasons,” “A winter Night,” “Festival Hosanna,” “The Bells” and “We Wish You a Merry Chirstmas.” The Lynx Choir and Concert Choir combined to sing “Hope for Resolution.”

Bands perform winter concerts By Marissa Nelson Update Editor Symphonic Band will be performing its December Concert tonight at 7 p.m. Musical selections include “Ceutotaph,” “In the Bleak Midwinter,” “Emperata Overature,” “Sleepers Wake,” “Variations on a Korean Folksong,” “Symphony No. 6,” “Mother Earth” and “His Honor March.” Soloists include seniors Ari Butterfield, Mark Brown; junior Rachel Volk and sophomore Sabrina Dietz. Director Kevin

Kessler will conduct. “We have prepared a large amount of music in a short time,” Kessler said. “I’m proud of the band’s progress, and I’m looking forward to the perfomance.” The Red and Black Concert bands will be performing Monday at 7 p.m. The Red Band director Jesse Miller will conduct. Their musical selections include “Big Four,” “Still, Still, Still,” “Celebration and Song” and “ Nimrod.” Kessler will direct the Black Band. Their

musical selection includes “The Last Battle,” “Fanfare on an Old French Carol,” “Peace Jubilee” and “At Morning’s First Light.” Ten symphonic band students performed in the East Central Honor Band at South Dakota State University Dec. 5. They were seniors Mark Brown, Stacy Deibert, Shannon Homer, Curtis Tschetter; juniors Kylie Beck, Dustin Johnson, Tori Westcott; sophomores Kate Ellis, Bailey Quanbeck and freshman Dylan Decker.

FFA members sell over $15,000 in fruit By Alison Kirby Staff Writer FFA fruit sellers sold $15,628.45. Top sellers were sophomore Karlie Kirkpatrick with first place; junior Alison Kirby, second; and senior Wyatt Sundvold, third. “It was a lot of fun and fruit,” Kirkpatrick said. “My mom kept telling me to sell a lot, so I did.” At the State FFA Leadership Conference in Pierre Dec. 5, Sundvold placed fourth and junior Ellie Minihan, 13th. “After studying the animal health products for the agriculture sales CDE, asking people who have used the products, and learning facts about them from my vet, I felt satisfied with my state placing,” Minihan said, “but I can definitely improve my sale for next year.” Junior Haley Ullom and Kirkpatrick assisted with the scoring. Instructor Gary Griesse is the adviser.

Sophomore Britton Hausman helps pack popcorn and pineapple to make it easier for FFA members to take home their fruit orders. The FFAers sold over $15,000 in goods.

Photo by Brit Hicks

December 2011 Echo  

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December 2011 Echo  

BVHS Echo Newspaper