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What is Periodontal


What Do You Mean My Gums Have A Disease?

Periodontal disease is the last thing you want to hear about when you visit a dentist.

Luckily, gum disease is entirely preventable, and in the long run treatable.

What Causes Periodontal Disease?

Gum disease isn't a disease as you immediately think of it.

It's more of a case of

lack of maintenance.

When bacteria in our mouths are combined with mucus and gunk they harden to form plaque.

When the plaque hardens it causes


characterized by red, swollen

gums that

bleed a lot.

If you are suffering from this condition, you may need periodontal treatment from our

Chandler dentists.

The Chandler dentists at Shumway Dental Care will make sure you have a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile.

Whether you need cosmetic dentistry, bridges or crowns, or just a checkup, their staff will make sure your visit is comfortable.

What is Periodontal Disease?