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Summer 2013

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Roses galore


Time to stop and smell the roses! All things ‘rosy’ - glorious gardens and reader offers for growing your own too!

In this issue... 3 Welcome to StannahTalk 4 Talk to us – your letters 5 Talking points News, information and offers from our carefully selected partners 6 Henry VIII had the first stairlift? This Tudor monarch was a first in many things... 6 Design a stairlift Get your youngsters busy with our drawing competition 8 Talk about celebrating... Introducing Silver Sunday it’s time to celebrate older people and their contribution to society 10 Rose magic Are you under the spell of these beautiful blooms? Visit rose gardens, grow your own and bake a rosy treat... 12 Rose offer for all our readers Hampshire and Cornwall rose growers Pococks Roses offer a discount to our readers 13 Need some help in the garden? Yes, we even make stairlifts that can go in the garden! 14 Out and about The Crystal in London - a vision of urban sustainability

Jon and Patrick Stannah

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ain talking to you once ag We are so pleased to be through StannahTalk. . e your letters and news iv ce re to re su ea pl a It’s such - we really ly star letter on page 4 ve lo r ou ad re to re our su Be me of our stairlifts in so ng di clu in t ou ab k should thin scheme! 25 year service award ecial

a rather sp we’re delighted to see ns tio ra leb ce of ng lki Ta eers! ared for one of our engin ep pr 17, ge pa on ift irl edible sta ferently. but you may know dif We think that’s a first delighted to the offing and we are in is n tio ra leb ce r he r Silver Anot ght in her campaign fo Fli l be ta ris Ch dy La g be supportin t it on page 8. Sunday. Read all abou d about all about getting out an be ld ou sh ar ye of e This tim rose feature will e garden. We hope our or spending time in th and smells of urself with the sights yo d un rro su to u yo ge 13 to inspire a special stairlift on pa en ev e’s er Th rs. oo td the great ou take you there… time to d sunny summer with an rm wa a all u yo sh We wi hTalk! relax and read Stanna Kindest regards

16 All for a good cause Our staff and suppliers have been getting active to raise money for charity 17 Yum yum! Edible stairlift anyone? 18 Mind Gym and winners Winners from the last issue and new puzzles to keep the mind fit 19 The Silver Line update and DVD giveaway Update on The Silver Line, helpline for older people, plus our DVD giveaway and all the details you need to contact us


Across the Stannah Group of companies we aim to give the highest possible standards of service through honesty, integrity, diligence and consideration of our colleagues and customers.

The small print: StannahTalk is published periodically and distributed to existing customers free of charge. If you have a contribution you would like considered for inclusion, please write to The Editor at Stannah Stairlifts, Watt Close, East Portway, Andover, Hampshire SP10 3SD. You can also call us on 0800 916 0380 or email StannahTalk is designed and produced in the UK for Stannah Stairlifts by B&V Creative.

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Summertime is here…

Hello again. Is it really six months since we last communicated? Thank you so much for all your letters, competition entries and feedback on our features – it was lovely to hear from so many of you. Don’t forget we have a simple and FREE response card to make it easier to get in touch. We’ve been greatly amused by the discovery that Henry VIII had a stairlift! (see page 6). It inspired a few conversations about just what an ideal stairlift might feature and we thought it would be fun to ask your children and grandchildren for their ideas! So on page 6 you will find a competition to ‘design a stairlift’ with as many features as you can think of. Rocket powered, robot controlled, built-in stereo... challenge your youngsters to inspire our future designs (possibly!). The top designs will be featured in our Christmas edition of StannahTalk and there will be prizes too! Isn’t it fabulous that many of our older celebrities are raising awareness of the needs of their generation? We have information about Silver Sunday and The Silver Line – just two initiatives to celebrate and support those of us that might be on a par with Joanna Lumley, Esther Rantzen and the Rolling Stones! I wish you all a relaxing summer and look forward to hearing your news too.

Fiona Neil, Editor, StannahTalk Page 12

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to us! Dear Stannah When I first decided to buy a Stannah chair lift I wondered if I would really use it. Now my health has got progressively worse my Stannah has been an essential friend. Now along with the service team who are a team of dedicated friends ready whenever I need help always with a smile no matter what, no matter when, I am comforted that I have purchased the best backed up by a great team. Mr W Gamble, Fareham To all at Stannah It is so nice that you care to keep in touch with your customers after they have purchased a stairlift. I would like to thank you for the help my daughter was given, to have my lift fitted while I was still in hospital in September

We want to hear from you! Send your letters and comments to StannahTalk, Watt Close, East Portway, Andover, Hampshire SP10 3SD or email Our star letter wins £25 in Marks & Spencer vouchers.

2011 following a bad fall in the garden. I had suffered a stroke in 2003 but as my daughter would say I am very stubborn and tried to cope. Now I know what I have been missing even though at times I would like it to be turbo charged. With many thanks Mrs J Knowles, Lancaster P.S. We are never too old to learn.

Top Talk Our star letter! Dear Stannah This is the story of a Stannah Sta ir lift. In October 2013 my stair lift will be 25 years old, it has only ever had 2 cleans and a new set of the wheels which carry the seat up the track. It was installed in 1988, origin ally for my husband, and just after his dea th I became disabled and it has been a godsend. Now I have to move into a flat as the house is too much to cope with, so I hav e to say goodbye to what to me is an old frie nd. I just wanted to write this to say how ma rvellous your product has been. Regards, Phyllis Emery

Dear Stannah My wife is 91 years of age and has just had a major stomach operation – the stairlift is fine but she likes night flying and goes in Thunderbird 1 for snacks at 4am!

Mrs Emery wins £25 in M&S voucher s for her letter.

Dear Stannah Your star letter has reminded me to write and express our appreciation to our excellent maintenance engineer – Steve – he never lets us down. Happy Christmas to all

Mr & Mrs D Marshall, Wandsworth Common, London

Copyright by Randy Glasbergen

Mrs J Whitiern, Dorset

“At your age, people get anxious about taking so many pills, but I can prescribe something for that”

Thought for the day... Why face the stairs with agonising pain when you can let Stannah Stairlifts take the strain. Mr E Ashfield



StannahTalk, Watt Close, East Portway, Andover, Hampshire SP10 3SD

Tel: 0800 916 0380

Talking points

At Stannah we are always looking out for products, information, services and charities that might be of help to our stairlift customers. We take great care to work with organisations that have the same aim as we do – to make your life easier.

The National Osteoporosis Society – fighting for better bone health Osteoporosis is a massive problem. The condition, which causes the structure of our bones to become fragile and break easily, affects many people. In the UK, 1 in 2 women and 1 in 5 men, over the age of 50, will break a bone mainly because of poor bone health. The National Osteoporosis Society is dedicated to improving the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis and fragility fractures and working towards the vision of a break-free future for everyone. This national charity offers free support and information to people affected by osteoporosis, including a Helpline that receives more than 13,000 enquiries a year and a wide range of free publications. To find out more, visit the National Osteoporosis Society online at or call them on 0845 130 3076.

Do you want competitive insurance, quality services and reputable products? Do you want to feel happy in the knowledge that you are giving back to charity? Do you want to be able to do this is an easy and straightforward way? Do you want to get all of these at no extra cost to yourself? Then advant~age is for you.

The Stroke Association – the UK’s leading stroke charity The Stroke Association believe in life after stroke. They provide practical and emotional support to help people deal with the impact of stroke and campaign to improve stroke care. Their ground-breaking research is changing the lives of people affected by stroke now and in the future. If you or someone you know has been affected by stroke the Stroke Association is there for you. You can call their Stroke Helpline between 9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday on 0303 3033 100, or email them at A Helpline Information Officer will listen, talk through your situation, answer your questions, explore the available support options, and provide information and guidance. They can provide information about a whole range of stroke-related topics, put you in touch with any of over four hundred Stroke Association Life After Stroke Services and tell you about other local and national services, organisations and stroke clubs. To find out more about stroke, how to prevent a stroke, or for support after a stroke, call The Stroke Association now on 0303 3033 100 or visit

advant~age is a social enterprise, a business that trades for a social and/or environmental purpose. It enables more than twenty one charities to generate income to help them to continue to deliver their charitable aims. advant~age has sourced reputable providers, such as Stannah, to work with to ensure this quality, value for money and of course an excellent customer care service. For every sale made their charities receive a donation from the product provider at no extra cost to the customer. advant~age hopes that more and more people of all ages will start to buy products in this way so that vital charitable services can continue. Their current range includes products and services such as travel insurance, legal services and stairlifts, plus many more. To take a look at their fantastic products please visit Please don’t forget to tell your family and friends if you like what you see! You can also keep in touch with them by following them on twitter @AdvantAge_2u. Jenni Brighton, Chief Operating Officer of advant~age, is thrilled to be working with Stannah: “We feel that Stannah are a great partner to work with. The aim for us is to increase awareness in the general public that you can buy everyday items from social enterprises that meet needs, are affordable, great quality and also support fantastic causes!”. Interhelp Limited trading as advant~age (FCA number 542097) is an Appointed Representative of Lovat Insurance Brokers Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, (FCA number 305302).



Henry VIII had a

Well, more of a Thronelift, really – a sturdy chair that supported the tubby Tudor as he was hauled up and down a 20-foot staircase in Whitehall Palace by long-suffering lackeys using a blockand-tackle contraption.

t f i l r i a st

Documented as ‘a chair…that goeth up and down’, both chair and lackeys had a challenge on their hands, as this once fit, lithe monarch had reached thirty stone by the time he died in 1547 at the age of 55.

De sig n a


Cartoon by Mark Woods

Is there a young budding artist/designer/ engineer in your family? It might be your children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews...? Do they occasionally enjoy a sneaky ride on your stairlift? Why not get out the drawing board (or computer) and get the children in your life to design a stairlift. Stop at nothing – let their (and your!) imagination go wild. What gadgets should be included? Maybe a seat for your pet? Rocket-propelled? Parachute-assisted? Is it luminous – so it’s easy to find in the dark? Will it feature lights or a bell or horn?


A stairlift for a gallant Knight, perhaps? Henry VIII would have loved it! What gadgets, features and accessories would your fantasy stairlift include?

Add to this a longstanding gammy leg and, well, Hal could no longer leap the steps he once had. A timely move to a bungalow was simply not an option for this curmudgeonly monarch who preferred his palatial comforts. Hmm. Many of us know exactly how he felt. Henry also had three wheelthrones to roll His Royal Highness around his residences. All in all, it seems Henry was a something of a Renaissance man – monarch, sportsman, debater, intellectual, author, composer, skilful warmonger, accomplished bon viveur and, last but not least, the heavyweight behind the first stairlift. Thankfully, the stairlift has changed for the better since its Tudor prototype. Until recently the first stairlift was thought to have been made in 1930 in Pennsylvania by C. C. Crispen, a self-taught engineer. Then, in 1975, Stannah unleashed their first stairlift onto the UK and international markets. Stannah has

now sold over half a million and exports lifts and stairlifts to 42 countries, including Japan, Brazil and the US. Despite its worldleading success, MD of Stannah Stairlifts (and great, great grandson of the company’s founder, Joseph Stannah) Patrick Stannah bowed the knee to Henry’s hefty legacy: “I was surprised but pleased to learn that someone had the inventiveness to make a stairlift for Henry VIII. We would hope that the stairlifts of today have come a long way since then – we can fit most types of staircase – even Royal ones!” By Royal Command Looks like Henry VIII was something of a trendsetter when it comes to Royal stairlifts. Back in early 2000 we installed a curved-rail stairlift in Birkhall, Balmoral, for the late HM Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother herself. How's that for well connected? Isn’t it good to know that you have a superior stairlift to Henry VIII?

When they’ve drawn the ideal stairlift, fold up the drawing and pop it in the reply paid card supplied – don’t forget to fill in your name and address. Tell us who designed the lift and who they designed it for too. It might be for you, another member of your family or even your pet. We’ll publish the top designs in a future issue of StannahTalk and the winners will receive a fabulous set of drawing materials to work more creative magic!

The Tudor Rose, harking back to the War of the Roses, is the traditional floral heraldic emblem of England. It was created to symbolise the joining of the Houses of Lancaster (whose badge was a red rose) and York (a white rose). For more roses – red, white and even blue, plus advice and information on how you should be taking care of the roses in your garden in the coming months, take a look at page 12. We’re even offering a discount in association with Pococks Roses, rose growers in Hampshire and Cornwall, for all our green-fingered readers...

To win one of these fa bulous artists sets, jus t send us your drawing for a stairlift, telling us what features are inc luded and why. There are 5 artists sets to give away, so get your thinking caps on and start drawing! Competition ends 31st October 2013. For terms and condition s email stannahtalk@sta


about... celebrating! Here’s one for your diary – Silver Sunday, 6th October 2013. It’s a new tradition in celebration of older people and their contribution to the community – and Stannah is right behind it!

Below: Lady Christabel Flight with two celebrants on Silver Sunday 2012.

Packed with free activities and events, Silver Sunday launched in Westminster in 2012 and is now rolling out across the UK. To be held annually on the first Sunday in October, the initiative is spearheaded by Westminster Councillor, Lady Christabel Flight. It is a result of her involvement with the Sir Simon Milton Foundation, and she has become a passionate champion of the wellbeing of older people: “We launched Silver Sunday in October 2012 and over 2,000 people aged over 65 took part in free events and activities across the city. From photography and computer classes to free tours of historical houses, there was something for everyone and it was all donated free by local organisations. “Our Lord Mayor and children from local schools visited our care home residents who took part in choir workshops, enjoyed violin recitals and even a tea dance. “I wanted to encourage people to get out and about, try new activities and meet new people with the aim of combating loneliness and improving health and wellbeing.


“Thanks to its success, this year’s Silver Sunday on 6th October is looking to be even bigger and better and I do hope you will help us to make it a national event. “If you can offer your time or resources to put on an event or activity or even just accompany an older relative, friend or neighbour on a trip out then please get involved. You can register your event at Or why not call your local council to ask what they are planning to do on Silver Sunday? “I’m also hoping to encourage older and young people to come together to help each other. Last year we achieved this through students giving IT lessons to Silver Surfers and children making cards for their grandparents and older neighbours, activities we’re keen to promote again this year. “The serious side of this is that we know over a third of older people are very lonely so having a special day to encourage activities and group participation will help to alleviate this.”

We have Mothering Sunday and Father’s Day, so why not have Silver Sunday! With Stannah’s support Stannah is delighted to have joined Silver Sunday’s growing support system which also includes the Earl of Iveagh, Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, Sir Michael Parkinson, Joanna Lumley, Care UK, and the Royal Albert Hall.

“This is a special day for older people to get involved in community events and activities to bring back some of the traditional community spirit. It’s also a small thank you for your contribution to society.” Joanna Lumley

The Sir Simon Milton Founda tion The overriding aim of the Sir Simon Milton Foundation is to continue delivering Simon’s vision of a caring city that offers opportunity for all. The Foundation is designed to buil d on the success of Sir Simon’s pioneering “One City ” poli cy – a landmark initiative which at its heart had the aim of encouraging business to prosper; provide young people with jobs and training, and ensure that older residents were look ed after and involved in a community that valued their contribu tion.

Want to get involved and/or find out more about Silver Sunday? Visit: Or call your local council to see what’s going on in your area on Sunday the 6th of October. 9

What is it about roses that so inspires us Brits? There are over 100 species of these woody perennials and they all hold us to ransom with their beauty and, in some cases, heady perfume. From miniature gems and upright shrubs to climbers and trailers, they come in all shapes, colours and sizes – and we love them all. Even those with thorns. That’s the thing with beauty – it often has a cruel streak. Perhaps this serves to command our respect?

Whether grown indoors or out, roses have many of us under their spell. Every suburb in the UK has its rose fanatics. They are easy to spot, tending their darlings daily and nursing them into glorious display – the envy of family, friends and neighbours. Well, that’s all part of the fun, isn’t it – beating the Joneses!

Some rosy facts... Species, cultivars and hybrids are all widely grown for their beauty and often are fragrant. Rose plants range in size from compact, miniature roses, to climbers that can reach 7 metres in height. Different species hybridise easily, and this has been used in the development of the wide range of garden roses.

© 2013 ukgardenphotos

Roses through the centuries Roses look, smell and taste good and have enjoyed commercial stardom for centuries in perfumery, medicine and all types of cuisine. Rose Perfume Damask roses (Rosa damascena trigintipetala) and Rosa centifolia are the most commonly used roses in the production of rose perfume, itself


made from attar of roses (rose oil), a mixture of volatile essential oils obtained by steam distilling the crushed petals of roses. Rose water is a by-product of this process and is used in beauty and cooking. Originating in Persia, the production technique spread through Arabia and India and eastern Europe. Rose Absolute is a modern perfume and process – a solvent extracted with hexane to produce a darker oil. Food and drink Rose petals also make great teas and tisanes, as do rose hips, which can also be made into jam, jelly, and marmalade. Their high vitamin C content makes them invaluable, especially when pressed and filtered to make rose hip syrup. (How many of us remember that famous rose hip syrup we were spoon-fed as children?). Rose hip oil is also great for skin care products – especially for ‘more mature skin’!

© 2013 ukgardenphotos

are you under the spell?

Get baking: Sweet Briar Biscuits Only use organically grown fragrant rose petals for these mmmelt-in-themouth, rose-scented treats: 113g softened butter 32g icing sugar ½ tsp. vanilla extract 1 egg, lightly beaten 96g flour, sifted Rounded tsp. baking powder 1 tbsp. rose petals, chopped

powder together. Cream together the sugar and butter in a large mixing bowl. Add vanilla. Add egg gradually to create a batter. Add flour mixture and rose petals and combine well. Cover and refrigerate for 1 hour.

Remove to cooling rack. Enjoy with a cup of tea in the garden, admiring your roses!

Shape dough into 24 x 1” balls. Place on non-stick/lined baking sheet. Bake 18-20 minutes.

Preheat oven to 350°F/180°C/gas mark 4. Sift flour and baking

Need help getting to your garden? Stannah can help – turn to page 13 to see how...

Now is the time of year to explore the beautiful and historic rose gardens in your area... If you’re near Hampshire, how about a mooch around Mottisfont Abbey? Near the old market town of Romsey in Hampshire, a mediaeval priory has been given over to art, flowers and all things romantic – including a walled rose garden for the rosegrowers amongst us.

© 2013 ukgardenphotos

At any time of year you can lose yourself in Mottisfont’s ‘ancient trees, bubbling brooks and rolling lawns’, from the carpets of bulbs in spring and the walled rose garden in summer to the rich leaves in autumn

and vibrant winter garden when nature is otherwise sleeping. For further information visit:

Win £50 National Tru st Gift Vouche rs For a chance to win £50 worth of Nati onal Trust vouchers, sim ply fill in the enclosed rep ly card and send it to us by no later than 31st Oct ober 2013.

Proper Job


Ebb Tide

You’re Beautiful

See overleaf for our exclusive rose offer from Pococks Roses...

The beautiful Rose Garden at Mottisfont Abbey, Hampshire


Just a few of our favourite roses available from Pococks. What’s your favourite rose and why?

The Enchantress certainly earns its name!

Hope and Glory

Super Trouper

Easy Does It


Sweet Pretty

Pop into Pococks Roses too Before or after visiting Mottisfont Abbey, why not pop into Pococks Roses? Only 4.7 miles away, their nurseries are renowned for ‘growing only the best roses for your garden’ – from climbing, rambling and bush varieties to patio, ground cover and historic species. Pococks also have nurseries near Truro in Cornwall where they are known as The Cornish Rose Company. So, if you live in the West Country, or are thinking of holidaying there, then these would be worth a visit too. It’s summer – the best time to see roses in full bloom. Pococks growing fields are open to the public, so spoil yourself with the scent of Pococks Roses and pick a plant or two to take home with you. For further information visit:

Gardening tips... JULY: Feed your roses now, after the first flush of flowers. This will ensure you give them everything they need to stay strong and disease-resistant. AUGUST: Deadheading now will keep roses flowering well through the autumn.


A rosy offer for all our readers



all o an rder db s are for p roo otte t ro d ses

StannahTalk are delighted to be able to offer our readers a 10% discount from Pococks Roses: Simply quote the code STANNAHTALK when placing your order for potted and bare root roses to receive the 10% discount. You can order online at, by phone on 01794 367500 or in person at Pococks Roses in Romsey, Hampshire or The Cornish Rose Company in Mitchell, near Newquay, Cornwall. Offer ends 30th September 2013.

Request a catalogue Browse through Pococks Garden Rose Catalogue - available FREE to StannahTalk readers. To request a copy, simply fill in your details on the freepost card and pop it in the post.

Please note: bare root roses ordered now will be delivered in November for winter planting. Payment is taken at the time of placing the order. Potted roses are suitable for planting through the rest of the year.

SEPTEMBER & OCTOBER: Enjoy the second flush of flowers in the late summer. NOVEMBER: If you haven’t already ordered bare root roses, now is the time to do it! Plant them from November to March and they will be ready to grow away in the spring.

Potted roses can be planted through the rest of the year. DECEMBER: Roses are dormant now...but watch out for the next issue of StannahTalk this month! Packed full of information, news, offers and interesting places to visit.


How about some help about the Do you ever wonder whether you could do with a gardening assistant – especially if your patch of green can only be accessed by steps?

Well, help is on hand with a Stannah outdoor stairlift. Yes, really, we have garden access covered too! Designed for external straight stairs, it is fully waterproof and comes with the same assurance of quality, safety and reliability as every Stannah stairlift.

With a Stannah outdoor stairlift you can potter about your garden whatever the season – weeding flower beds, planting, propagating and generally messing around with Mother Nature – especially in summer when glorious weather (hopefully) and longer daylight hours make the ‘call of the wild’ the strongest. You never know, with the right support you could make your garden the best kept on the block. You could easily have the best blooms around, smartly clipped hedges, and beautifully mulched trees.

Contact our professional representatives for a free brochure, or get a free, no-obligation quote. Our team will discuss the options with you, and you can trust that our reliable professional installation will have you enjoying your garden to the full in no time at all. For more information call us on 0800 916 0380 or visit our website

And when you come in from the garden... Poem and picture from

Clear the coffee table and access your lifestyle read of the week online. Savista is an online lifestyle magazine for the young-at-heart. Full of absolutely everything in life, the magazine is contemporary in outlook but aimed at the mature market. It covers travel, entertainment, shopping, health, motoring, gardening, finance, places to visit, hobbies, retirement and more. The readers’ opinions will shape Savista magazine in the future so do get online and give the editor your feedback. Visit

The Royal Family were on walk-about. I did not expect to see any of them what with such vast crowds, and being only 5ft tall! The atmosphere was wonderful. People in the front rows excitedly gave those further back a run-down of what was taking place. We heard that the Queen was heading in our direction, Along with Princes William and Harry. There Was Her Majesty! The crowds seemed to divide, like the parting of the red sea. Her smile so radiant. I returned the smile while going into complete shock. Now, I had seen both mother and daughter close-up. Previously, Princess Anne, now The Queen. What a wonderful day! A day to remember, where sadness and joy complemented each other, At this, the opening of the Princess Diana Memorial, in Hyde Park, London. Cheryl Campbell


Fancy a day out? Let us inspire you to visit one of our favourite places…

Look into The Crystal – what do you see...?


“Siemens is establishing the Crystal in order to help find solutions for making the world’s cities more sustainable. It will serve as a centre for dialogue, learning and discovery.” Roland Busch CEO, Infrastructure & Cities Sector, Siemens AG

A vision of urban sustainability If you have green-tinted glasses then The Crystal should be top of your ‘To Do’ list. Hunkering in London’s Victoria Dock, this landmark visitor attraction is alive with interactive goodies, all on the subject of sustainable cities – from Our Urban Future, the world’s largest exhibition on the future of urban sustainability, to a Centre of Competence for Cities (COC). We have global engineering and electronics conglomerate, Siemens, to thank for this £30-million, global knowledge hub which also offers office space for around 60 employees, a 270-seat auditorium, shop, restaurant and café facilities – everything possible to keep the green light going!

for future generations. Through interactive exhibits, films, animations and installations you can explore a range of issues including water, transport, city design and management, energy, environment, buildings and lighting, safety and security and healthcare.

Packed with interactivities The Crystal’s core is an immersive exhibition where you can explore global trends and challenges facing cities today.

Green to the core The Crystal is one of the world’s greenest buildings, in line for BREEAM and LEED ecoaccreditation. It demonstrates the remarkable systems and technologies employed to minimise its carbon footprint and ensure its long term environmental credentials.

Catering to both groups and individuals, the experience can be personalised to meet specific areas of interest. All visitors, young or old, professional or amateur, can explore how they can make a real and personal contribution to sustainable living. Across nine zones, the exhibition encourages us to change the way we think about our cities, now and

This all-electric building uses solar power and ground source heat pumps to generate its own energy. This means no fossil fuels are burnt to power the building. It showcases state-of-the-art

technologies that support sustainable city living and also profiles Siemens’ Environmental Portfolio of products and solutions, the largest and most comprehensive in the world. The building incorporates rainwater harvesting, black water treatment, solar heating and automated building management systems. The design of the building’s structure, including its glass, provides additional insulation and takes energy efficiency to a new level. Green light for access The Crystal is geared for access. If you require any assistance with mobility there are members of staff available to help you, and a Stannah Midilift XLplus vertical platform lift will move you effortlessly between the two exhibition floors. Exhibition guides are available in braille. (P.S. There is even a Stannah Trolleylift goods lift on site, moving refreshments between the kitchen and seminar rooms.)

For further information, visit: Look into The Crystal...

hibition which is Entry is FREE to the ex , 10am to 5pm. open Tuesday – Sunday al programmes Guided tours, education o available. and school visits are als


Hiking up our support for Age UK At Stannah we all agree that one of our favourite charitable activities of the year is sponsoring, packing and delivering the Age UK Christmas goodie bags to deserving elderly people in Andover.

about Stannah getting active - for charity of course! Our staff and suppliers are a plucky bunch. They set themselves immense challenges, raise thousands of pounds for good causes and we are happy to support them.

Make a Wish magic The Make a Wish Foundation is over £2000 better off thanks to the efforts of Graham Hatfield, a stairlift contractor. We were delighted to donate £250 to the fundraising pot for a great cause with a poignant tale attached.

Graham and his wife had the joy of four children, three sons and a daughter. All the boys suffered from an immune deficiency disease. Their first son died aged just 5. Their second son, Clarke, has a mild form of the disease and lives with medication. Their third son, Kurt, battled for 14 years with the disease before receiving a bone marrow transplant. A bravery award and a weekend treat via the Make a Wish Foundation lifted everyone’s spirits. Kurt is now well and his brother Clarke wanted to pay back the kindness, so he organised the fundraising cycle ride from their home in Suffolk to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Graham, Clarke and a family friend completed the ride over a long weekend. Graham comments: “The Make a Wish Foundation was there for our family when we most needed them so it was lovely to be able to give them something back so that another family in crisis can be given a special treat. We know what a difference it can make.”

Michelle Penn from Stairlifts is the leader of our team of volunteers but now she has added a summer activity to raise more funds. She successfully persuaded a group of colleagues and friends to go on a particularly challenging weekend adventure. They walked right round the Isle of Wight in two days. That’s 67 miles!! When she recovered Michelle was able to tell us: “What a challenge! We trained hard but I think we had forgotten what it’s like to walk up and down on a coastal path with a head wind trying its best to slow us down. It was the best and worst thing I have ever done. When the money is in we hope to have raised thousands of pounds, thanks to Stannah and all our supporters.” Visit

Find out more at

Supporting suppliers in helping heroes

Nick gathered quite a crowd to complete the 20-mile sponsored walk in Hampshire stretched from Naomi House Children’s Hospice in Sutton Scotney to Help for Heroes headquarters in Tidworth and all monies raised was split between the two local and highly valued charities. To find out more visit and Jon Stannah comments: “We were delighted to offer our support to a valued supplier who was walking for two of our favourite local charities. Congratulations to all who took part” The walkers raised a magnificent £6000 and enjoyed (almost) every minute!


Copyright by Randy Glasbergen

When Nick Butt, our cleaning contractor, requested a little support from Stannah for his charity walk we were delighted to help with a £400 contribution to the team.

“It’s a mobile phone, camera and music player. If you set the ringer to ‘vibrate’ and stick it in your sock, it’s also a foot massager.”

The World’s first

about scrummy! Proof that you can have your stairlift and eat it, a triumph of sugarcraft engineering made its debut on a novelty birthday cake created by Cheryl Thorn, the baking-mad daughter of Stannah stairlift engineer, George Thorn. Based in the Crayford division of the London & South East branch of Stannah Lift Services, George recently celebrated his 59th birthday. He challenged his daughter to “bake a cake with stairs and a banister, and a stairlift…with a little model of me repairing the lift.” The result was a mouth-watering Madeira sponge, cloaked in icing and with all requested features in place. Although her fondant father brandishes a screwdriver, they both stress that it was for dramatic effect only and not needed on this occasion! Cheryl is commendably modest about her figurative modelling skills: “I remember as a child making a similar model of my dad out of plasticine for Father's Day; the only difference now is that the belly has got a little bigger :D” George greeted his daughter’s creation with a scattering of wry crumbs along the lines of: “I've got more grey hair than that”… “What model stair lift is that then?”… “My tool box isn't red.” Despite this tongue-in-cheek reception, both cake and stairlift disappeared swiftly which is, of course, the finest testament possible to Cheryl’s blistering baking skills. Will Cheryl go pro and become the next Mary Berry? “I would love to but I am too well established in my career

as an NHS IT Systems Specialist to make the transition at the moment.” If the razzmatazz of celebrity baking cannot tempt her, perhaps a certain famous waxwork museum would be interested in her spookily lifelike modelling skills? . . .

“Some of my earlier cakes weren't as successful but I'm always learning. I'm a bit of a perfectionist so I can always see their flaws but they go down well with my friends and family. They've come to expect them on birthdays.”

If you would like to see further examples of Cheryl’s baking marvels, visit or


Sudoku – medium difficulty The aim of Sudoku is to place a number from 1 to 9 in each square, so that every vertical column, horizontal line, and 3x3 grid of squares contain all numbers only once. For more Sudoku puzzles go to For the answer to this puzzle, see page 19.




7 5

7 4

8 1 2 6

1 7 4




4 8


6 5

2 9

8 3

3 7




Word Wizard How many words of three letters or more can you make from the grid of 9 letters? You must track horizontally, vertically or diagonally from square to square in the correct order, going through each square only once. Send your answers together with your name and address to the address on page 19 for the chance to win £25 in Marks & Spencer vouchers!

All entries must be received by 31st October 2013. Winners will be notified by post. No alternative prize will be offered. No correspondence will be entered into.

Would you be interested in joining the Stannah Panel?



Here are the winners from featured competitions and draws in the last issue of StannahTalk...

Roll on the good times... with a Breeze rollator Two lucky winners each receive a brand new Breeze rollator, worth £179... Mrs Dorothy Robertson, Morpeth, Northumberland

Sudoku puzzle courtesy of:

Keep the grey cells active by doing some mental gymnastics!

Every ne a

Mrs J Adams, Norwich, Norfolk

A Wizard with Words Mrs E Phillips from Alcester, Warwickshire, with 80 correct words, is our winner of the Word Wizard competition. She wins £25 in M&S vouchers. To enter this issue’s competition, see the new Word Wizard on the left. Burghley House Mr G Shaw from Bury St Edmunds and Mrs Joyce Johnson from Wallsend, Tyne & Wear are our winners of the family pass to Burghley House. Trace your Family Mrs O Goodfellow from Kingsheath, Birmingham is our winner of the ‘How to Trace Your Family History on the Internet: Find Your Ancestors the Easy Way’ book by Nick Barratt. Cinema tickets Mrs Florence Grant from Cleethorpes wins a visit to her local cinema, Cleethorpes Parkway.

We are always looking for ways to develop and improve our product range and to do that we ask the experts – our customers! Our Stannah panel is made up of customers, like you, who give us their most valuable opinions, sparking off brilliant innovations and telling us when our ideas are not as brilliant as we first thought. Please join us – we would love to get to know you a little better. To join the Stannah panel please fill in your details on the freepost card, tick the ‘I’d like to help’ box and pop it in the post.


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“Okay, but each pound counts as a separate wish!”

Send us a picture or your story: To have your picture or story considered for inclusion, send your details to the address above or email a jpeg file to Word Wizard: For the chance to win £25 in M&S vouchers, send your answer together with your details to Word Wizard at the address above. This competition closes on 31st October 2013.


All words sourced from Chambers English Dictionary, 7th Edition.

The solution to the Sudoku puzzle in this issue is:

Sudoku solution

Copyright by Randy Glasbergen

Telephone: 0800 916 0380

You can contact StannahTalk using the following details:

Solution to Word Wizard in the last issue: Total number of words possible = 96: ACE, ACEA,

3 9 7 6 8 4 2 5 1

Write to: The Editor, StannahTalk, Watt Close, East Portway, Andover, Hampshire SP10 3SD or

Esther Rantzen

1 2 8 3 5 7 4 6 9

Talk to us!

Kindest regards

6 5 4 2 1 9 7 8 3

Draw ends 31st October 2013.

Do have a look at our website and please give us your feedback – your opinions are so essential for the line’s development.

5 3 2 4 7 8 1 9 6

For a chance to win a DVD of Quartet, fill in your details on the freepost card included with this issue and pop it in the post. Don’t forget to put a ‘tick’ in the box for this draw, plus any other offers – you can tick as many boxes as you like!

7 6 1 5 9 3 8 4 2

With a star cast that includes Maggie Smith, Michael Gambon, Tom Courtenay, Pauline Collins and Billy Connolly, Quartet is a life-affirming film focusing on how it is never too late to enjoy life – a sentiment echoed by Stannah Stairlifts.

A pilot scheme ran in the North West and this has now been extended to the North East Region to run right up to our national launch. We are on schedule to launch nationally in time for Christmas this year so I hope I’ll have news of this milestone in your December 2013 issue. The pilot is already revealing that our telephone helpline can transform lives for the better by providing friendship, and link older people with services in their community. We are learning very valuable lessons on ways of helping isolated people, and giving older people the voice they need and deserve.

8 4 9 1 2 6 3 7 5

The film tells the tale of four opera singers reunited in Beecham House, a retirement home for musicians threatened with closure. To help raise funds to keep it going, the foursome are invited to perform at a Verdi’s birthday concert which creates a tangle of tensions, especially as one of them won’t sing!

Thank you so much for your very positive response to my idea of The Silver Line helpline for older people. I loved receiving your letters.

9 7 5 8 3 2 6 1 4

In this issue we have 5 copies of the DVD to give away to our readers.

Dear StannahTalk readers

4 1 3 7 6 5 9 2 8

In the last issue of StannahTalk we featured our Hollywood ‘debut’ in the film Quartet...

Some of you may remember reading about The Silver Line helpline, launched in November 2012 by journalist and campaigner, Esther Rantzen. Here is Esther’s update:

2 8 6 9 4 1 5 3 7

DVD Giveaway

Esther’s Silver Line to support


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