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440 N. 8th Street / Lincoln, NE 68508 901 Jones Street / Omaha, NE 68102 BVH.COM


The Great Plain’s ocean of rolling, grassy swales and ranchland erupt abruptly into the rugged country called the Pine Ridge, where Chadron, Nebraska, is nestled. This unexpected region owns an uncommon diversity of plant and animal life. The timbered canyons and open parks mix western and eastern plants, grazed pastures and sprawling timberlands. While the Ridge is no wilderness, it is still wild. Emerging from these grassy, rolling hills of northwestern Nebraska, three structures skirt the eastern edge of campus, overlooking the expansive prairie beyond. The Eagle Ridge student housing project subtly yet masterfully captures the uniqueness of this diverse landscape, and provides a critical connection between campus proper and the nearby Rangeland Laboratory Center. Sitting on the high plains, removed from large cities, Chadron State College and the region it serves communicates to students the values and character required to be successful in rural America.

2012 aerial of Chadron State College campus with the Pine Ridge to the north and future sites of the Eagle Ridge housing project (1) and the Rangeland Complex (2).

Utilizing silhouettes reminiscent of local homes and typical agrarian architecture, the small-scale units draw heavily on the established visual language of the region. Eagle Ridge foregoes the traditional use of large, apartment-style dorms for the much more intimate and coloquial form which appears to rise effortlessly from the tall grass. High-pitched metal roofs cascade into low-reaching side walls, naturally revealing windows and transforming into balconies, entryways and porches. Inside the building, public spaces are focused on the distant views of the Pine Ridge, the expansive sky, and the campus mall. Student bedrooms offer spacious accommodations with modern amenities. Natural daylight floods the interior spaces, yet is controlled throughout the seasons by generous overhangs or windows recessed within the walls. The continuous roof rising from the ground visually anchors each building to the earth, and landscaping indigenous to the region surrounds the complex to situate the homes in a recognizable setting.

Each building, arranged as a cluster of units, has 6 suitestyle apartments that provide a common living room, kitchenette and compartmentalized bathroom. Each bedroom is single bed occupancy. The upper level

includes a student lounge and an open stair that connects to the lower level common space. The stair includes riser seating to occupy the space adjacent to an exterior glass wall. The lower level contains a mechanical room and a

laundry room. Additional amenities provided include a covered front porch and an outdoor deck overlooking the campus mall. The Eagle Ridge complex will satisfy the needs for non-traditional students and for upper level

students while providing choices for a housing type that doesn’t exist on campus or in the Chadron housing market.

The assymetrical arrangement of the buildings not only recalls the ad hoc evolution of rural structures, but also creates natural and comfortable outdoor spaces around and between the buildings for the students to enjoy. In the evening, interior light permeates the building facades at specific intervals, illuminating the countryside like a beacon— a light on a hill. The treatment of student housing as a neighborhood creates an atmosphere of protection and safety that is not only aesthetically charged and beautifully set into the surrounding landscape but is also vital in fostering strong, lasting relationships between students and the community.

440 N. 8th Street / Lincoln, NE 68508 901 Jones Street / Omaha, NE 68102 BVH.COM

440 N 8th Street Ste 100 / Lincoln NE 68508 / 402.475.4551 901 Jones Street / Omaha NE 68102 / 402.345.3060 BVH.COM

Eagle Ridge Student Housing  

A look into the ongoing progress of Chadron State College's newest student residence neighborhood.

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