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HUMOR again.� Now you may think that I made up this story; I did not. It is as real as it is ludicrous. I could not believe my eyes that this “expert� in anger was blowing up at me because I had pointed out an error in his judgment. But let me ask you this question: If the experts are unable to manage

their anger, what about us simple folk? Or perhaps the question is even deeper: “Why was it that an expert in anger management, a fellow who was LQWHOOHFWXDOO\ TXDOLĂ€HG ZKR NQRZV more than most about anger, could not take his professed knowledge and make it work? 7KHDQVZHULVVLPSOHEXWGLIĂ€FXOW

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There is a wide difference between being an expert in human skills and actually being skilled. There is an intellectualization that remains in the mind but never seems to descend and control the emotive reactions. Moe mastered the knowledge about anger, but failed to master anger itself because he was unable to make that knowledge a part of him. We must not make that mistake. First we must realize that all situations, unpleasant as they may be, really come from Hashem. It is He who has caused us to IDOO LQWR GLIĂ€FXOW FLUFXPVWDQFHV The person who is causing us the discomfort is really an agent of Hashem, as distasteful as this person may be. If we could see this with our eyes we would never get angry. As long as we believe that it was the person himself who acted unjustly towards us, then we will have anger towards him. But if we VLQFHUHO\ EHOLHYH WKDW DOO GLIĂ€FXOW situations are from Hashem and in His great wisdom He has sent us the situation to deal with as best we may for whatever purpose WKDW +H VHHV Ă€W WKHQ ZH ZLOO QRW be angry. How can I be angry at Hashem’s ways? The person who is disturbing me, I must realize, is just Hashem’s agent. Once we internalize this, anger will cease to be a problem. It is not merely an intellectual understanding of this process, but rather internalized into our way of life. So to everyone out there who is ready to explode when they hear the cap guns, graggers, whistles, foot stamping, hand clapping and shouts of Boo that come along with Haman’s name: Take a deep breath, keep your cool, and if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!



Boro Park Buzz March 9 2014 Purim Edition  

Bringing You The Buzz on Savings & Events

Boro Park Buzz March 9 2014 Purim Edition  

Bringing You The Buzz on Savings & Events