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Continental to Italian to Chinese to sushi, and its elegant art-deco design, NY Kosher Steakhouse and Deli is simultaneously sophisticated yet family friendly. A recent write-up in Dining Magazine proclaimed, “Don’t come because it’s kosher; come because it’s great.� It’s almost impossible to get U.S. Prime-grade Glatt Kosher beef. But at NY Steakhouse and Deli, all the meat is U.S. prime –graded Glatt kosher, and totally irresistible. If somebody orders a cowboy steak or a prime rib steak during Pesach, rest assured you’re getting the best quality meat anywhere. NY Kosher Steakhouse and Deli is known for its emphasis on healthy cuisine using the freshest ingredients and Rapp does not make any compromises when preparing for Pesach. Breakfast and lunch are served buffet-style, with a wide variety of dishes offered, while dinner is a more formal affair, with a choice of four different entrees. The tea room is open mid-morning and afternoon. All the food is non-gebrokts and the restaurant provides hand shemurah matzah for the first two days of Yom Tov. The NY Kosher Steakhouse and Deli is located at the Days Inn hotel, a newly-renovated and meticulously maintained establishment with large, airy rooms and excellent service. The hotel has a pool, and another pool offering separate swimming is located less than a block away, as is the nearest shul. “Last year we hosted around one hundred guests,� says Rapp. “We prefer not to exceed this number, as it would detract from the level of service we provide. We had a mixed crowd, from black-hatters to Modern Orthodox, and everyone had a great time. Mostly people were delighted to find such quality of food and service at such affordable prices, easily rivaling the big hotels.�




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