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Winning with Herting

By Jessica Cole


ealizing a dream is simply an act of courage. It’s the reward reserved for those who work hard and who are brave enough to take a leap of faith.



Coach Matt Herting is probably not the image one associates with a “ragsto-riches” Americana story, but that’s exactly what he is. Yes, he speaks faster than an automatic weapon can fire. Yes, he can be exceptionally loud and somewhat abrasive. He’s brutally honest and has more energy than a five year old hopped up on Mountain Dew and Pop Rocks. But, his story is also a testament to the unbridled American spirit and its inevitable acts of faith. Coach Herting’s riches aren’t especially monetary of course. No one teaches to become wealthy. But Matt Herting doesn’t recognize possessions as “wealth” either. His riches lie in his family, which after 17 years at Bishop Verot includes not only his son, Dakota (’14) and daughter Ali (’17), but a very long list – an almost countless number - of former students who continue to call him a mentor and friend. That’s BISHOP VEROT ALUMNI MAGAZINE

the thing about Matt Herting – once he sees a relentless work ethic, a commitment to excellence, a trial in adversity or the indelible mark of selfdiscipline, he’s hooked. Those students find in him a remarkable coach, an unwavering supporter, and a loyal lifelong friend. Born and raised in Canton, South Dakota, the Herting family didn’t have much in material possessions. Matt, one of three siblings, was raised rather modestly. His childhood home was a small house on the edge of a trailer park, with a one window A/C unit and no central heat to combat the relentless chill of a South Dakota winter. He shared a small bedroom with his brother and his grandfather. He attended college 20 miles from home and, after graduating, found jobs in this small town were mostly menial. But still he understood the value of a close-knit

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Black & Gold Alumni Magazine Winter 2016  

Bishop Verot Catholic High School B&G Alumni Winter 2016 Edition

Black & Gold Alumni Magazine Winter 2016  

Bishop Verot Catholic High School B&G Alumni Winter 2016 Edition

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