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Lady Gaga is certainly someone to start a conversation about. From her bold looks to her cutting edge music, this rising star is a forced to be reckoned with in the music world. Focusing in on her look specifically though, Lady Gaga is always coming out with new wigs, costumes and makeup that defy all logic but seemingly work for her. This crazy character has actually inspired an array of Lady Gaga games for people to play online at any time. If you are in love with the star and want to play a game about her, read below to figure out exactly what you might be looking at. All of the Lady Gaga games that are out are about dressing up the star in some way. You are either given a manikin or just a head to work with, and then you are given a series of wigs, clothes, makeup and accessories to make a look for Lady Gage that is all your own. You can give her bright blue eye shadow with hot pink hair, or you could keep things nice and subtle. Either way, there is a lot of room to play around when you're bored, so these games are definitely something to check out. The great thing about the Lady Gaga games that are out right now is that they are almost all free to play. All you have to do is go to the site that the game is on and you can play dress up with Lady Gaga for no cost at all. You get to cycle through some of the standard crazy costumes she might wear, and you can really make a new look for her. Anything you've wanted to see on Lady gaga but haven't can be artificially created while you play the game. You are in total control. Lady Gaga games are so much fun, and they are easy enough for anyone to play. It doesn't matter if you're a 20 year old fashionista or a 70 year old computer newbie, you can play with this iconic music legend whenever you want. Throw in a CD of hers to get you in the mood to design or turn on a video that she may have done. After seeing the bold looks that she has every single day, you might evaluate the look you were going for. Just don't get addicted to the games and you should be set.

Chloe Torre Has been involved in fashion since she left school originally as a shop assistant in a clothes shop in the the west end of London. It wasn't long before she started to design her own bespoke clothes for family and friends since then she has moved into fashion accessories and has a large collection of fashion and practical glasses based on famous people including lady gaga glasses along with other's like Elton John.

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==== ==== A very interesting article with great information. ==== ====

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