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Dear Brijbasis, friends of and pilgrims to Vrindavan, local temple administrators, sannyasis, acharyas and of course our highly respected Municipality of Vrindavan: The traffic-managing committee of the Braj Vrindavan Heritage Alliance (BVHA) is inviting you to a special meeting. This meeting should be attended only by those who answer yes to one or more of the following questions - Together, we can do something about these issues! - Do you imagine a Vrindavan Dham that is not choked by traffic making it impossible to move around, particularly on Sundays? - Are the pilgrims and pedestrians who move around Vrindavan and the parikrama path more important than the cars (which only happened to appear 100 years ago, whilst our pilgrims have gone on the parikrama of Vrindavan's seven most important temples for the last 500 years)? - Do you agree that currently it is impossible to tolerate the high speeds of vehicles on the parikrama path, which threaten the lives of children and adults daily? - Do speeding motorbikes cause those who are on parikrama anxiety and unnecessary stress? - Should the road which has been made on the parikrama path have many speed bumps so that motor vehicles cannot speed in recognition of the fact that pilgrims are moving in meditation some of them even doing dandavat-parikrama? - Does Vrindavan need a well organized parking place outside of the city with beautiful oxencarriages available to take people from the parking lot to an area from which they can reach the holy temples by walking? (Note: This would also allow us to really protect the oxen who would pull the carriages. We can show to you lovely examples of ox-pulled transportation currently being used in Vrindavan. Because the work of oxen has largely been replaced by machinery, the animal’s livelihood is greatly endangered. Since Vrindavan is a place representative of Lord Krishna's cow protection, we would do very well to have ox cart transportation in addition to the rickshaw facilities currently available). - Should company deliveries of large goods to businesses be conducted only during the evening or night time, away from the main parikrama hours and only if one holds a license issued by the Municipality to do so? - Do you agree that driving on the parikrama path by all four wheeled vehicles must be restricted to licenses which can only be obtained by the municipality for a fee to cover parikrama path and municipal parking maintenance? - Do you agree that traffic offenders should be charged a minimum 500 INR fine for creating anxiety to pedestrians? - Does Vrindavan need young volunteers specially trained to monitor and issue fines on behalf of the municipality to any offenders? - Do you think our roads should be kept clean and free of plastic from domestic households and any individuals found to be littering on the parikrama path should be fined 200 INR? (Note: The fact is that without the use of fines to gain control on the situation, it will be impossible to change the current circumstances that are putting lives in danger, pilgrims in distress and creating general chaos. If there are no enforceable limits or rules, who is to say that someone with a fancy car will not think that they have more rights than the pedestrians? This is a serious mistake that is being committed far too often and is destroying the sanctity of the most beautiful Vrindavan Dham).

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are a perfect candidate for the traffic management committee of the Braj Vrindavan Heritage Alliance. Our aim is to organize the traffic of Vrindavan to provide the most quick and efficient transportation possible for people traveling to their holy destinations while also honoring the environment and safeguarding human and animal life. It is necessary that we all come to an agreement to protect our environment by helping to manage the traffic situation; Vrindavan's police force is too small to tackle these issues on its own. In order to succeed, we need concerned citizens. We need young people to come forward and volunteer to help traffic management at least once a month. They can be trained in coordination with the local police so that everyone may work together harmoniously to help handle Vrindavan’s traffic situation. The head of the traffic control committee is Radheshyam, a founding member of the BVHA, who can be reached at (+91) 9837015751. You may call to speak with him regarding ways in which you can participate and also to share ideas for improving Vrindavan’s traffic situation. In the near future, our committee will also conduct seminars during which volunteers and representatives from the local police can work together to introduce systems for traffic control and the imposition of fines authorized by the Nagar Palika. Let us change the current picture of Vrindavan and stop the chaos. It may take time, but any step towards a better future for Vrindavan is great progress. Thank you so much for your interest. Even if you cannot attend our upcoming meeting, you can receive information on future meetings and learn about other ways you can help us create a greener, cleaner Vrindavan. Simply contact Radheshyam at the number listed above or visit him at his office located at Gopinath Bazaar. He will be happy to inform you! Sri Vrindavan Dham ki jay! Swami B.A Paramadvaiti Member of the Braj Vrindavan Heritage Alliance, traffic-control committee and coordinator of the environmental committee of the World Vaishnava Asscoiciation.

Invitation to participate in the traffic control committee  

It is necessary that we all come to an agreement to protect our environment by helping to manage the traffic situation; Vrindavan's police f...

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