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of speaking to the Rav via a video connection. From beyond the nearly impenetrable veil he had slipped into LQWKHĂ€QDOPRQWKVRIKLVORQJLOOQHVV Reb Meir’s face still lit up bright and his smile beamed as my daughter read him a story titled ‘The Man at the Wall,’ a beautiful, contemplative essay Bracha Goetz authored a few years ago about Reb Meir’s legendary life. I know that he knew at that moment, and I’m quite sure that this was the source of his smile, that this frum girl before him would not be learning at a seminary in Yerushalayim today were it not for his courageous efforts. Nor would thousands of others. Blessed be the memory of Reb Meir Schuster who had an amazing capacity to go beyond his limitations, teaching us all that where passion aligns with purpose, there are no limitations.â€? R’ Schuster is survived by his wife Esther, his four children and many grandchildren.

“We went to see Reb Meir about two and a half years ago when he was already very sick,� said Apisdorf. “We were warned ahead of time that he was practically vegetative and in a non communicative state. We went into him and it was a terrible, terrible sight. I held his hand and told him who I was and he squeezed my hand. I said ‘Reb Meir, I want to tell you about my children,’ and he squeezed my hand again. I told him how much R’ Noach Weinberg had loved him and he squeezed my hand another time. I told Reb Meir that I knew that he had not stopped working for klal yisroel, that I knew he was just doing a different kind of work now and that he would be working for all of us from a higher place. I said, ‘Reb Meir, we need you to be working for us, talking to Hakadosh Baruch Hu from a higher place,’ and he squeezed my hand one last time. I had been told that he wasn’t there anymore, but it was clear that that was not the case.�

Seattle resident Joe Reback founded the website in order to raise money for R’ Schuster’s long term care and to keep his many disciples informed of his condition. The site LV Ă€OOHG ZLWK SHUVRQDO UHFROOHFWLRQV submitted by people whose lives were forever altered by R’ Schuster. “Through all the years of my spiritual journey, from my arrival at the Kotel in 1983 as a scruffy 20 something loaded down with a backpack on my way to Africa, to the present day where I am privileged to serve as president of a beautiful Chassidishe shul here in Seattle, no one has cared more passionately about my neshama than Reb Meir Schuster, and I am forever indebted to him.â€? Reback had the opportunity to see R’ Schuster one last time, albeit from a distance of thousands of miles. “My daughter just visited with Reb Meir a few weeks ago where she provided me with the z’chut


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