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yeast infection causes it Yeast infection causes can often be puzzling and difficult to treat for the uninformed. If you have recurring yeast infections, it's easy to become frustrated. Don't treat yourself if you don't know the cause of your yeast infection. It's imperative that you visit your health care practitioner right away to get a proper diagnosis. It's possible that you are allergic to the scent used in one of your normal household products. Other than that, the recurring yeast infections could be caused by some factor not connected to an allergic reaction to something you are using. Your first step is to find out why your yeast infections keep coming back. Then the cause will be apparent and it will be easy to treat. It is possible for yeast cells to become overgrown throughout the body, and there are several factors that cause this. Environment has a lot to do with an overgrowth, such as temperature, moisture and allergies, and also blood sugar and pH levels that have been changed. If you have an injury to your body in certain locations this can also be a cause, but so can sexual transmission, and an immune system that is not functioning as well as it should. The body is so interrelated that one thing can lead to another and so on, so an outbreak of yeast problems can show up with a sudden change of hormones. As you can see there are more than one or two factors that can cause yeast problems. One procedure you can follow to find out why you have frequent yeast infections is to start looking at the type of clothes you wear and your daily hygiene. The best choice of fabric for underwear and actually the most comfortable - is 100% cotton with no dyes or bleaches. Also, take note of the clothes you wear, and see how well they allow your body to breathe. One thing to be aware of is that the Candida albicans yeast cells stay alive on your clothing and linens, and especially on your underwear. So obviously any person should practice good personal hygiene which would include daily changes of underwear. It's imperative that you launder any clothes you wore while you had a yeast infection. Be especially prudent with underwear, shorts, trousers, or skirts. The key to assuring that the level of Candida albicans in your body is controlled is to make sure your immune system is healthy. It's common knowledge that yeast infections are prevalent in those afflicted with HIV/AIDS or other illnesses that depress the immune system. Does how you live your life compromise your immune system? Some of the things that can weaken your immune system include alcohol, sugar, and stress. Has your immune system been compromised due to illness or other reasons? Make a list of the common yeast infection symptoms so you will recognize one if it strikes. Unless you know what causes yeast infections and how to deal with them, you will have many situations that will challenge you. You know your own body, so learn how to protect from ever getting yeast infections. If you are given prescription medicine that contains hormones or forms of them such as steroids, then be very sure you mention something about possible yeast infections as a side effect.

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A Couple Of Easy Guidelines On Understanding Yeast Infections  

Below are a few recommended tips and hints which may aid you when you have Candida Albicans

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