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TORAH Wanting to capitalize on what could be a once-in-a-lifetime moment, Rabbi Kass approached the young man and asked him if he was interested in learning more about Judaism. Encouraged by his positive reply, the two returned daily and in just a few weeks, R’ Schuster began reaching out on his own to both men and women who came to the Kosel. Over a span of decades he singlehandedly brought tens of thousands back to Yiddishkeit. Author Bracha Goetz found her life transformed in 1978 after meeting up with R’ Schuster in 1978. Having studied at Harvard University, the now Mrs. Goetz was volunteering at Hadassah Hospital’s Oncology ward DIWHU KHU Ă€UVW \HDU RI PHGLFDO VFKRRO Meeting with R’ Schuster at the Kosel, Mrs. Goetz soon found herself in Ohr 6RPD\DFKZRPHQ¡VSURJUDPIXOĂ€OOLQJ her secret desire to better understand the purpose of life. “Reb Meir is the proof of what one human being is capable of doing,â€? said Mrs. Goetz. “He was by nature a shy type of person, but he saw there was an important job to be done, and so he did it, day in, day out, for decades. Without any fanfare, in the humblest way possible, he dedicated his life to showing thousands of us, one by one, why Judaism was worth preserving. The words from his pure heart entered our hearts, and a great love of Judaism became kindled in countless emanating sparks.â€? Rabbi Aryeh Goetz, who also became observant thanks to R’ Schuster, echoed his wife’s sentiments. “You just thought he was like a regular person,â€? noted Rabbi Goetz. “He was very approachable and he accepted everybody wherever they were at, but he never gave up. He never gave up. It was a trait that he SHUVRQLĂ€HGIRUXVDOODQGHYHU\RQHFDQ learn from that.â€? Rabbi Goetz was known as Larry LQZKHQ5¡6FKXVWHUĂ€UVWWDSSHG him on the shoulder, asking him if he



had the time, a question that resulted in him spending just a single day at Ohr Somayach. “I was at the Wall and I saw people SUD\LQJ DQG Ă€JXUHG , PLJKW DV ZHOO say a prayer, too. I prayed for some answers,â€? said Rabbi Goetz. “I got more answers than I ever knew there were questions for.â€? R’ Schuster was known for personally escorting his new friends to whatever Torah institution he felt best suited them. “He never just sent anyone anywhere. He took you somewhere

Despite his reserved nature, Rabbi Twerski recalled that the young Meir possessed a special charm which became the basis for his unbelievable success in the kiruv world. and would introduce you to people and you felt you could trust him. I had to go back to my kibbutz program, but a month later I was back in Jerusalem.� At the advice of a friend, the then Larry Goetz contacted Rabbi Noach Weinberg, taking the next step on his journey to religious observance. “The Weinbergs invited me to come to Aish Hatorah and I was open to learning about Judiasm, but it all started with Reb Meir Schuster,� mused Rabbi Goetz. Friday nights were prime time for R’ Schuster as he would approach

visitors to the Kosel and offer them the opportunity to enjoy an authentic Shabbos meal. Leaving the Kosel, often accompanied an entourage of dozens, R’ Schuster would drop people off at various hosts who were happy to share their Shabbos with visitors. The Goetz home was one of the many stops on R’ Schuster’s Friday night route. “We lived in Geula and he would bring people to our house,â€? said Rabbi Goetz. “We once had a Jewish lady with her Eskimo boyfriend, which was interesting. Having those Friday night guests had a tremendous impact on our own lives as we would have the experience of showing people what Shabbos is, what the Torah is and we would feel the excitement of the transformational effect of sharing Shabbos or the Torah with someone who was open to the experience. It was the most exciting time of our lives.â€? Attorney Michael Koplen was another person who was approached by R’ Schuster at the Kosel. “I met Rabbi Schuster at the Kotel LQÂľVDLG.RSOHQ´+HZDVĂ€VKLQJ for souls, engaged me in conversation and arranged for a Shabbos dinner for a friend and me. I did not make that particular dinner but I vividly remember my encounter with Rabbi Schuster. He was soft spoken and so genuine. You could tell he really cared and it made a life-long impression on me. When one considers all the thousands of people one meets in a lifetime for short conversations and how many are forgotten, the fact that my memory of Rabbi Schuster stands out so vividly means a lot. He was a pure soul and one sensed that purity immediately upon meeting him.â€? It was a 1977 meeting with R’ Schuster that forever changed the life of author Shimon Apisdorf. “Reb Meir is the reason why I am frum and have a frum family today,â€? said Apisdorf. “I came to Israel

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