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L to R: Melissa Becker, Olivia Curcione,

Lillian Hetgen

of my life. It goes to show that life is precious. Just give life a chance.

Lillian Getgen ‘17

This trip wasn’t a luxurious vacation, it was a joy filled pilgrimage made possible through many sacrifices. I had the opportunity to meet many youth from all around the world, and build new friendships with the people I traveled with. We all encountered Jesus in various ways. My encounter with Jesus was felt during the overnight vigil with Pope Francis. When first hearing we would be spending the night in an open field with 1.5 million other youth, I quickly became very nervous for what was to come. After a 10 mile walk along side millions of youth, I came to realize there are so many young people like me

who are willing to make sacrifices for their faith. I felt very inspired to put my faith at the forefront of my life. I was greatly impacted when meeting so many faith-filled youth just like me, from Italians with open arms to the French that surrounded our sleeping bags at the overnight vigil. Knowing that 1.5 million youth were in Kraków for the same reason gave me a lot of comfort throughout the trip. One event that really helped me understand the purpose of World Youth Day was the Catchesis we attended at the Kraków Arena. The Catechesis brought together everyone who spoke English from the USA, Great Britain, Australia, and Canada. During the Catechesis we were able to attend adoration, which really opened my heart up to accept the love Jesus has for you and for me. I’ve been to adoration many times, and always have the same confused feelings about it. I never truly understood the purpose of adoration, until I experienced it at World Youth Day. Adoration at the Kraków arena shook me and helped me realize why we

have adoration. During adoration we are supposed to come to the realize Jesus Christ present through the Eucharist. It is the body, blood, soul, and divinity, under the appearance of the consecrated host held in the monstrance. We are called to attend adoration and be filled with the love Jesus gives us. Another eye opening experience was visiting the concentration camps Auschwitz and Aushwitz two, known as Birkenau. We were able to walk around and see both camps, which was a highlight of my trip. When visiting the camps, I felt sorrow on my heart. Knowing millions were killed where I was standing really made me feel depressed. But when talking to many leaders and priests on the trip with me, I came to peace, knowing these people’s souls were welcomed with opened arms by Jesus when entering heaven. Yes, what happened is very sad, but Pope Francis wants us to come to peace with what happened and hopes we can hold forgiveness in our hearts to those who caused the holocaust. Auschwitz is an eternal reminder of what can happen when hatred is allowed to fester. Pope Francis hopes what happened will never be forgotten and we remain aware of our history as humans. He prays we as a world can come together with peace and history will not repeat itself. Motivated with the words from Pope Francis, I left with the message to spread the gospel of Jesus. BV

L to R: Lillian Getgen, Taylor Lukasik, Ms. Olivia Macke, Emmanuel Routsis, Eddie Gibbons, Melissa Becker, Olivia Curcione, Mr. Kevin Jordan




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