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Birthdays September 03. Joop Kokje 08. Ben Cheung 19 Geert Maarse

Chairman Ramon Saija 06 19 318 656

Secretary Ratna Werry 06 33 046 264

Treasurer Hendro Nicasie 06 45 377 746

TC Su Ying Lau 06 33 989 534

October 11. Corné Brouwer 13. Ramon Saija 16. Wai Kon 28. Gerdine Naaktgeboren Graduated (or almost) Tak Wai Lam Bachelor Social Work, Hogeschool Rotterdam Su Ying Lau Contemporary Asian Studies (MSc), Universiteit van Amsterdam Sander Jaspers Bedrijfskunde, Master Supply Chain Management, Erasmus Universiteit Claudine de Meijer Gezondheidswetenschappen, Erasmus Universiteit Herjen Oldenbeuving Bachelor Interactive Multimedia, Minor Identity Graphic Design, Willem de Kooning Academie Arjen Smith Bedrijfskunde, Major Informatie Management, Erasmus Universiteit Did You Know.......? • That we pimped the BVE website? • That we have a FORUM which can be used by everyone!? • That a TTST commission is wanted? • That we need board and committee members? • That feather shuttles exist out of feathers of only left wings (of geese and ducks)? • That Florian is our newest member?...Welcome Florian!


Website Our weekly schedule Training (first floor) Tuesdays 20:00 - 23:00h Recreation (ground floor) Thursdays 21:00 - 23:00h Address Complex Woudestein Building S Burgemeester Oudlaan 50 3062 PA Rotterdam Trainer Guus Casemie Membership - Fee €36,50 per year Account 480572 BV Erasmus Rotterdam





Agenda 2007

Trainer Guus Casemie

Badminton History Quiz

Tuesday 11 September

First training

Saturday 22 September

First competition matches; all teams will play!

Thursday 27 September

Open tournament

Friday 28 September

BVE Cocktail party!

Tuesday 16 October

General Member’s Meeting

26 - 28 October

ISBT Tilburg

9 - 11 November

ISBT Limerick

Photo of the month

1. The badminton birdie is also known by another less used name which is what? A. There is no other name C. Shuttlecock B. The badminton thing D. The Shuttler

Dates of training 2007 September 11, 18 and 25 October 2, 9, 23 and 30 November 6, 13, and 20 December 11 Time and Place Group 1 (less high leveled): Group 2 (high leveled): First floor, hall 2

2. Official badminton plays with the 21-point rally scoring system? A. True B. False

20.00h - 21.30h 21.30h - 23.00h

Competition teams 2007 First matches will be on Saturday 22nd September for all teams. BVE 1 Carona Barendregt Kyung Mentink Ratna Werry ® Su Ying Lau ®

4e-klasse Bart Canton Corne Brouwer Maarten Mussche Joop Kokje ®

BVE 1 – Men’s team Bas de Bree Flip van Kesteren Hendro Nicasie

B-klasse Jerry de Jong Leonard Flink Ramon Saija

BVE 2 – Men’s team Hendry Pattikawa Ken Lok Sander Jaspers ® Kris Werry ®

C-klasse Eric Groenewoud Clinton Wong Florian Rabenstein Waikon Tse ®

For details on the playing schedules, please check our website or contact

Ken Lok @ Eurekaweek Sportworkshop

3. How many feathers are used in a traditional feather 'birdie'? A. 17 B. 16 C. 15 D. 19 4. Badminton originated from a sport called poona. What country did poona originate in? A. China C. Australia B. England D. India 5. What are the boundaries for the entire length and width of an official singles badminton court? A. 42 Feet by 19 Feet C. 44 Feet by 19 Feet B. 44 feet by 17 feet D. 42 Feet by 17 Feet 6. What are the rules for serving, in singles and doubles? A. You must serve to the diagonally opposite court B. All of these C. You must hit it below the waste D. the ‘birdie’ must pass the net when serving for it to count 7. What year did badminton officially become an Olympic sport? A. 1972 C. Never B. 1982 D. 1992 8. What do the initials IBF stand for? A. The International Badminton Facts Club B. There is no such thing as the IBF C. Interesting Badminton Facts Club D. The International Badminton Federation 9. What was the very first official badminton club? A. The Bad Ass Badminton Club B. The Bath Badminton Club C. The IBF badminton club D. The Badminton Health Club

Send your answers before 1 October to and who knows what you will win!!

Mini Dropshot September 2007

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