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ISSUE 77 (#119) October 17th

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Halloween Grows In Spain by Spencer WIlliams

Halloween is still a pretty new phenomenon in Spain. But the north seems to celebrate it more than the rest of the country, and the reasons are profoundly ancestral. Theme parks have seen the opportunity in the increased popularity and produced specific Halloween attractions for the young and older generations to join in and have some fun. Terra Mitica park known for the fast rides that turn you upside down and spin you into the skies have made their park into a spooky and thrilling fantasy that can be enjoyed throughout this month


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shops, bars, and cafes across the white coast, perhaps a steaming café con leche or a deep glass of earthy Rioja red to take a part of this spooky season...

The Royal British Legion kicked off this years Poppy Appeal in Benidorm on October 14th Read more on page 5 and page 49.

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ancient drink of their Celtic ancestors. You can always do what the adults do when the 31st rolls around: continue your daily enjoyment of the

R.B.L Poppy Appeal Launch



leading up to Halloween 31st October. The other parks have followed suit to cash in on the action and offer themed events and attractions both at Mundomar park and Terra Natura Zoo. . While Halloween throughout Spain is mostly celebrated in the normal manner of costume parties with cauldron themes specific to children’s enjoyment, but there are some communities, such as Cediera along Galicia’s northern coast, where locals carve pumpkins, light bonfires, and imbibe the local fire water infused with herbs and set aflame a proclaimed


Ctra. Cabo La Nao, Pla, 122. Bloque 12-Bajo, 03730 Javea

+++ the largest exhibition on the costa blanca +++

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October 17th - October 31st

Dear Readers

As we head into the second half of October it has been so far a tremendous month of weather with temperatures mostly in the high twenties along the coast and most days full of sunshine. After the short burst of thundery storms we had at the start of the month we can say it’s been mainly dry and warm. Fantastic for us residents as well as the flocks of arrivals into Alicante coming to Spain to seek the sun and warmer climate. So what more can one ask for when I saw this weekend the middle of October the beach in Levante Benidorm full up and loads of swimmers as well. In the UK right now they are wearing over coats and vests! So what’s next here ? Halloween of course...... This growing fashion we have seen in Spain more or less over the last five years. So these days we see fancy dress in the supermarkets and many special events around. As I mentioned in the last issue this is the time of year we also start to plan for Christmas, so what are you doing? lookout in the next issue for our Christmas Feature Pages. We have lots of ideas for you, gifts and recipes as well as some great seasonal menus and places to go for your special day. With many Hotels and local restaurants already taking bookings with some recent reports of the most popular outlets are almost fully booked. Some of the UK residents here will of course be planning to fly back home to see their families and enjoy the comforts of the hospitality available from their loved ones, and why not take advantage and really go for it take your slippers and soak it up whilst you can. Don’t forget your wooly and your winter coat, if you own one? It’s strange to say I don’t have a coat but it’s true. Living in Spain you don’t really need one or gloves. If you travel to the north of Spain then things become a little different and you will there need winter coats and gloves as the weather becomes much of the same as in the UK. For ski lovers then Spain does offer a choice of resorts so perhaps a little change this year and head for slopes, why not? Well in the meantime you will just have to suffer some more of this glorious sunshine and not forgetting to take advantage of our new products, so give it a try and visit a money saving web site that allows you to search for offers and discounts. It’s simple to use just view the offers and then you can print the voucher of your choice to redeem at the chosen outlet. Send us in your local news and you can call the Buzz media team who are working hard to provide you the British readers with the best and most enjoyable newspaper around. Now you can read your local Buzz Newspaper online at Last issue we welcomed a new member of the team Simon Russell who is now contributing to the editorial content. He is a very experienced writer and we hope you will agree after having read his contributions.

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October 17th - October 31st


Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal Launch

By Pamela Dawson Tasker

The 2016 Poppy Appeal was launched in Benidorm on Friday 14th October with yet another tremendous and colourful parade. This was the third event held in the popular location of the Levante promenade in conjunction with the town hall of Benidorm who continues to support the event and work alongside the organisation of the Royal British Legion. The Torrevieja Pipes and Drums led the procession followed by the Mayor Toni Perez who walked together with

the Vice Consul Sarah Munsterhjelm, Lt Col David Whimpenny, Captain Paul Lencass, Mr Nigel Hails Chairman of District North of RBL in Spain and Robin Hargrave the Poppy appeal co-ordinator. The crowds had gathered along the side of the beach front and followed along to the end of the march where then the speeches and prayers were made as well as the sound of the last post and the respected two minutes silence followed by both the Spanish and British National anthems.

Drunken Thief Falls Asleep in the Road

By Simon Russell

A hangover may be the least of a suspected thief’s problems after police arrested him asleep on the N332 at Tavernes, near Gandia. At first it was feared the man had been the victim of an accident when police were called after a body was reported blocking the road. However it soon became apparent the man was merely extremely

intoxicated. To add to the officers surprise they found various items on his person that were consistent with those reported stolen from Tavernes beach earlier that day. These items included jewellery, cash and watches to the value of around €7,000. Maybe unsurprisingly, the 50 year old man is well known to the local police and may not have been aware of the high value of some of the items he

had allegedly taken. The incident occurred on October 5 and the man is expected to shortly be

A stretch of the N-332 road passing through the town of Tavernes


10 %

leno l o d i t r e e di v El parqu imientos br de descu w w w.dinopark .es

By Simon Russell

THE Valencian Council wants to change the law concerning the rights of animals by changing the current law to include outlawing the “unnatural treatment” of animals. The aim, they say, is to outlaw unnecessary cruelty, especially at fiestas. While many feel that this will be a step closer to an overall ban in the

use of animals at fiestas it is unclear exactly what the proposed change will mean in practice. It is thought, for example, the use of fireworks near or even on animals such as bulls would be banned once the wording has been changed. The wording will also affect the treatment of pets and circus animals.

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T m gro or u ep po eo f 4 pl or e.

f discover



lo park ful e m e h t nique

called before magistrates for formal charges to be made.

Community Considers Extending Animal Rights

Benidorm Office: Levante, Edf. Ben-Loix. C/Lepanto,28. Mon - Sat: 09.30 - 14.30 - Telf. (0034) 96 588 9094 WEB EXCLUSIVES ONLINE


October 17th - October 31st

Javea Area Forest Fire May Have Been Caused By “Negligence Not Arson”

By Simon Russell

FIRE scene investigators have discovered evidence of a number of cigarette butts close to the epicentre of where they believe the massive forest fires effecting the Javea and Benitatxell areas started last month. The presence of the butts may steer investigators towards a verdict

of negligence rather than the initially held view that arson was the probable cause and that the fires were deliberately started. Carlos Moragues, the government delegate in Valencia, said there had “been a large number of cigarette butts” found at the Mirador de Cumbres del Sol, the probable starting point of the fire.

Subsequent fires may have been started by sparks and other flammable material on what was a windy day in a tinder dry area. However Moragues has stressed the need for caution before jumping to conclusions at this stage as the investigation is still underway.

By Simon Russell SECURITY councillor for Javea, Pepa Gisbert, has requested increased vigilance and protection for the Cap de San Antoni marine reserve. She has asked that restrictions be put on boat access and that diving in

the area is closely monitored and restricted if necessary, possibly through a quota system. Changes will need to be co-ordinated with Denia council and supported by the Generalitat before being approved and meetings have been put in place to move the

issue forward. The San Antoni reserve has some natural protection with 150 meter cliffs surrounding the waters, however there are concerns about the effect of powered vessels in particular on the delicate marine infrastructure.

Increased Protection for Marine Reserve

Triple Murder Investigation Takes New Twist By Simon Russell

THE shooting dead of three people in a lawyers office in Madrid in June continues to largely baffle police, although they are currently exploring some intriguing new avenues. The two murdered female members of staff and a customer who was also killed, have all had their backgrounds extensively looked into to try to find a motive for what has all the hallmarks of a planned

assassination. However much of the focus has been on the lawyer whose office was attacked, Victor Joel, who was not in the office at the time. Mr Joel is originally from Peru and his law firm was extensively involved in prosecuting drugs traffickers from Peru which was seen as a possible motive for the assassination. However it has now come to light

Victor Joel, the owner of the firm

that Joel was allegedly having an affair with the wife of a German client and are looking into the possibility that the lawyer was targeted for this reason. Nonetheless the police are left with several motives but little hard evidence at this stage to try and resolve what was a particularly brutal and callous killing.

October 17th - October 31st

Valencia Rity Residents Endure “Summer of Binge Drinking Tourists”

By Simon Russell

FAIRLY or unfairly many British perceive Benidorm as being the binge drinking capital of Spain. However, Spanish youngsters are also well known for letting their hair down on holiday and Valencia City is fast becoming one of their favoured destination. Within the city the Barrio Carmen area, famous for it’s bars, clubs and nightlife, is the main attraction but many of the historic areas residents are fed up after enduring a summer of “unendurably rowdy” tourists. Vomit in their doorways, noisy all night parties and constant piles of rubbish from outside “bottellons” are among the residents many complaints. They are also seeing these activities stretch well beyond the normal holiday period of July and August, in fact well into October this year. The groups can find accommodation in the area for about €25 per night and alcohol is also cheap compared to many cities and resorts. Combined with a climate conducive to late

night partying for several months of the year and the attraction to the, mainly Spanish, youngsters becomes clear. As the summer season finally begins to wind down the local residents association have made formal complaints to the Town Hall so that hopefully more controls can be put in place by next year. As a bare minimum they ask that the police at least enforce existing laws regarding noise levels, especially at night, as well as those on littering and public rowdiness. In the meantime they are looking forward to a return to relative normality as the winter months begin to slowly set in.



October 17th - October 31st

Airport Raids Aimed at Snuffing Out Contraband Tobacco Problems By Simon Russell

Three separate raids at Alicante-Elche airport by the Guardia Civil have netted around €10,000 worth of illegal tobacco coming through customs. Two of the flights were inbound from Amsterdam and the other from the Ukraine and the total amounts

intercepted totalled about 3,000 packs. All offenders had been stopped at the “nothing to declare” customs and fell foul of the 2011 change in the law requiring tobacco products to be stamped as being legal for sale and consumption in Spain.

OAP’s Accused of Bat attack

By Simon Russell

TWO Spaniards, aged 67 and 68 respectively, were arrested by the National Police in Alicante and charged with attacking a fellow pensioner with a baseball bat. The 63 year old victim required stitches for his injuries which apparently were the result of an increasingly heated argument on a street in the city centre. Things took a violent turn when the bat was produced and the two older men set about the 63 year old. The two accused have been charged with assault and are awaiting a court date.

High Tech Solution To Tackle Planning Infringements By Simon Russell

Several Marina Alta municipalities are combining efforts and using airborne drones to detect illegal planning infractions across the area. The initiative will be paid for by the Ministry of Finance as illegal additions to homes will impact on rates paid and may also incur fines. The drones will be on the look out for, in particular, extensions to houses, swimming pools

and outbuildings built without the proper permissions. The drones will photograph the suspected infringements and, if it is then decided that an infringement has been made, a financial penalty notice sent to the homeowner or landowner. Fines incurred may be as high as €6,000. The towns involved are Benissa, Ondara, Orba, Castell de Castells, Sagra, Senja and the Vall de Alcala.


October 17th - October 31st

Plane Aborts Plan to Land on the N332

By Simon Russell

AFTER a two seater aircraft got into difficulties the pilot initially planned to make an emergency landing on the N332 carretera near Requena in northern Valencia. Thankfully for users

of the road he instead opted to put the plane down in a field next to the road, where the pilot and his passenger escaped without serious injuries. The incident happened at around 5pm on Thursday October 6 and emergency services

were immediately dispatched to the scene where one man was transferred to hospital for precautionary tests on a head injury. It is believed the German pilot ran out of fuel while en-route to Requena-El Rebollar to visit relatives.

Spain has One of the Highest Rates of “Ninis” in the World By Simon Russell

NINI means “ni trabajan o ni estudian” or youths without work or in education and Spain is an unenviable fourth in the world table amongst developed countries on this list. An incredible 22.7% of the countries 15 to 29 year old age groups are classified as ninis with only Italy, Turkey and Greece registering higher numbers amongst OCED countries. Despite the recent signs of economic recovery the situation and prospects for many of Spain’s young people remains bleak. Youngsters without work or in schooling are viewed by many experts as those who

have given up hope of the current situation changing and most are dependant on family and the state for day to day basics. In the UK the “nini” figure is 13.6%, one of the lowest in the developed world. Turkey has the worst figures with a fraction under 30% of their young people falling into this category.

No Picnic for Cheese Thieves By Simon Russell

TWO men were arrested in Valencia accused of the theft of ham, cheese and tuna from supermarkets across the city. When confronted by staff

at one supermarket the men resorted to violence and a second charge of robbery with violence has been added to the roster. The Iberian hams stolen have a value of €125 each and the men are accused of

taking seven of these along with twelve balls of cheese and, bizarrely, four tins of tuna. Both men are believed to be well known to the local police and already have numerous police records.

October 17th - October 31st

Business Taking off at “Ghost” Airport By Simon Russell

TO many, Castellon airport embodied Spanish financial mismanagement and overly ambitious expansion plans. The airport had famously sat empty for four years and had cost the taxpayer an estimated €130

million. However, always one to go out on a limb, budget airline Ryanair began operations at Castellon from March this year and early passenger figures suggest that there has been a significant turnaround in the airports fortunes.

Passenger numbers have now exceeded the 100,000 mark and September also saw record monthly numbers with over 12,000 people using the airport. In fact, the facility is now exceeding passenger numbers for several other well established Spanish airports such as Cordoba and Burgos. Ryanair commenced a new service to Sofia (Bulgaria) last month which has been an immediate success and was the main reason September was more successful than even the summer months. Flights to Bristol and London are both running at nearly full capacity as is the service to Bucharest. The introduction of the Sofia service on Mondays and Thursdays also means that the airport now has flights seven days a week, a key revenue raising indicator due to the expense generated by an airport facility being empty.

Separatist Symbolism Causes a Stir

By Simon Russell

The Valencian language has long been used as a political platform and controversy was stirred up in Pedreguer this month after a town hall sponsored event displayed separatist material. The “Correlengua” event is an

activity and group which is largely publicly funded and aims to promote and support the Valencian language. However separatism is a more controversial matter, especially when it comes to the use of public funds, and Correlengua posters had included the

Catalan independence flags. Pedreguer Town Hall is governed by the Compromis party but has councillors from the CUP separatist party. There is speculation that the incident may prompt reviews of public financial support of Correlengua events.

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The Good Burger Serves a Great Burger! If you’re heading for Benidorm then make the time to visit the best burger joint in town, at the Levante beach TGB - The Good Burger has become the towns favourite restaurant to enjoy eco-friendly food. It is no exaggeration that I am

always more than a little disappointed when it comes to eating out when deciding that one fancies a burger. Including fast food restaurants finding a really good burger is hard work and with so much other choice of restaurants in towns across Spain I tend to avoid the well-known Burger brands of fast

food which are to me overpriced and poor quality. Well now there’s TGB, offering you the wow factor seriously! try it to see, relatively new to Benidorm this is a modernised fast food restaurant and they are doing everything right, the decor is stunning with contemporary colours and modern lighting, seating is available inside and out on their open terrace, which by the way despite being open has a load of new electric ceiling fans, perfect for when you have just come off the beach and need a breeze. What I enjoyed most because I’m a big kid is once you place your order you get what looks like a coaster, but it’s to let you know when your food is ready so you don’t have to stand up waiting and helps them keep the queue moving, when your foods ready the device sounds the alarm and then flashes, how cool is that! TGB make their own exclusive

bread with TGB’s very own flour. The result is a succulent, tasty roll with a sweet touch, the classic TGB Burger you can get with a decent size beer for 3.50 euros and you won’t be disappointed, the burgers are 100% beef and you can taste it, once you have tried one of these burgers you will not think to go anywhere else. To accompany the burger they have their own burger sauce, along with fresh crisp lettuce and fresh tomato. They have a fantastic selection on their menu with a selection of different burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, hot dogs, appetizers salads and desserts; I wish I could have tried it all but I won’t need an excuse to go back! As an extra incentive they have a 2 for 1 Burger offer every Thursday, don’t miss it!

October 17th - October 31st


Open For Fiestas!

October 17th - October 31st


Gastro- Oesophageal Reflux Disease Most people suffer occasionally with heartburn or indigestion normally as a result of over indulging in rich fatty or spicy foods especially when washed down with alcohol! However it is also common for people to have these unpleasant symptoms on a regular basis without any obvious culprit! In these cases the person may be suffering from gastro-oesophageal reflux disease otherwise known as GORD. GORD occurs when acid travels from the stomach back up the oesophagus (food pipe). This happens because the sphincter (valve) between the two is not closing properly.

including those who are overweight, pregnant, smoke, have diabetes or a hiatus hernia. A common stomach infection that affects two thirds of the world’s population called Helicobacter Pylori can also produce some of the above symptoms Symptoms that occur occasionally and that are mild can be treated with antacids but some sufferers will need treatment to reduce the amount of acid being produced by the stomach. If you suffer regularly with heartburn or other symptoms listed above, see your family Doctor. Diagnosis is often simple and no tests are necessary. If there is any doubt your Doctor may arrange blood tests or other investigations.

Symptoms vary but include: - A burning feeling coming from the abdomen to the throat. This is the main symptom known as heartburn even though it is nothing to so with the heart! - Pain in the chest and top part of the abdomen - Nausea - Bloating - Burping - Taste of acid in the mouth Other, more rare symptoms are: - A night cough and/or wheezing - Hoarseness - Gum problems - Bad breath - A sensation of a lump in the throat - A sore throat - Severe chest pain (which should be treated as an emergency until proved otherwise) Some people are more likely to develop GORD

This article was written by The Family Medical Centre Appointments - Call 966 865 072


October 17th - October 31st

Raw Food For Dogs

Believe it or not, your dog is nothing more than a wild animal that has been domesticated for a long period of time. And, like people, their high quality diet comes from organic, native one. The best way for a dog to eat the native diet is preparing a raw dog food recipe. At the beginning, preparing a meal for your dog raw food can take a little more time than just filling a bowl of dog food commercial. However, after the establishment of reliable sources of raw ingredients and get a routine going, eventually it becomes very easy.

Most people who thrive on raw chicken to use as the basis of the diet of your dog. Chicken is an excellent source of bone and fat, easy to digest for dogs, readily available almost everywhere, and relatively inexpensive. Please note that your organs, bones and fat are all just as important as the meat in the diet alone dog. Feeding your dog a chicken without the skin, there is a genuine raw food diet. A good rule to follow is 35% meat, 25% of muscle, bone, organs of 15%, 29% fat, and 5% of fruit and vegetables for the average adult dog. Puppies may, if necessary, slightly more fruits and vegetables. The great thing about the raw food diet is that every meal does not have to be perfect. Some dog owners go overboard trying to thoroughly mix the ingredients together in order to achieve the exact percentages. Really, it is too frustrating and a waste of time.

Feeding raw is quite simple. Basically, regardless of the type of raw food you have on hand, just to feed your dog. And then, at the time (about a week), try to incorporate more variety to achieve optimum balance. Here are a few ideas for raw food recipes dog, the dog probably really likes: 1. Raw chicken or turkey Cut the meat off the bones of poultry in large pieces from all over the skin and connective tissue intact. Feedings anywhere from 1/3 to 1 pound pounds, depending on the size of the dog. 2. Raw beef If possible, get beef from a local butcher, not packaged from the grocery store because they are filled with sodium, preservatives and other secret ingredients. Perhaps there is a farmers market in your area? Again, the feed dog anywhere from 1/3 to 1 pound pounds, depending on their size. 3. Raw Frozen Sardines Do not thaw raw sardines before introducing them to your dog. Make sure that the bones, weight, and head are intact. Not every dog will like sardines, but go ahead and try. There is an incredible amount of nutrition in sardines in this incomparable source of Omega-rich-3 and Omega-6, which will do wonders for your dog’s brain development, skin and hair. Two, maybe three sardines should be plenty for one meal. Other raw meat can contain green tripe, lamb and even goat. The weight and size of your dog, in principle, determine the amount of food should be eaten feeding. In addition, it is important to remember that feeding a dog treats them all day is not only a very bad habit, but it makes them unbalanced diet as well. Stick to raw dog food recipes and feed them the same hour of the day, in order to effectively optimize your diet and ensure their good health. Note: Never give your dog cooked bones (of any kind), because they are fragile and can seriously damage your dog’s digestive system.

October 17th - October 31st

White Coast Rebels On Tour Local Benidorm Band The White Coast Rebels go on tour here in Spain and continue to

make their mark in the Rock music sene supporting “The Quireboys” in their European

tour playing at four great venues from 20 to 23 October in Madrid, Alicante, Valencia and Malaga. Talking to Jonny we met at his local eatery Jonnys Diner in Avenida Mediterraneo Benidorm. Whilst enjoying a nice mug of frothy coffee we talked about what Jonny and his bands are up to right now and watch his latest video “Hanging with the bad boys”. The video features funny man and Benidorm TV series Jonny Vegus, the band have had a great response and have been using the production to market themselves to the international Rock loving public. The White Coast Rebels are at the forefront of making into the spotlight with this most recent tour unfolding this coming week. Jonny will also be talking to radio presenter The Max Factor live at Planet Benidorm Radio this Wednesday at 1pm. Listen live on line at or FM 104.1 Jonny explained that the production that was mainly filmed in the English Strip of Benidorm at several venues including the Rock Star in Calle Gerona where the band appear around four times a year. Jonny explained “ we are a

originals band and do not just go out there night after night performing covers to the main stream cabaret bars of Benidorm. We are a serious rock band made up of five members and work hard to get out the best original music that we can make between us. We are a dedicated team and have made huge strides forward over the last three years since forming the band here in Benidorm.” “The tour next week is so important to us it helps get our name out there and with the publicity and media coverage together with the Quireboys we should see that our name gains more recognition and public awareness from it.” “I do perform covers and have fun on the Benidorm Bar scene with my tribute band ACDC performing at Daytona Bar amongst others on a nightly basis unless I’m on tour with the WCR. “ After having performed in the Benidorm series in more than one series Jonny has been involved in the TV and film industry for many years. Hanging with the bad boys album was released in 2013 and the new


video in June. Their next album is recorded and will be released in Spring 2017. Recently The White Coast Rebels have recently toured the UK and appeared at the The Rock and Bike fest in Derbyshire and supported in Spain this summer Blaze Bailey from Iron Maiden. Jonny is the lead singer and guitarist along with the other three band members, drummer, bass guitar and lead guitar who are as well all vocalist performing together with four part harmony’s. If you want to take the operate its to see the unplugged live performance of the Quireboys and White Coast Rebels then we will see you at the Alicante Sala Stereo on 22 October see online at

Aloe Vera Nature’s Portable First Aid Kit The Aloe is a succulent (Liliaciae Sub species aloinae), a member of the lily and onion family, also related to garlic and asparagus, of which there are more than three hundred varieties but of which only a few had medicinal properties. It is generally accepted that the most potent is Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller. The Aloe Vera plant grows abundantly in this area of Spain. It is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal, and is well known by herbalists. It’s common sense really, if aloe vera gel wasn’t antibacterial every little tear or scrape of the plant would result in the entire thing being eaten up by bacteria. Aloe needs to be antibacterial simply to survive in the wild or its moist, nutrient rich gel would provide a perfect breeding ground for invading bacteria.

- 12 vitamins - 18 amino acids - 200 active plant compounds (phytonutrients), including: - Enzymes - Triterpenes (a phytonutrient that lowers blood sugar) - Glyconutrients & glycoproteins - Polysaccharides, including: - Acemannan, mannose-6phosphate polymannans - Phenolic glycosides, including: - Dihydrocoumarins Aloe (especially aloe vera) has many uses & benefits. It…

Aloe vera became so widely grown as a medicinal plant in ancient times that its exact region of origin is a mystery. This species is of considerable economic importance and extracts are included in all manner of pharmaceutical preparations for the skin, treatment of burns and for ingestion. It is important to use the correct species of Aloe for medicinal preparations, as some species e.g. Aloe venenosa are poisonous. Toxic reactions by sensitive individuals to Aloe barbadensis (Aloe vera) have been reported, despite its widespread, mainly safe use.

- Helps heal minor burns, cuts & rashes - Helps alleviate the pain of sunburn while speeding healing - Works as a skin moisturizer - Has anti-inflammatory properties Most people use aloe simply by cutting off a piece of leaf and squeezing the liquid onto their skin. This works, but it wastes the inner gel, which is the most potent part of the plant. To use the gel, you’ll need to “fillet” the leaves rather than merely squeezing them. The filleting process also reaps much more aloe gel/ juice. When properly prepared and refrigerated, this final product can last a year or more!

Analysis of the plant shows that aloe vera gel contains: - Water - 20 minerals

First, a little terminology. Starting from the outside of the leaf and working inwards, we have the “rind”, the “sap”, the “mucilage” and lastly, the central core of “gel”, also known as the “gel fillet”.

䌀愀氀氀攀 䌀漀猀琀攀爀愀  搀攀氀 䌀愀洀瀀漀 ㄀ Ⰰ 䰀漀挀愀氀 ㈀Ⰰ 䈀攀渀椀搀漀爀洀Ⰰ   ㌀㔀 ㄀

眀眀眀⸀戀椀稀椀渀猀瀀愀椀渀⸀挀漀洀 䈀攀渀椀搀漀爀洀됀猀 瀀爀攀洀椀攀爀 洀愀渀愀最攀洀攀渀琀 猀攀爀瘀椀挀攀℀ 뜀 䄀椀爀 䌀漀渀搀椀琀椀漀渀椀渀最                   뜀 刀攀昀爀椀最攀爀愀琀椀漀渀 뜀 䈀甀椀氀搀椀渀最 圀漀爀欀猀                    뜀 伀û椀挀攀 匀攀爀瘀椀挀攀猀  뜀 䴀愀爀欀攀琀椀渀最 ☀ 䄀搀瘀攀爀琀椀猀椀渀最  뜀 䌀氀攀愀渀椀渀最 匀攀爀瘀椀挀攀猀 뜀 倀爀漀瀀攀爀琀礀 刀攀渀琀愀氀猀 䴀愀渀愀最攀洀攀渀琀  뜀 䜀愀爀搀攀渀椀渀最 匀攀爀瘀椀挀攀猀        뜀 匀攀挀爀攀琀愀爀椀愀氀 匀攀爀瘀椀挀攀猀

䌀愀氀氀 甀猀 漀爀 挀愀氀氀 椀渀琀漀 漀甀爀 漀û椀挀攀 椀渀昀漀䀀戀椀稀椀渀猀瀀愀椀渀⸀挀漀洀 昀漀爀 愀 昀爀攀攀 焀甀漀琀攀 琀漀搀愀礀㨀          ⠀⬀㌀㐀⤀ 㤀㘀㔀 㠀㐀㤀 㜀㠀㈀

For home uses, the rind is only good for composting. The yellow sap (also called “aloin” or latex) should be avoided when possible. It’s used as an ingredient in laxatives, and can cause diarrhea and other problems if taken internally. The mucilage and gel are the most important parts of the plant for home medicinal use. Aloe should be processed within a couple of hours of harvest so as to prevent oxidation.

There are many online guides and videos helping you grow your own Aloe plant and its variety of uses.

October 17th - October 31st


Spanish Property Market Still Putting Out Mixed Messages Mixed messages about the recovery in the Spanish property market continue but some of the ups and downs could be down to a court ruling on a controversial mortgage ground clause. The latest data from the National Statistics Institute show that the increase in property sales slowed to 1.1% in July compared to the same month in 2015 and down from the 19.4% recorded in June, a fall of 10.2%. However, the slowdown may be due to the Supreme Court’s ruling in June in connection with the registration of some mortgages being deferred awaiting correction as the July figure

probably would have been higher without the case. And it should not deter from the fact that the NSI figures have now shown six months in a row of year on year sales rising.

followed by Navarra down 14.2% and the Basque Country down 13.8%.

A breakdown of the figures show sales of second hand homes increased by 2.9% year on year in July but new home sales fell by 6.5% and the biggest rise was in Asturias and Extremadura, both with increases of 21.4%.

But figures from the General Council of Notaires show that sales fell by 7.9% in July year on year but a more moderate fall of 1.4% when seasonally adjusted. Sales of apartment fell by 10% while single family home sales increased by 0.7%.

The next highest number of sales were recorded in the Balearic Islands with growth of 14.7%. In contrast, the biggest fall was in La Rioja with sales down by 23.1%,

But the Council says that generally the market is recovering even although it also reports that prices have fallen. The average price of property sold in July was

â‚Ź1,274 per square meter, a decrease of 3.6% compared to the same time last year. The Notaires report says that one thing holding the market back is over supply

and there are not enough buyers for the types of property coming on the market. But it adds that there are considerable regional differences with the strongest demand in cities and on the coast.


October 17th - October 31st

BRAND NEW 500m from beach


Apartment Build: 75 m2


Ref: GV 201641-A 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms

Javea Villa

Build: 329 m2 Plot: 2,078 m2


Ref: GV 201640-A 5 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms




Ref: GV 201605-A

Build: 110 m

3 Bedrooms

Plot: 810 m2

2 Bathrooms



Call 96 648 2480 now to list your property JALON OFFICE

Javea Villa

Build: 200 m2 Plot: 1,200 m2


Ref: GV 201639-A 4 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms

Alcalalí Villa

Build: 135 m2 Plot: 700 m2


Ref: GV 201637-A 3 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms


Apartment Build: 114 m2 Parking


Ref: GV 201635-A 3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms

You’ll be moved by our service!

Avda. Joanot Martorell, nº 17-C 03727 Jalon (Alicante)


Ctra. Cabo La Nao, Pla, 122. Bloque 12-Bajo, 03730 Javea

October 17th - October 31st

designvillasmoraira real estate agency builder and developer architect and interior design studio C/ Dr. Calatayud, 8 Moraira (Alicante) (0034) 965 744 421 (0034) 630 947 037

We are looking for properties for our clients in all price ranges



October 17th - October 31st

Michael Douglas Unable to Sell His Mallorca Mansion Drops Asking Price by 20% A huge proportion of all luxury property transactions have been concentrated in the Balearic Islands for many years. Here, house prices have been reduced the least since the crisis compared to other parts of the country. The average price of a luxury villa is situated at around 1.7 million euro, which for many is way over their budget. And prices have gradually continued to increase in recent years. Despite this, there are still a certain number of properties that estate agents and owners are unable to shift, and have remained on the market for much longer than hoped. This is the case of Hollywood actor Michael Douglas, whose mansion in the beautiful mountainous inland town of Valdemossa on Mallorca has been up for sale since 2014. The film star acquired the property, named S’Estaca, more than 25 years ago when he was still married to

his first wife, Diandra Lucker. After the couple split and divorced over a decade ago, they decided to keep the villa and live in it six months of the year each. In 2014, however, they agreed to put it up for sale, with a price tag of 50 million euro. After almost three years with very little interest, Douglas has instructed Sotheby’s, who are in charge of selling the property, to reduce the price by 20% to 40 million euro. The property is a huge 70-hectare complex consisting of seven independent units with five apartments and 10 bedrooms, a loft

and two small bungalows. It boasts its own vineyard and winery, a cinema, and some amazing views of the sea. Although the owners have reduced the sale price by a substantial amount, they will still make millions in profit if

the property does manage to sell at the new price. The couple purchased the mansion for the equivalent of just under four million euro in 1989, although they then invested a further seven million in reforming it and redecorating.

Alicante is the Third Best Province for Property Purchases in Spain

Coastal areas continue to lead the way in solidifying Spain’s property recovery and is taking the industry to new heights. Alicante is the third best province in the property purchases in Spain, as figures released by the School of Property Registrars have revealed that in Q2 2016, a total of 7,901 homes were purchased, which is an increase of 20.7% from the same period last year. This is extremely positive news for the province and it is noted that the

majority of these property purchases are concentrated in the coastal areas. Foreign investing purchasers make up to 50% of all of the buyers and it is therefore the perfect destination for those wanting a home to enjoy on the sun-kissed coast of Alicante. Answering this growing demand, leading Spanish homebuilder, Taylor Wimpey Espana have just revealed details of their newest frontline development, Arenal Dream, situated in Javea, Alicante. Taylor Wimpey Espana are confident in the growing success of the Spanish property market and expect that there will be a continuation of this current positive trajectory. Marc Pritchard, Sales and Marketing Director, explains, “This newest report confirms our

confidence in Spain’s real estate market and we believe that this growing interest in Spanish property will thrive. The start of the year has been incredibly encouraging and the positivity surrounding the market is attracting a wide range of international buyers. We are delighted to announce the launch of our latest project and I look forward to speaking with prospective buyers.” New sea front developments in Spain have always been in high demand and are a rare find in today’s market. Taylor Wimpey Espana are excited to present this new development complete with sea views and believe it will prove extremely popular with British, other European and indeed other global buyers looking for their own Spanish sea view. Arenal Dream, Taylor Wimpey Espana’s newest sea front development is situated in the area of El Arenal, only 300 meters from the beach of El Are-

nal, awarded with a Blue Flag, and one of the best beaches in the Valencian Community. The stunning development consists of 47 properties, comprised of 2 and 3 bedroom apartments with luxurious communal areas that include a swimming pool and gardens to create a beautiful environment to relax. With prices starting from just €220,000, all residents can enjoy the ample terrares are integrated as part of the living room that receives sunlight through the large French windows. Each property comes with an underground parking space and ground floor apartments have back and front private gardens to enjoy. It is a privileged location with many services a walking distance away such as leisure, dining, banks and supermarkets. For more information, visit

October 17th - October 31st



October 17th - October 31st

Business Feature- Quick Save Albir

Quick Save Albir is a true family business run by the team Colin, Debra and their son Bret. Where would we be without the convenience and the choice that these great local stores give us? Quick Save Albir have shown me round their little gem of a business and told me that not only do the British ex-pats love their home comforts but so do the Dutch and Norwegian residents too. There was me thinking that Quick save stores were all about British goods, my visit to Quick Save Albir has shown me that they also are supplying specific foreign goods to other nationalities including fresh daily Norwegian bread. Specific fresh British products are available, they have Flour baps and fresh cuts of meats to order as well as the Christmas joints and turkeys. For me the idea of shopping at the local convenience store is all about being able to find exactly what you

October 17th - October 31st

need weather it’s just a tin of beans or a daily newspaper or a tasty ready meal for your dinner. To be honest I’m useless at remembering Birthdays and special occasions so the local store is a life saver for the last minute card and gift, honestly where would I be without that apart from in big trouble. So I can not only say that Quick Save Albir ticks all the boxes for me when it

comes to convenience but also you will find a whole lot more besides. What is also special about this store is the variety and choice, they are unique in the fact that they have a complete section separate from the main store for cards and gifts, plus all the normal freezer range of foods including British Bacon, a range of ready meals from weight watchers, kippers cod, and haddock. Sourced direct from the UK there is a range of British household items, health and beauty products and a massive stock of dry grocery items it really does make it difficult to see what they haven’t got. You can find all of your favourite British brands and of course chocolate and sweets. Since September 2014 the family team have made their mark into the local community and have expanded the range to suit all of the locals. Opening seven days a week you can pop in anytime. Coming into stock now Colin and Debra told me all about thief special Christmas goodies and those must get items that you


just can’t find in the run of the mill Spanish supermarkets, yes proper Christmas Crackers, selection packs and 2017 diary’s and calendars. Not forgetting that you can collect your Buzz Newspaper at all Quick Save stores along the coast including Javea, Moraira, Albir, Benidorm. Find Quick Save Albir facing the Golf driving range and Cricket grounds C/ Narciso Yepes 4, or call them on 666 06 17 33 Open 9am-7pm Weekdays Sat 10am-3pm Sun 10am-2pm


October 17th - October 31st • September 2 - September 8, 2015 35



Find All The Words - Plain Speaking artless bare basic blunt broad

chaste distinct easy everyday evident

explicit flat homely honest legible

level obvious open ordinary severe



1 Dissimilarity (10) 7 Inquisitive (7) 8 Double (4) 10 Finished (4) 11 Adolescent (8) 13 Collect (4,2) 15 Former name of Iran (6) 17 Twaddle (8) 18 Ready money (4) 21 Second Greek letter (4) 22 Forsake (7) 23 Great painters of the past (3,7)


1 Mourning song (5) 2 Nutriment (4) 3 Less burdensome (6) 4 Imperil (8) 5 Modifications (7) 6 Go with (9) 9 Delivering sermons (9) 12 Tepid (8) 14 Hide (7) 16 Academy awards (6) 19 S American mountain range (5) 20 Female horse (4)

simple spare smooth straight unadorned



Find the 9 letter word and as many other words as you can!

SCORE BRILLIANT 60 EXCELLENT 50 GOOD 40 OK 30 There are 105 possible words (3 LETTERS AND ABOVE)


October 17th - October 31st








Across 1 Some considerable team (4) 3 Climbing plant found in varied climates (8) 9 Anxiety for the firm (7) 10 Rustic part of the lower Urals (5) 11 Send clock back? (5) 12 A choice of one in two, or possibly one in three (6) 14 Managing to insert fastener in gearwheel (6) 16 Endless oriental holiday (6) 19 Shape made by tipsy cleric (6) 21 Cast worth altering (5) 24 Material - South African metal? (5) 25 Raw rice cooked for jet set? (7) 26 Here kids tumbled and made a lot of noise (8) 27 Cart reversed three feet (4)


1 Fire people in competition (4,4) 2 Material for study I’m making (5) 4 Nothing round trap for bird (6) 5 What gives me right to it! (5) 6 In a river or a rushing stream (7) 7 Only part of a shoe (4) 8 Famous scientist adding weight to novel (6) 13 Move off and fail to win on opponents’ ground (4,4) 15 Dog seen in shower (7) 17 Pudding with a drop of rum in elaborate feast (6) 18 To threaten people takes an expert (6) 20 Train once a boat (5) 22 Comparatively uncommon age for retirement in Rolls-Royce (5) 23 Snakes like empty pots (4)

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PUZZLE ANSWERS - See page 51



ARIES (March 21st-April 20th) The moon in your sign at the top of the week is asking you to change what is no longer working. It’s not such a big ask once you think about it. The outside world is going a bit crazy. Mars and Pluto in your tenth house add fire to your outlook, your career and your public standing. I love it for you. TAURUS (April 21st-May 21st) Are you fed up with certain stale aspects of your life that have been hanging about for too long? If you’re looking for the fuel to change things, then here it comes. Maybe this is the time to get moving with all those ideas? You really are able to do your own thing right now. And make a success of it. GEMINI (May 22nd-June 21st) This is the week when you should probably acknowledge your inner creative drive. Be ambitious if you want to be. There are new structures being built in your life, but the sun opposite Uranus also brings eccentric people into your life that teach you to look more closely at what you need for you. CANCER (June 22nd-July 23rd) There are times when you’re so moody and changeable that you fade into the background. Not this week. You’re standing tall and proud and you are going for it. The full moon in Aries shakes the very foundations of your life and how you think. Life’s going to be very different from here on in.

LIBRA (Sept 24th-Oct 23rd) Don’t let unpredictable behavior upset you. Make a stand with what you’re not happy with. Be strong. Be solid. Sometimes we instinctively know that to move from a stance because of outside pressure would be wrong. Yes, it’s one of those weeks.




SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23rd-Dec 21st) Have you cut yourself off from the world? Stop that. What is happening at the moment will bear fruit. Just you wait and see. This is also the week when you must look at what you need for yourself, for your own well-being, not shrink from it.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22nd-Jan 20th) Power plays are going off all around you because of Mars and Pluto doing battle in your sign. The full moon is also going to change the very roots of your life, but as far as career is concerned, I still think you’ll come out tops. No matter what.

CAPRICORN AQUARIUS (Jan 21st-Feb 19th) A chapter closes in your life. This is also a week when you need to think about what you need for yourself. Yes, we have to share the world with others of course, but your greatest responsibility is to yourself over these next seven days. Venus also puts a smile on your face.

LEO (July 24th-August 23rd) There’s a lot of movement and travel going on this week. Mars and Pluto make you want to push for a change in your working conditions, and this ultimately empowers you. There’s a lot of transformation on the go too, and while it’s scary, it’s also necessary.


SCORPIO (Oct 24th-Nov 22nd) Loving Venus in your sign makes you feel content about life in general. Mars and Pluto ease a worry about a family member who decides to take responsibility for themselves at long last. As far as work is concerned, some things come and some things go.



VIRGO (August 24th-Sept 23rd) Unfinished business in the financial vain will be sorted out at last. There’s a lot going on in your personal life too. Decisions need to be made in friendships and more intimate relations. I wonder who’s going to win? Keep your eye on the main chance because it’s going to be yours eventually.

Scribble Pad

PISCES (Feb 20th-March 20th) Do you want to make someone feel better? What about making things work for yourself, and then helping others? Socially, you will be noticed, with people reacting very strongly to either something that you say or do.



October 17th - October 31st

Have you ever had the feeling your bank might be robbing you of the best foreign exchange rate?

For a better deal on your next money transfer, simply talk to us. Call (+34) 966 260 777 London - Javea - Calpe - La Manga - Marbella


Infinity International is registered by the FCA under the Payment Conduct Regulations 2009 for the provision of the payment services. For more information, please visit

October 17th - October 31st


Amazon Launches New Shop Selling Handcrafted Goods

Amazon has just launched a new shop that sells approximately 30,000 products that have been handcrafted by a number of artists from across Europe.

As the popularity of rival site Etsy, which sells handmade jewellery, clothes, toys and many other items, is clear to see, Amazon did not want to miss out on a business opportunity, so as of this week has launched its own site in Europe. ‘Handmade’ is now operating in five European countries to start off with, its most successful; Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK. This is the first time that the e-commerce giant has ventured into the world of arts and crafts,

and the project has been designed for those customers that are looking for unique articles and gifts that have been made by hand.

Manager of Amazon Marketplace in Spain, Javier Alvira, has said that some of the best artisans around Europe will be selling their items on the Amazon Handmade site. Products on offer will include jewellery, home décor items, paintings, photos, bags, bedding, furniture, baby items and accessories, and a third of the items for sale come with the option of being personalised. Customers will be able to purchase goods according to which country they are in or they can choose to buy from around 40 different countries from across the globe. For example, you might wish to acquire a painting from Kenya or a handmade wooden lamp crafted in Italy.

Ibex Insurance… closer to you! As your local broker we are a one stop shop for all your insurance needs. We can insure your car, house, pet, health, boat, holiday home, motorbike, business…. and more! Get the cover you need at the right price from staff you can actually chat to in a local office. Andrea, Carol and Michele are expats just like you and are on hand to help you throughout the term of your policy. Call into our local office or call us on:

966 719 951 Calle Turismo 4-A, Urb Ciudad de Quesada, 03170 Rojales Ibex Insurance Services Ltd 2016. Ibex Insurance Services Ltd, 68 Irish Town, Gibraltar. Registered no. 77247. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Commission FSC 006 43B

You can read up about each craftsperson as they will have their own page that gives a short bio about themselves, how they work, which materials they use, as well as a catalogue of their products. This will give customers some idea of the time and dedication that has gone into making each item and the value of such work.

For anyone who is interested in selling their own handcrafted items on the Handmade Amazon site, please visit: handmade/handmade.html And for those that would like to purchase any of the products on offer, go to:


October 17th - October 31st


Expats 15 Year Voting Rule To Be Scrapped

THE UK’s Constitution Minister, Chris Skidmore, has announced plans for the government to allow British expatriates to have a vote in UK elections regardless of how long they have resided abroad. Their policy statement begins in admirably plain English “On 7 October 2016 the government published details of its

approach to removing the current 15 year rule that means British citizens living abroad can only vote for 15 years from the point they were last registered in the UK”. The statement goes on to emphasise that the voting rights will not extend to local or other elections in the UK. This will be seen as a victory for commons

sense for many expats in Spain and around the world who had effectively been disenfranchised if they had lived abroad for more than 15 years. With the introduction of online voter registration there is no longer any excuse for Brits living abroad to not have their say once the new legislation has been finalized.

Theresa May Concedes Need For Brexit Commons Debate

Theresa May has bowed to pressure and committed to holding a parliamentary debate on Brexit before triggering the Article 50 EU exit mechanism. But the British prime minister has stopped short of promising MPs a vote on the issue, and Wednesday faces further pressure from the opposition Labour party in an initial debate. The governing Conservative Party is split over the terms Britain should seek to obtain in its exit negotiations, and Wednesday Labour will seek to exploit this with a parliamentary motion calling for a “full and transparent debate” allowing the Commons to “properly scrutinize” the government’s position before it triggers Article 50. Tuesday night May tabled an amendment conceding the need for scrutiny and a debate, but adding that it should “not undermine the negotiating posi-

tion of the government.” However, her spokesperson said Wednesday morning there would be no vote on the issue, Reuters reported. The Labour Party nonetheless hailed the concession as “a real victory.” Keir Starmer, Labour’s shadow secretary of state for exiting the EU said: “This is a real victory for Parliament and will help ensure there is proper democratic grip of the Brexit process.” “There is no more important issue facing Britain than the terms of our departure from the EU. But we are now four months on from the referendum and the government have still not told the British people or Parliament what type of deal they want to negotiate,” he added. Labour has also published 170 questions on Europe it believes the government must answer, meaning there is one for each day before the end of March

deadline for triggering Article 50. They include detailed questions on the government’s commitment or otherwise to remaining in the single market and ending freedom of movement. Starmer and Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry urged Brexit Secretary David Davis to give detail on his position. “This would not be for the purpose of blocking the Brexit process, but simply to ensure that process will lead to the best possible outcome for Britain, and that the government’s proposed plan will deliver that out-

come,” they said in a statement. The government has consistently maintained that it is unhelpful to give a “running commentary” on its negotiating strategy, in order not to give negotiating partners in Brussels and across the continent any advantage.






902 123 161 SMALL





S E R V I C E.

October 17th - October 31st

Supermarket Cuts Ties MAJOR Spanish chain “Mercadona”, which started out in Valencia, has told all it’s (male) managers that the wearing of ties in the workplace is no longer mandatory. The decision was taken after consultation with staff and is part of the firm’s ongoing policy of always listening to what it’s employees have to say. The firm’s female managers have no mandatory dress code as such and this also brings the sexes dress code policies more into line. Many staff have opted to continue wearing the neckwear in question though many others, including the company president, prefer to go tie-less.

ING Bank to Introduce Cashback Service in Spain

The commission some banks are charging at certain cash points is so large that we often resort to traveling some distance just to find a cash point belonging to our own in order to save on the commission. All this could begin to change once we have the option of withdrawing money from our accounts in the form of an added service at certain stores. In the UK this is common practice, but here in Spain it’ll be a first! ING Bank, the multinational Dutch bank, has launched a new mobile phone application, called Twyp cash, which will allow customers to withdraw cash from their bank accounts without being charged any commission when making a purchase from certain stores. This app will be operating from late September onwards. ING has come to an agreement with the DIA group, Shell petrol stations and Galp service, which will enable customers to ask the cashier for the amount of money they would like to withdraw using their debit card. This service can only be accessed via the downloaded mobile phone app. A special code will appear on the app. This code is then

scanned by the cashier for the operation to be authorised before the cashier can hand out the requested amount to the customer. How much can you withdraw?

The amount that can be withdrawn has to be no less than 20 euros and no more than 150 euros, with a maximum of 1,000 euros per month. This service will available only when you make a purchase. The minimum amount required of the value of the purchase has not been confirmed yet.

Another point to be confirmed is whether the purchase has to be paid for with an ING bank debit or credit card or whether it can be with any bank entity. Security

Fraudulent use of the application is protected by law according to OCU (the consumer rights organization), like any other payment service. The user is protected against the loss of a maximum of 150 euros should the card be lost or stolen before completion of the transaction.

‘for the best post vote financial advice’ Change gives us all the chance to take stock and revitalise our lives and for expats crucially now more than ever take a fresh look at your wealth and finances; with the results of the UK referendum complete, take this opportunity to understand what it means to you and speak to our professional team of advisors at Continental Wealth Management for the best post vote financial advice in Spain.

‘While others are seeing problems we are seeing opportunities’ Call Continental Wealth Management now on

966 462 875


London FTSE 1000 16/10/2016 Name

Current price Day change


3i Group Plc




Admiral Group





Anglo American





Antofagasta Holdings



Ashtead Group plc




Associated British Foods plc





AstraZeneca plc





-19.5 -3.61% -2.38%


Aviva plc





Babcock International Group



-0.05% 1.31%


BAE Systems plc




Barclays plc





Barratt Developments plc





BHP Billiton plc





BP Plc





British American Tobacco plc





British Land Co plc





BT Group plc





Bunzl plc





Burberry Group plc





Capita plc





Carnival plc



0.21% 0.81%


Centrica plc




Coca-Cola HBC AG





Compass Group plc





CRH plc





Croda International plc





DCC plc





Diageo plc





Direct Line Insurance Group plc





Dixons Carphone plc





easyJet plc





Experian Plc










GKN plc





GlaxoSmithKline plc





Glencore plc










Hargreaves Lansdown plc





Hikma Pharmaceuticals





HSBC Holdings plc





Imperial Brands Group


-18.5 -0.47%


Informa plc





InterContinental Hotels Group plc





International Consolidated Airlines Group SA





Intertek Group plc





Intu Properties plc





ITV plc





Johnson Matthey Plc










Land Securities Group plc





Legal & General Group plc



-0.19% -0.19%


Lloyds Banking Group plc




London Stock Exchange Group plc





Marks & Spencer Group plc





Mediclinic International plc





Merlin Entertainments plc





Micro Focus International plc





Mondi Plc





Morrison (Wm) Supermarkets





National Grid





Next plc





Old Mutual Plc





Paddy Power Betfair plc





Pearson plc





Persimmon plc





Polymetal International plc



Provident Financial plc





Prudential plc





Randgold Resources



Reckitt Benckiser Group Plc





RELX plc





Rio Tinto plc





Rolls Royce Holdings Plc





Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc




-13.5 -1.56%

-230 -3.27%


Royal Dutch Shell Plc A Shares





Royal Dutch Shell Plc B Shares





Royal Mail PLC





RSA Insurance Group





Sage Group plc





Sainsbury (J) plc





Schroders plc





Severn Trent Plc





Shire plc





Sky plc





Smith & Nephew plc





Smiths Group Plc





SSE plc





St James’s Place Plc





Standard Chartered plc





Standard Life plc





Taylor Wimpey plc





Tesco plc





Travis Perkins plc










Unilever plc





United Utilities Group Plc





Vodafone Group plc



0.51% -0.26%


Whitbread plc




Wolseley plc





Worldpay Group plc





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Hyundai Ioniq 2016

The Ioniq is Hyundai’s answer to the Toyota Prius, but it has a trick up its sleeve. Because there’s the choice of hybrid, plug-in hybrid or pure electric power. That means there is a model to suit different drivers, whether they only drive short distances or regularly cover lots of miles. The cheapest model of the three is the hybrid, which uses a 1.6-litre petrol engine alongside an electric motor. It can run on electricity alone at low speeds or when cruising, but most of the time the petrol engine will

be running. It’s reasonably quiet unless tasked with hard acceleration and the driving experience feels much like any other automatic car, since the gearbox is a six-speed dual-clutch, unlike the sometimes droning CVT used in the Toyota Prius. Official economy is 83.1mpg, with emissions of 79g/km. The battery-powered version, identified by its smooth front grille, has a range of up to 174 miles on a full charge. It’s extremely responsive at low speeds, making it a perky per-

former in town, but it also copes well at motorway speeds, helped by its very quiet cabin. It’s certainly quieter and more refined than the hybrid. The plug-in hybrid version combines the best of both worlds – giving enough electric range to cover the average commute, but with a conventional petrol engine to take over when travelling further afield. Inside, the Ioniq is neatly laid out, comfortable and comes with plenty of technology. There’s a standard-fit touchscreen, but you’ll need Premium trim to get Android Auto and Apple CarPlay functionality, which means apps like Spotify and Google Maps can be accessed on the move. All models do come with adaptive cruise control, a parking camera, climate control and lane keep assist

though. The back row provides ample leg room, but the sloping roofline limits head room for taller occupants, while the split tailgate glass restricts rear visibility. Boot space is ample for shopping or luggage, but is slightly restricted on the EV, owing to the larger battery pack. There’s also a couple of charging leads to haul around, though they’re not too bulky. For those seeking an alternative to the usual Toyota Prius hybrid or Nissan Leaf EV, the Hyundai Ioniq is definitely worth a look. It’s competitively priced, very well-equipped and provides options to suit most types of driving, plus it comes with a reassuring five-year, unlimited mileage warranty.

Business Advertorial

Automart Benissa is a place to find the car that suits your needs. The staff are friendly and helpful, allowing customers to comfortably browse their large stock of used cars and vans. The bilingual staff are available to answer any questions, and to provide their prospective customers with a detailed history of their chosen vehicle, where available, and to help them in every way possible, including offering test drives. Automart Benissa’s team are paving the way for being known as the best used car outlet in the North Costa Blanca. In fact, they have already acquired many new clients who travel from all over the Costa Blanca, after having found their choice of vehicle from the Automart Benissa website; a full range of vehicles of all types can be found online at, where new cars are added every week.

When searching for a change of car, you can also offer your current vehicle as a part-exchange, this can include trading in a vehicle with a higher value than the purchase price, allowing you to downgrade and gain surplus cash, or perhaps a smaller car. Whatever the circumstances, it is imperative to accomplish

Automart has already seen a rise in demand for high quality used vehicles due to the fact that hiring cars these days has become extremely expensive, so even part-time residents are increasingly opting for a cost-effective used car of their own, affording them the flexibility and freedom of their own vehicle, while

the task of making the right choice for every individual’s needs. What helps is choice, and at Automart Benissa, there are over 150 different vehicles to choose from, from your typical small run-arounds to sports cars and cabriolets, ideal for the sunny climate. If you have a business, why not take a look at the range of combo vans; the style allows for both passengers and space for goods, a perfect way to combine a car for the family with a work vehicle. also offering the option to save on car hire fees, which over the years, can work out to be a lot more than people might think. All of Automart’s cars and vans come with a warranty, and transfer costs are covered. The company prides itself on its after-sales service, which along with providing high quality cars, they see as essential to their success.

Opening hours Monday Tuesday Wednesday

09:30 - 19:00 09:30 - 19:00 09:30 - 19:00

Thursday Friday Saturday

09:30 - 19:00 09:30 - 19:00 10:00 - 14:00

Carretera Nacional N-332 Partida Bonaire No. 60 Opposite Benissa Motorway Entrance

Tel: (+34) 965 733 311 -




SUZUKI SWIFT, 1.3 4,895€













SEAT MII, 2014, 25,000 KM 8,995€

RENAULT MEGANE, 2012 9,995€



BMW 320TD, AUTOMATIC, DIESEL, 65,000 KM 5,795€


ROVER 75, DIESEL 5,495€

PEUGEOT 207 5,295€


Carretera Nacional N-332 Partida Bonaire No. 60 Opposite Benissa Motorway Entrance

Tel: (+34) 965 733 311




OPEL ASTRA, 1.6 3,195€




MERCEDES C180 9,295€


OPEL ASTRA, 2010 6,995€






PEUGEOT 308 CC, 2011, DIESEL, ALL EXTRAS 11,495€










October 17th - October 31st

This Week In Automotive History

The man with the longest name in automobile racing history was born The man with perhaps the longest name in automobile racing history was born on this week in 1928. Alfonso Antonio Vicente Eduardo Angel Blas Francisco de Borja Cabeza de Vaca y Leighton, Marquis of Portago, best known as Alfonso de Portago, was a Ferrari race car driver from spain. One of

his first transportation feats wasn’t by land but by air, when at the age of 17 the millionaire heir flew his plane beneath the London Bridge, winning a $500 bet. He began racing sports cars in 1953 after meeting a US Ferrari importer who asked him to be his co-driver in an upcoming race. He

was a successful driver, winning races such as the Tour de France automobile race, the Grand Prix of Oporto, and the Nassau Governor’s Cup. Interestingly, he was also a bobsled racer, participating in the 1956 Winter Olympics, where he missed out on a medal by 0.16 seconds. Alfonso was killed, along with his co-driver Edmund Nelson, on May 12, 1957 during the Mille

Miglia. He lost control after a tire blowout during a straight section of track. The crash claimed the lives of nine spectators, including five children.

Portago at Silverstone

Legal Assistance Reminder


On Thursday June 23, the people of Britain voted for a British exit, or Brexit, from the European Union in a historic referendum. This decision has prompted jubilant celebration whilst sending shockwaves through the global economy. Over the next two years or so, Britain will negotiate its exit under article 50 of the Treaty on European Union.


Through the withdrawal negotiations, nothing will change for British expats in Spain because the UK will remain part of the EU during this transitional period. However, what happens after Britain has left the EU and how this may affect you is still unclear.


Whilst many questions remain unanswered, Línea Directa would like to remind its customers that they can include our Legal Assistance service in their insurance policies. Then, if you have any queries you can call and consult one of our lawyers. They offer information and legal advice on a wide range of matters such as inheritance, family, taxes, purchase and rental of property, etc. As the Brexit negotiations evolve, our legal team will keep abreast of all the latest developments relating to events occurring in the Spanish territory and those to which Spanish legislation is applicable.


Should you require an immediate legal consultation, which due to the gravity of the matter in hand cannot wait, we offer a 24-hour legal advice service. Regardless of the time of day, we can provide immediate specialist legal advice for emergency incidents relating to you, your family or your home.


The service is entirely in English. From the drafting and revision of legal documents to negotiations with third parties and or opposing parties. We can’t provide all the answers to the questions raised by the Britain’s exit of the EU, but we can provide sound legal advice for our expatriate customers living in Spain

We hope the information provided in this article is of interest. If you would like to contact Línea Directa please call 902 123 026 More information on Línea Directa online at


October 17th - October 31st

Fifth Edition of La Mar De Tapas Will Take Place 14-16 October

By Javeamigos

Restaurants and bars in the port area of Xàbia will be coming together for another edition of the celebrated seafood tapas fair ‘La Mar de Tapas’ over the weekend of 14th-16th October. On Friday 14th and Saturday 15th October, there will be two sessions: 12.30pm to 3.00pm and then 7.30pm to 11.00pm. On Sunday 16th

October there will be just one session from 12.30pm until 3.00pm. Visitors will be able enjoy some original tapas made from local seafood whilst also discovering some local speciality drinks such as Mojitos from ‘Bar La Esquina’, Aqua de Valencia from ‘Restaurante Candé’ and White Sangria from ‘Restaurante PiriPiri’.

As in previous years, tickets for both tapas and drinks can be purchased from four special ticket sales points located along the Paseo Marítimo and the Paseo Marina Española; they are priced at 1.80 euros for food and 1.50 euros for drinks. The event will have complementary activities on Friday and Saturday evenings from 7.00pm with music in the streets from ‘batuchanga’ and ‘batukada’ bands who will be visiting the different locations where the tapas and drinks will be offered. On Saturday morning, the younger members of the community will be able to enjoy some special activities in Avenida Jaume I and throughout the weekend the artisan craft market will be located along the promenade.

Separatist symbolism causes a stir

By Simon Russell

The Valencian language has long been used as a political platform and controversy was stirred up in

Pedreguer this month after a town hall sponsored event displayed separatist material. The “Correlengua” event is an activity and group which

is largely publicly funded and aims to promote and support the Valencian language. However separatism is a more controversial matter,

especially when it comes to the use of public funds, and Correlengua posters had included the Catalan independence flags.

Pedreguer Town Hall is governed by the Compromis party but has councillors from the CUP separatist party. There is speculation that the incident may prompt reviews of public financial support of Correlengua events.

October 17th - October 31st


Woman Arrested for Imprisoning Her Parents By Simon Russell

THE 31 year old Gandia woman allegedly locked her parents in their own home and threatened to kill them after they refused to give her money. She had said they would not be released until they gave her the cash but her father managed to escape from

a bathroom window and call the police. The woman will be appearing in court this week charged with threatening behaviour and illegal detention. She has also been issued with a restraining order to stay away from her parents for a minimum of three months.

Clubs & Charities

Teulada Moraira Lions, Last Fund-Raising Concert Of 2016

By Charity Press Release

For many of us of a “certain age”, “Young Girl” is one of the songs from our youth which are hardwired into our musical memory. The intro is immediately recognisable and we all know (most of) the lyrics of the song that was a No. 1 hit in 1968 for Gary Puckett & The Union Gap - issued as the band’s follow up single to their first record, “Woman, Woman”, which had reached No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 in August 1967. Over the next few years more chart success followed with “Lady Willpower”, “Over You”, and “Don’t Give in to Him” before the original Union Gap broke up in 1971. In 1974, “Young Girl” was rereleased, reaching No. 5 in the UK Singles Charts and, on the back of this Top 10 hit, Gary Puckett, by now pursuing a solo career, went on tour in the UK. It was then that a young drummer & percussionist called Ges Rogers joined Gary as one of the “new” Union Gap Band for the UK tour and later went to California with him. Fast forward a few decades (!) and the Ges Rogers Union Gap came into

being about 18 months ago when Ges got together with a group of fellow professional musicians to play, not just the music of Gary Puckett but the hits of the 60s and 70s made famous by the pop groups of that great era, and found that the audience response to their music was hugely enthusiastic. Indeed, the band is in constant demand throughout its home stomping ground of the Southern Costa Blanca and so T.M. Lions are delighted to be able to bring Union Gap to Moraira for what will be the Lions’ final fund-raising concert of 2016. So, for an evening of pure nostalgia, when we were all so very young, when every tune is inextricably linked to a memory, when the Ford Capri was “the car you always promised yourself”, when trousers were flared, lapels were wide and ties were kippered, do please book your seats for this one by contacting our Event Coordinator, by telephone on (0034) 966 491 917 or email Tickets are priced at just 15 euros who says we can’t turn back time?

Comedy Spy Thriller Lined Up As Next Javea Players Production

By SImon Russell

GRAHAM Greene’s well known novel “Our Man in Havana” will be staged as the climax of the Javea Player’s 40th anniversary year. The play centres around an unlikely spy who ends up as being the British Secret Service “man in Havana” despite knowing nothing of Cuban politics or, come to that, spying. There is plenty of opportunity for comedy but some darker moments as well and author Greene’s experience as a former M16 man himself is evident. The play runs from Tuesday November

8 to Saturday November 12 at the Union Musical in Gata de Gorgos. For more information contact boxoffice@ Tickets are priced at 12 Euros and are available now.


October 17th - October 31st

Better Protection Promised for Urbanizations By Simon Russell

AS part of the ongoing investigation into lessons learned from September’s devastating forest fires Javea’s Mayor Jose Chulvi has pledged greater protection for urbanizations in the area. Many of these were among the worst sectors effected by the fires and

Mayor Chulvi has promised to focus on clear evacuation plans for each development, peoples safety being the foremost concern. He has assured that these plans would go well beyond any formal procedures that are already in place. Fire prevention will also be high on the agenda when the report into the incident is finalised.

Language Tourism to be Promoted By Simon Russell

LANGUAGE tourism is an increasing sector of the overall tourism sector and Denia in the Marina Alta is aiming to promote itself as a world leader in the sector. Tourism Denia are collaborating with language school TLCDenia in the campaign starting with videos aimed at a global audience and promoted through such mediums as social networks, trade fairs and

industry professionals. The Language Tourism itself will be aimed at different age groups and ability levels and will include a cultural side to the learning. The aim is that while participating students will stay in one of Denia’s many apartments hotels and other tourist accommodation while spending their money locally. To view one of the promotional videos go to www.facebook. com/tlcdenia/espanol

Stun Guns Proposal Shot Down

By Simon Russell

TEULADA-Moraira are pledging to help out with transportation costs for young students who are studying outside the municipality. This would cover students who are studying courses that are not available in the town itself and are aged under 30. They need to have been resident in the town for at least one year, have no debts owed to the town or college and are part of a family with an income

under €9,585.20. Other circumstances such as handicaps or large families will also be taken into account. Anyone interested should apply to the General Registration Office at the Town Hall and bring along ID, a padron or residencia and a certificate from the college where you are studying. You will also need a an application form (available at the SIT) and a declaration stating you have no town or college debts outstanding.

Helping out Students on the Move

By Simon Russell

TEULADA-Moraira are pledging to help out with transportation costs for young students who are studying outside the municipality. This would cover students who are studying courses that are not available in the town itself and are aged under 30. They need

to have been resident in the town for at least one year, have no debts owed to the town or college and are part of a family with an income under €9,585.20. Other circumstances such as handicaps or large families will also be taken into account. Anyone interested should apply to the General Registration

Office at the Town Hall and bring along ID, a padron or residencia and a certificate from the college where you are studying. You will also need a an application form (available at the SIT) and a declaration stating you have no town or college debts outstanding.

Clubs & Charities

Writing for a Good Cause

By Simon Russell

from humour to pathos and from prose to poetry so something for everyone. For every book sold €5 will kindly be donated to the Jalon Valley HELP which strives to support people and the community at difficult times. You can buy “All in the Mix” for €14 at or direct from the All in the Mix Facebook page as well as local outlets such as the Jalon Valley HELP shops in Alcalali, and Jalon and “Julies Shop” in Orba. For more information E-Mail

By Simon Russell

THE President of the Benitatxell branch of the Lions Club, David Platt, was delighted to present food vouchers worth €2,000 to the towns social services department this month. The gift is aimed at ensuring that local needy families have access to a good diet such as the fresh food that poorer families often struggle to provide. Each voucher will have a value of €50 redeemable at local supermarket Pepe la Sal.

Social Services councillor Jacinta Pastor offered her thanks to the Lions for their continued help and support

within the Benitatxell community at what is still a difficult times for many families.


Jalon Valley HELP and U3A Vall de Pop celebrate milestones shortly with the HELP having been in existence for 20 years next year while this year the Vall de Pop U3A celebrates it’s 10th anniversary. To tie in with this they are publishing a book of short stories compiled by local authors entitled “All in the Mix”. This is an eclectic collection as are the authors themselves, some new to writing while others are much more experienced. The stories themselves range

Generous Donation from Lions Club





October 17th - October 31st


Failed Murder Attempt Involved Cutting Brakes By Simon Russell

A 33 year old Orihuela man has been detained in custody accused of a failed assassination attempt on his ex-wife. It is alleged he cut the brake cables on her car although when she went to use the vehicle she immediately noticed that something was wrong with it.

At first she thought it was just a fault, but the mechanic she called advised her to call the police as the damage looked deliberate. Suspicion immediately fell on her ex-husband as he had been harassing her for several weeks. No names have been released to the press at this stage.

Autumn Schedule Prizes for New Businesses in San Miguel Present your idea to the Town Hall and win a laptop Released for Youth Activities By Simon Russell

By Simon Russell

TORREVIEJA has announced it’s initial programme of events aimed at the 18 to 30 year olds in the municipality for the October to December period. The aim is to give a variety of fun and educational courses and workshops. These include preparation courses for those trying to obtain their B1 certificates in English, a Latin Dance course and an introductory DJ workshop. Their youth centre will continue to be stocked with board

games, video games cards and other activities. Each weekend there will be entertainment provided by local group “Impact on the Juan Aparicio promenade. An excursion is also planned to the Port Aventura theme park for their Halloween special. Other activities will include sports, a gymkhana and interaction with English speaking volounteers. For more information visit the CIAJ youth centre on Paseo Maratimo Juan Aparicio 5.

and communication, looking after children or disabled people, or home help services. The deadline is October 20th and ideas must be presented to the Town Hall Registry marked I Concurso de Ideas Empresariales San Miguel de Salinas and for the attention of the Concejalía de Fomento y Comercio. The winner in each category will get a laptop computer.

San Miguel de Salinas Town Hall and the Provincial Council have organised a Business Ideas Competition to boost the local economy, create employment and promote entrepreneurial culture. Any person can take part as long as their business idea is linked to the municipality of San Miguel or it is a business they have started there in 2016. There are two categories: secondary school students and others. Participants can decide how to present their idea, as long as it fills no more than 5 pages. The judges will take originality and innovation into account, as well as how realistic and viable they are and their social impact on the municipality. The proposals must be related to any of improving the environment, promoting tourism and culture, waste management, alternative energy, promoting local heritage, looking after green spaces and natural areas, mass transport, new technologies

Crevillent Cultural Diary for Autumn

By David Rogers

The Crevillent Town Hall have announced a wide range of cultural events for this month and November. For example at the Casa de La Cultura until October 17 there is “Juan Agustin: Portrait of an unknown Crevillente” and from October 21 to November 19 the photographic exhibition Crevillent

in Action 2015. October 21 to November 19 has photographer Manuel Villanova’s “Fez - Lights and Shadows exhibitions“. Musically on October 22 the Voces Graves and on October 28 Virgen de la Esperanza choirs will be performing while on October 29 it will be the turn of the Veus de Crevillent. There are also plays, comedy

and stage acts as well as presentations, book readings and other events. On October 29 the Municipal Auditorium will be the venue for the drawing of the national lottery numbers and will be broadcast live on TV RNE2 and featured on the lottery website. For full details of all events go into the town hall, the Casa de la Cultura or visit

Body of baby found in wheelie bin

By Simon Russell

A couple have been arrested after a homeless man discovered the body of a newborn baby while rummaging in a green rubbish container on the night of October 4. The body was discovered in the town of Pilar de la Horadada and was of a male baby weighing around three kilos, said a Guardia Civil spokesman in the town. An autopsy

is to be carried out on the infant while the courts in Orihuela have opened a case to investigate the death pending the autopsy results. Of primary interest will be if the infant was stillborn or died after the birth. The detained couple, who are of Romanian descent, have two children and are believed to have lived in the area for about a year.


October 17th - October 31st

Torrevieja Twelve Year Old Racks up €100k You Tube Debt

By Simon Russell

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966 719 951 Calle Turismo 4-A, Urb Ciudad de Quesada, 03170 Rojales Ibex Insurance Services Ltd 2016. Ibex Insurance Services Ltd, 68 Irish Town, Gibraltar. Registered no. 77247. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Commission FSC 006 43B

ALTHOUGH still in his first year of secondary education at his home in Torrevieja, young Jose Javier managed to mistakenly run up a massive debt using the hugely popular social media site youtube. Jose and a friend had formed a band and thought they were setting up an account to allow them to receive payment for viewings of their performances. However the fledgling “youtubers” had mistakenly filled out an account whereby they were having to pay for advertising placed on search engine Google. The account they used (without the knowledge of their parents) was a savings account in

Jose’s name with around €2,000 in it. However this soon racked up massive bills which only came to light when the bank contacted the family. When it became established that as a minor the advertising payments should never have been authorised then Google agreed to refund the money to the relief of Jose and his family. However this incident brings into question the checks and balances that both tech giants have in place to allow a 12 year old to set this account up so easily, something Google and you tube have both said they will be investigating. In the meantime Jose’s short career as a youtuber is firmly on hold.

First Dog Park for Vega Baja

By Simon Russell

A “canine recreational space” - dog park to you and me - is among the planned works underway this week in Guardamar del Segura. The space will be located in El Parque del Sur and will include doggie games and clean up facilities. The redevelopment of the Avenida

Pais Valenciano is also planned at the entrance to the town from Torrevieja, and works will include new pavements and disabled access ramps. The replacement of town lighting on the El Raso urbanization, necessitated by the recent theft of cabling, is also to be undertaken as well as the refurbishment of Avenida Peru.

October 17th - October 31st

Work Starts on New Tourist Assistance Centre

By Simon Russell

THE planned move of the SATE foreign tourist assistance centre from the centre of Benidorm to the Rincon de Loix is on schedule to be completed before Easter next year. Work started on the new office on October 7 at the site situated on the intersection of Calle Gerona and Calle Derramador. Once completed, this will be combined with the existing

tourist information office as one building, although with separate entrances. Benidorm’s Councillor for Urbanism, Lourdes Caselles, said that relocating the office from the town centre made perfect sense as the Rincon is where the highest number of foreign tourists stay and visit. The SATE office will have a translation service and a checkpoint for local police as well as the usual facilities.

By Simon Russel

Hefty Seating Bill Challenged

By Simon Russell

BENIDORM’S opposition PSOE party have issued a denuncia against the cities ruling Partido Popular for

spending €15,000 on 50 chairs for various town hall departments, including a single chair which cost €600. The PSOE feel that the

average cost per chair of €300 is an unnecessary waste of taxpayers money and accused the PP of failing to shop around. Ideally, they say, several

companies should have been asked to supply quotes before deciding on a final supplier based on cost rather than immediately purchasing the chairs.


Restoration Work On Museum Nearing Completion

By Simon Russell

THE restoration work at the Museum of History on Calle Baldons in l’Alfaz del Pi is nearly completed and the town’s mayor, Vicente Arques, has been along to see the results for himself. Accompanied by Culture Secretary Marte Garcia, Mr Arques was shown the new roof, ticket office and toilet facilities as well as the improved access points. This work marks the first phase of the project, which focused on the ground floor and roof, with the second

phase encompassing renovation and remodelling of the top two floors and is planned for 2017. The museum focuses on the history of the town and displays include photographs, relics, books and other items of historical interest, many donated by the townsfolk themselves. The actual building now housing the museum was originally constructed back in 1849 and was donated to the town in 2013 and is itself of great historical value.


October 17th - October 31st

Life Saving Team Now Fully Trained Up

By Simon Russell By Spencer Williams

FINESTRAT is now an even safer place to live as a group of local professionals have completed their training on the defibrillator machines the town have recently purchased. The 25 local police and four sports teachers attended a closing ceremony to mark the occasion and were awarded with their diplomas by Mayor Juan Francisco Perez. Now the training has been completed two police patrol cars will be equipped with the portable machines, while the third machine will be kept on hand at the police headquarters for dispatch where needed. Finestrat are the first town in the Alicante region to have these

machines and it is hoped that the combination of expertise and technology will save lives in those vital first few minutes after cardiac arrest.

The defibrillators themselves have been specially designed for use by non-medical personnel who have attended the special training course.

Architects Descend on La Nucia

By Simon Russell

OCTOBER 3 was World Architecture Day and La Nucia was the centre of celebrations in the region with 70 architects from across Valencia travelling to the town for the days events. Buildings the group visited in the town included the Bello Horizonte edifice and the Seu University complex, both recognised as important structures that have won international awards for their design. Ten years ago La Nucia Town Hall put in place plans pledging to build future structures that would ensure the long term heritage

of the town, plans that are now coming to fruition. It was primarily for this reason that the town was chosen

by the Alicante Architects Association as the focal point for the day.

October 17th - October 31st


Sewage System to be Upgraded By David Rogers

the Mitra and Trito streets (starting in November) and the Eurim and Orio streets (starting in December) as well as the Cautivador urbanization. The works will include paving and improvement of the surface drainage system so some disruption will be expected in the streets effected.

Subsidies for House Painting Extended

By Simon Russell

ALTEA’S Head of Urban Development, Imma Orozco, has confirmed that the application deadline for financial aid in painting the outside of houses in the Old Town area has been extended to Tuesday October 25. The area eligible is Altea old town and Altea la Vella with €300 being set aside

for the project from a total budget of €15,000. Orozco states that these houses are important in promoting the image of the town overall and it is hoped the grants will encourage home owners to smarten their properties. The aid has already had an impact with many and grants can be treated retrospectively in most cases.

No Need For Extra Time With Football Pitch Refurbishment

By Simon Russell

THE essential refurbishment work on the pitch at Benidorm’s Guillermo Amor Stadium‘s football pitch, located in the Old Town area near the L’Auigera Park, was completed

over a month ahead of schedule and within budget the Town Hall have announced. A combination of the high temperatures, low rainfall and summer music events had necessitated the repairs

which cost around €28,000. The new pitch was available for training from October 6 and is used by various levels, age groups and sexes while always encouraging grassroots players and teams.

SEWAGE systems are a part of any towns infrastructure that is only really noticed when things go wrong. To help avoid this Alfas del Pi council are to spend €700,000 improving the towns sanitation system with work planned to start next month. The areas effected by the works will be l’Albir, specifically


October 17th - October 31st

October 17th - October 31st


Hoteliers warned of “Missionary” Scam Across the Region

By Simon Russel

HOTEL and hostel groups, including HOSBEC in Benidorm, have been warned by National Police of various attempts to commit fraud by a group posing as the Friends of Jesus World Mission from Ghana. Apparently hotels are E-Mailed asking for budget accommodation for a large group in several rooms. A portion of the money is then paid as a deposit which reassures the hotel everything is in order. However at a later stage the “Friends of Jesus” state that the

booking needs to be cancelled due to the sudden death of one of their group and require a refund. There then follows a complicated series of switched accounts and cards that, if the plan works, results in “clean” money being refunded to a bank account while the original deposit payment to the hotel, it later transpires, has been blocked. The police are requesting hoteliers to be on the look out for transactions of this nature and report anything suspicious to them.

Asbestos to Finally Be Removed from School

By Simon Russel

Sweet reward for Local Chocolatiers

By Simon Russel

THE Valor Chocolate Company in Villajoyosa is a local and national institution and they have now been recognised as such with a special award. The Valencian government has awarded them the business prize

for their innovation and promotion of the Valencian region. Valor is one of Spain’s most recognised brands and is sold in 45 other countries and they continue to expand and adapt while staying true to their

ethos of producing “pure“ chocolate where only cocoa butter is used. They are also ranked as one of Spain’s “Superbrands 2016” alongside such big hitters as Mercadona and Zara.

RATHER worryingly the roof of the gym at the Vasco de Nunez de Balbao school in Benidorm contains cement mixed with asbestos, long proven to be a toxin and carcinogen. The Directorate of Education has now authorized the replacement of the roof, announced councillor for education Toni Perez. The final details concerning the

methods used have still to be ironed out and the four possible proposals range in cost from €25,000 to €34,000. However it is expected that the gym, which also doubles up as a canteen, will see the roof replaced during the schools Christmas holiday period, although the date is also yet to be finalized and works may even begin earlier than Christmas.


October 17th - October 31st

October 17th - October 31st


Sunshine and Poppies

By Pamela Dawson Tasker

The sun really did shine on the Launch of 2016 Poppy Appeal last Friday. It was a windy start but the promised showers never happened and we had the perfect day. Benidorm hosted the Launch which was attended by appreciative crowds along the sea front and into the Rincon de Loix.including visitors from all over the Costa Blanca. The Benidorm and District branch of The Royal British Legion wish to thank all those who supported us, who made donations to the Poppy Appeal and flew the flag and the Pipes and Drums from Torrevieja, the standard bearers from the branches, the Benidorm Mayor and Administration and the visiting dignitaries. Collecting boxes and poppies are available for all clubs, pubs and businesses in Benidorm and the surrounding area so if you would like to support the Poppy Appeal over

the next few weeks to Remembrance Sunday please let us know. Call 96 686 0735 or email

By Simon Russell

roots from irrigation or rainfall. The substance is also cleaner than soil, weed proof, easier to maintain and safer for less able bodied pedestrians as it provides a more even surface. The rubberized chunks are similar to that used in areas such as children’s play parks.

Tree Bases “Rubberized”

THE areas around the bases of the trees lining Calle Gambo in Benidorm are going through the process of being filled in with rubber from recycled tires. The unlikely material is permeable and actually improves the levels of water reaching the tree


October 17th - October 31st


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Alfas Fantasy Football League Report

As the Premier League is is interrupted by the 2nd International break and Gareth Southgate becomes the next English Manager to drink from the poison chalice the Alfaz Fantasy Football League comes to a halt for the 2nd time this Season. Well the break gives us a chance to look at last weeks RTN Preliminary round K.O.Cup Competition as well taking a look at who has impressed so far in this Season’s Fantasy League. In last weeks K.O.Cup Competition the highest ranked team Andrew’s Big Tymers were knocked out by John’s team Dodgy Dribblers by 20-16. The other top team to bite the dust was Dave’s Casa Stretford,La Nucia who were beaten 35-25 by Kelvin’s Republic of Ashton.2nd placed Terry’s Hugonauts United cruised through to the next round by seeing off Old Salfordians by 42-13.while the lowest placed team Hilda’s Try Try Again scraped through against John’s team The Special Ones by 7 points to 6. The 23rd A.F.F.L. has been as competitive as ever with 5 different Teams topping the League in 7 weeks. Only 2 teams have managed to stay at the Summit for 2 weeks and they are Dave’s Casa Stretford,La Nucia and Mike’s Super Saints who have now slumped down to 136th position.(How the Mighty fall) Our Mark Carter Ladies Section has also had 5 teams at the top.Pauline’s Vodka Army and Julie’s team The Gers are the only ones to retain the top spot for more than 1 week. The U.K.T.V.Spain Junior League have a record number of teams taking part this Season but only 4

teams have made to the Summit. Leo’s Powerblue Boys,Oh! South London,Teigar’s Tigers and the present leaders Ant & Brad have all tasted life at the top. Only 3 teams have made it to the number one spot of our Leonard Knowles Construction Golden Boot League and they are one of our Lady Managers Pam’s People,Kevin’s team One for the Road and Eric’s Peaky Blinders. The top Fantasy League Player at the moment is the much maligned Chelsea’s Diego Costa who has 41 points in the bag,4 ahead of Everton’s Lukaku.One of the tricks to win the Fantasy League is to spot a Gem lower down in the pecking order who not many Managers would have selected. Maybe this Season’s Gem could be West Ham’s Michail Antonio who is our top scoring Mid-Field Player with 36 points.Only 5 Managers selected this former Nottingham Forest Player who is also the highest scoring Player in the Golden Boot League and he only cost 4.3 million.(Asda Price) Top Keeper is Spur’s LLoris with 19 points while the top defender is Arsenal’s Koscielny with 31 points. So far this Season the 70 Premier League games have provided the Fantasy with 196 goals,29 clean sheets,271 yellow cards and 6 red ones compere

that to last Season at this point when they were 182 goals,41 clean sheets,268 yellow cards and 16 red. The Referees have awarded twice as many penalties 25 this Season compered to only 12 last Season.Does that mean the Refs are more on the case than last Year,I’m not so sure! The Draw for the next round of our RTN K.O.Cup Competition will soon be up on our super new website which is’t forget its all systems go again this Weekend as the Premier League gets going again.Lets hope all our Players return from the Internationals fit and well and are ready to go again.

October 17th - October 31st


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Cyclogical Ladies Cycling Groups While cycling is becoming increasingly popular with women there are still plenty whose experience of cycling ended at childhood. It’s also a fact that 4 times as many men ride bikes as women. Whether you are a total beginner, looking to ride more regularly or just want to enjoy social cycling we have loads of ways to help you get on that bike. Riding on your own can be great fun, you can go where you want, when you want and stop whenever you want and it also gives you time to think etc, However riding in or with a group can be even more enjoyable. You can make new friends, learn some cracking new routes, learn new skills and techniques, work harder, cycle further, improve your stamina and generally have more fun and post ride socialising. It’s also a great way to improve your stamina

whilst discovering the local scenery. Our aim is to promote Health and Wellbeing through cycling and help women to recapture the thrill of cycling or discover it for the first time. How to get started. All you need is a bike and a safety helmet , if you don’t have one we can advise you or hire you one to try and see if you are going to enjoy it. We try and set up, adjust and customise everyone’s bike to suit their size and shape to make your ride more comfortable. We also stock a vast range of ladies clothing and have also designed our own Ladies specific clothing range. Our ladies rides all start and finish at the shop and are organised to go at a distance and speed that suits everyone, we also have a couple of breaks on route for a drink, coffee and tapas

allowing everyone time to mix and get to know each other. After a few weeks your aerobic fitness will have improved and you will be able to ride for miles without feeling any more than a little puffed out. The more active you are the healthier you are. But whatever exercise you decide to do remember to have fun whilst you are doing it. We teach the necessary skills to ride safely and confidently on the roads and improve bike handling . We mostly cycle on local, camino and canal roads as far as possible. We have cycled most of the roads in the local area and have also cycled as far as Fortuna, Aspe, Monovar , La manga, Sierra Espuna and los Alcazares. Safety in numbers. When we ride in a group and where the road conditions allow, we aim to cycle two abreast, ideally alongside a partner you can match the pace with comfortably. We are all responsible for our own safety and the safety of others. If you are at the front take care not to ride too close to the gutter, you’re the eyes and ears for the group, it’s up to you to

see the potholes, parked cars, joggers, other cyclists etc, and to tell the rest of the members by use of hand signals. No matter where you are in the group you must pass on all information to the person behind you without making any unpredictable movements. If you fancy taking up cycling or joining us just give me a call to arrange a chat, call into our shop or just turn up to one of our rides. Contact Lynn : 634050225 / 637487377 Lynn’s Ladies Hybrid group : ( Beginners and Improvers ) Meet every Monday at 1pm till 5pm Cover approx :3040kms. Ladies Hybrid Group : ( Improvers and Advanced )Meet every Wednesday at 11am till 5pm Covering approx : 60-80kms Mixed Hybrid Group: Meet every Saturday at 2pm till 6pm Covering approx : 6080kms Gary and Lynn are available at Cyclogical in Quesada , Monday to Friday 09.30-5.30 and Saturdays from 10am2pm to assist and advise you on all your cycling requirements.

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October 17th - October 31st

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Honours Even in Local Football Derby

IN one of their biggest matches of the season La Nucia CF and Villajoyosa FC met on October 2. The division four meeting, held at La Nucia’s Camilo Cano de la Nucia stadium, ended in high flying Villajoyosa and struggling La Nucia sharing the spoils. The first half was goalless but Villajoyosa’s Vilero put them

ahead five minutes into the second half. La Nucia improved at this stage though had to wait until the last minute for the equaliser scored by Erik from a corner. The result leaves Villajoyosa in second while La Nucia are 13th with only five points although still just outside the relegation places.

La Nucia CF

MVG Seals Dublin Hat-trick Win

Michael van Gerwen made it three Players Championship titles in as many days at the Barnsley Metrodome, landing another nine-darter before edging out Steve West in a thrilling final. Van Gerwen had already followed up back-to-back European Tour wins by taking the £10,000 first prize in Players Championships 14 and 15 on Tuesday and Wednesday. Having also hit a nine-darter in Wednesday’s tournament, the Dutch sensation recorded perfection once more as one of three players, alongside Yordi Meeuwisse and Simon Whitlock, to achieve the feat in Thursday’s event. Having already seen off Kevin Painter and Jonny Clayton, MVG landed his perfect leg in the third round against Joe Murnan, before then defeating Simon Stevenson, Berry van Peer and Kim Huybrechts to reach the final against West. West had enjoyed a run to his first PDC final with a superb day in Barnsley, overcoming Mike Zuydwijk, William O’Connor, Jeffrey de Zwaan, Simon Whitlock, Cristo Reyes and Steve Evans to battle through to the decider. He found himself 4-2

down to van Gerwen before hitting back to level - and then took out 116 to move 5-4 up and within touching distance of a first PDC title. However, van Gerwen finished 76 to level and force a decider, and when West was unable to take out 110 for the title the world number one showed his class by finishing tops for a 13-darter. The win means van Gerwen completed a clean sweep in Barnsley and extended his own winning run to 35 matches since his loss to Phil Taylor in August’s Sydney Masters final - having won the Perth Masters before five September triumphs to move into this weekend’s Unibet Champions League of Darts in buoyant mood.

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October 17th - October 31st

Tiger Woods Rousey Comeback Delays Comeback Confirmed

Ronda Rousey, the one-time reigning champion of the mixed martial arts world, will return to the sport for the first time in 13 months Dec. 30 at UFC 207 in Las Vegas. Rousey will face Amanda Nunes in her first competition since last November’s stunning loss to Holly Holm. Rousey had won six consecutive title defenses from 2013-15 before losing. Since then, Holm lost her title defense to Miesha Tate in March. And Tate lost to Nunes in July. Rousey, who is one of UFC’s biggest stars, has also successfully carved out a career on the big screen, appearing in feature films “Entourage” and “Fast & Furious 7”. and was the first woman ever to sign with the UFC, is 12-1 in her career and was a huge favorite before former pro boxer Holm beat her with her fists and a left head kick.

Tiger Woods has withdrawn from this week’s Safeway Open and will not play at next month’s Turkish Airlines Open, delaying his comeback after 14 months out following back surgeries. The 14-times major champion announced on Monday on his website ( that his game was not sharp enough for him to compete in the PGA Tour event starting in Napa, California, on Thursday or the European Tour event in Turkey. “After a lot of soul searching and honest reflection, I know that I am not yet ready to play on the PGA Tour or compete in Turkey,” he said. “My health is good, and I feel strong, but my game is vulnerable and not where it needs to be.” Woods, 40, said the comeback delay was not due to back-related issues. “I practiced the last several days in California, but after a lot of hours, I knew I wasn’t ready to compete against the best golfers in the world,” he said. “I will continue to work hard, and plan to play at my foundation’s event, the Hero World Challenge, in Albany (Bahamas in December).” His friend, former tour player Notah Begay, said Woods’ preparation had vision that was instilled in the club during been hindered last week by Hurricane his tenure. After also stating at this event Matthew, which passed not far offshore that the next manager would need to be aligned with the club’s vision (presumably the same vision that was instilled under McClaren), could the club be preparing supporters for the possible return of the former England and Newcastle manager?

Derby Interviewing McClaren

After the departure of Nigel Pearson, Derby County fans have once more found themselves in that anxious limbo period, as they await the announcement of the club’s latest manager. After only five months, it’s fair to say that the appointment of the former Leicester manager did not go to plan, and the club are now left to reassess the structure of the club, and what type of manager might best suit them going forward. But could going forward start by going backward? It appears that amongst a number of candidates, with current caretaker manager Chris Powell being the favourite, that former boss Steve McClaren is a potential front-runner for the role. At a recent Q&A event, Derby’s Chairman, Mel Morris, stated his admiration for the work that McClaren and cited the positivity, excitement and


from his south Florida residence. Woods disappointed “We had a candid conversation this morning and he was extremely disappointed,” Begay said on Golf Channel. “He has a standard of performance like no one else and he just doesn’t feel like it’s ready. “At the end of the day, the player has to feel comfortable with the skill set that they take to the first tee. “(He was) trying maybe to get out of the starting blocks a little too soon. In order to hit this window at Safeway, everything had to fall in place and at this point it didn’t.” Begay said Woods was optimistic about the state of his game before taking a week off from his preparation to be an assistant captain on the victorius United States team at the Ryder Cup. “His game was starting to progress and mature and move in the right direction,” Begay said. “I’ve been there, trying to cram it in at the last minute. “It’s definitely nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a natural progression a lot of players face, the subtle precisions you have to have in the in-between shots.”


October 17th - October 31st

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Tyson Fury Vacates World Titles

Tyson Fury announced Wednesday he is vacating his two heavyweight belts in effort to “fully focus on his medical treatment and recovery,” according to a statement from his promoter. The 28-year-old Fury (25-0, 18 knockouts) has unraveled since defeating former long-reigning champion Wladimir Klitschko in November. Fury first cited an injury to back out of a Klitschko rematch, then apparently submitted a performance-enhancing drugtest sample that is to be addressed at a November hearing. He then backed out of a later-scheduled Oct. 29 date with Klitschko, and a positive sample for cocaine was later reported to have been confirmed a day after that withdrawal. The World Boxing Assn. and World Boxing Organization are now free to pursue bouts to establish a new champion.

Klitschko is the No. 1 challenger in both sanctioning bodies. In the WBA, Cuban Luis Ortiz is first in line to fight Klitschko and in the WBO, Joseph Parker is. Yet, Klitschko has been in talks to fight unbeaten International Boxing Federation champion Anthony Joshua. In its statement, Hennessy Sports said Fury’s decision to vacate “will allow him the time and space to fully recover from his present condition without any undue pressure and with the expert medical attention he requires and his close family support.” Fury told Rolling Stone magazine he has ingested cocaine liberally in recent years, and he seemed to mock the cocaine test news by posting a Photoshopped picture of himself seated before a table of cocaine in a Tony Montana scene from the movie “Scarface.” “I feel that it is only fair and right and for

the good of boxing to keep the titles active and allow the other contenders to fight for the vacant belts that I proudly won and held as the undefeated heavyweight champion of the world when I defeated … Klitschko,” Fury said in the statement. “I won the titles in the ring and I believe that they should be lost in the ring, but I’m unable to defend at this time and I have taken the hard and emotional decision to now officially vacate my treasured world titles and wish the nextin-line contenders all the very best as I now enter another big challenge in my life which I know, like against Klitschko, I will conquer.” Mick Hennessy, Fury’s promoter, called his fighter’s decision “heartbreaking,” but added, “What’s paramount now is that he receive the medical treatment … to make a full recovery.”

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October 17th - October 31st


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Southgate its a “mess”

Gareth Southgate has declared himself satisfied with England’s goalless draw against Slovenia and claimed that he inherited “a mess” from previous manager Sam Allardyce. England had Joe Hart to thank as the Torino goalkeeper made a series of fine saves to keep his team in the game in the Group F World Cup qualifier in Ljubljana. The match was Southgate’s second outing as England’s interim manager after the 2-0 win over Malta at Wembley on 8 October. He took over the job after Allardyce was caught up

in a newspaper sting, in which he was alleged to have offered advice on how to “get around” rules on thirdparty player ownership. “I can’t thank the players and the support team enough for the backing I’ve had,” Southgate told ITV Sport. “I think from the position we were in last Tuesday, we wanted six [points] and we’d have liked to have scored more goals in the two games. “But we’ve taken over a mess really and had to steady the ship, so with the overall objective of qualifying we’ve kept the team on track.”

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