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Today, Mishmeres HaSholom has created a quiet revolution, sweeping all over Eretz Yisrael.

Rebbetzin Wertzberger is not simply a visionary; she has succeeded LQÀULQJWKHSDVVLRQRIWKRXVDQGVRI others to create revolutions in their own communities. Each Mishmeres HaSholom representative has an impact upon her surroundings. Take Yael Orlowek, for example. She is headcoordinator of Beit Shemesh, has 545 active representatives in her shemiras halashon empire, spearheads huge chizuk rallies (for example, this past Chanukah she organized an event for 450 boys) and even publishes a monthly newsletter for her representatives with ideas for chizuk activities, reports of local chizuk events, yeshuah requests, yeshuah stories and more. Rebbetzin Wertzberger describes the latest Mishmeres HaSholom initiative to hasten the geulah— establishing a “k’nishta chada.” She explains this unfamiliar term: “In his sefer Shemiras HaLashon, the Chofetz Chaim quotes the Zohar, ‘If there would



be one k’nishta chada (Aramaic for beis knesses) where the middah of shalom would be properly kept, we could merit the coming of Mashiach.’ The Chofetz Chaim continues, ‘If so, then the coming of Mashiach is dependent upon us!’” The Rebbetzin excitedly continues, “Do you hear?! We can bring Mashiach!! It is in our hands. The head of Mishemeres HaSholom’s men’s division spoke about this with Rav Steinman who said that Mishmeres HaSholom should establish a k’nishta chada to bring Mashiach, a group who, although they do not daven in one shul, together will form one strong unit of people who are dedicated to preserving shalom to the highest degree: no lashon hara or rechilus, no machlokes—whatever is necessary to maintain peace. “To this end, this initiative was announced at Mishmeres HaSholom’s huge event held in Heichalei Malchus Hall in Bnei Brak on Sunday after Pesach with Gedolei Yisrael from across

the spectrum and over 3,000 men in attendance. That evening, we also announced the establishment of a Beis Hora’ah for halachic queries in the area of shemiras halashon and bein adam lachaveiro.” The Rebbetzin speaks passionately about the impact of shemiras haloshon, achdus and forgiveness on people’s personal lives and, more importantly, its effect on silencing the prosecuting angels and therefore preventing untold pain and tragedy in Klal Yisrael. “Poverty, illness, the untimely death of young parents and children—all of these can be mitigated if we are scrupulous about keeping our speech within the bounds of halachah,” says Rebbetzin Wertzberger, quoting classic sources as well as the words of many gedolim who support Mishmeres HaSholom’s activities. Rav Aharon Leib Steinman, shlit”a, for example, connects rampant poverty with the scourge of lashon hara: “Three

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Flatbush & Five Towns Buzz June 1 2014  

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