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ON THE COVER BVHS students who made the pilgrimage to World Youth Day 2016. Back row: Mr. Kevin Jordan ‘10, Derek Stayoch, Emmanuel Routsis, Melissa Becker, Joseph Patton, Ms. Olivia Macke ‘08. Front row: Olivia Curcione, Eddie Gibbons,Taylor Lukasik, Lillian Getgen, Breanna Reardon. Photo credit: Hoffman Fine Arts Portraits Black & Gold Magazine • 239.274.6780 Bishop Verot Catholic High School, Inc. 5598 Sunrise Dr., Fort Myers, FL 33919

“Time best stands still, in moments which look suspiciously like ordinary life.” This simple quote felt like it was whispered to me in a moment of silence. It was such a wonderful description of how God gives us the opportunity to experience grace when we least expect it. It reminded me how each moment in which we find ourselves, is one in which we most assuredly belong. Whether those moments are spent in solitude or companionship; in adversity or joy; in apprehension or peace. God sees so much more in us than we can ever see in ourselves, and He finds simple instances in which to share His presence and His love. Having been given this small glimpse into the very large perspective God has on my life, I reflected on this past year and the brief minutes in which I was simply living my days and yet was blessed beyond my realization. One such instance was watching nine priests concelebrating with Bishop Dewane at our all school Mass to begin our school year. With the frenetic pace of a school year’s beginning, I had spent my days in haste. But time stopped for me when I looked at the altar and saw ten faces bowed in prayer. It was one of the most profound experiences of my tenure in this school. The grace and dignity which they displayed as they came together to share in this quiet ritual showed how they are truly invested in each of us at Verot. It was powerful to watch them join us out of respect not out of requirement. I was, and still am, honored by their continued presence in our lives. Another moment in which I was granted a view bigger than my own small field of vision was while I was standing and watching a student in distress. The young girl was facing an adversity to which I could not fathom, and I watched members of our staff and faculty converge on her and support her in ways only found inside those who care beyond their own selves. I looked around and found myself surrounded by people who work tirelessly with the only goal of providing each and every child the best opportunity for success each day. I watched them put the needs of this single person above their own, and was inspired by the dedication modeled for every child who walks on our campus. I received a phone call which reminded me of the depths of kindness in even the quietest places. I assumed I would be fielding a concern or rectifying a complaint. Instead I spoke to a gentleman who very succinctly asked me a simple question, and then calmly donated a considerable sum of money to our school in a quiet attempt to fulfill one of my voiced goals. This man wanted no credit and may never see the benefits of his gift, but his admiration for the education provided by our school was enough to cause him to pick up his phone and make that short and selfless call. And of course…my position affords me the ability to stop and glance at the students who grace our halls with their smiles and their enthusiasm. Their dedication to our school is palpable and their desire to succeed beyond the expectations of us all is enough to stop time for the duration of a prayer of thanks. To watch them holding on to their faith and sharing it with others. To hear their questions and skepticisms which inspire us to be ready for every challenge. And to see them wearing their school spirit with pride and conviction. They are the culmination of our shared pursuits. They are the gift we give back to the world. And they are the shining example of how time best stands still, in moments which look suspiciously like ordinary life.


Bishop Verot Catholic High School, building on more than 50 years of tradition and excellence in Catholic education, is a community of faith and learning dedicated to service and centered on Christ. An educational ministry of the Diocese of Venice, Florida, Bishop Verot serves students from southwest Florida as well as international students in a co-educational college preparatory environment. Bishop Verot provides students with opportunities for lifelong learning and leadership, teaching skills for college and values for life.




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B&G Fall 2016 Bishop Verot Alumni Magazine

B&g fall2016 web final  

B&G Fall 2016 Bishop Verot Alumni Magazine

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