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10 iPhone tricks which you are unaware of You have an iPhone but you are slowly getting bored of it. Why? Because your cousin has got a new smartphone which has endless tricks and you have nothing to boast about. You don’t have to worry about this anymore. This article will help you with 10 iPhone tricks which you are unaware of.

Lock Exposure & Autofocus

The camera application in iPhone provides you with an option to increase & decrease exposure plus you can change focus. When you want to lock the focus on your iPhone, you will have to long-press on your iPhone screen. So, iPhone will capture the moment & will lock that focus & exposure. This is very useful when you have to record videos which require constant shifting of an angle which can make your video look awful. 

Use Airplane Mode to Charge your Phone Fast

When you are looking to charge your iPhone quickly, then all you have to do is put your iPhone on an Airplane Mode. This will charge your iPhone very fast. 

Enable shortcuts for text

This iPhone trick will save you a lot of time when you type an exact phrase again and again. Let's take an example: if you type I am good, then it can be shortened as img. You can do this by going to the settings>> General>>Keyboard>>Text Replacement. 

Enter letters in your pass code

You can keep both numbers and text as your passcode in iPhone. If you are looking for a more secure password for your iPhone, then this iPhone trick is best for you. Go to Settings>General>Passcode Lock, you will have to turn simple passcode option. 

Undo and Redo

Yes, you undo and redo actions while typing a text in iPhone. You take the help of a delete key to erase the wrong text but you can solve this by shaking your iPhone. You can activate this by going to Settings>>General>>Accessibility & you can turn on or off 'shake to undo'. 

Music with Timer

You can set music with timer using your iPhone. You can do this before you even go to sleep and the music would switch off after some time. You can do this by going to Clock>>Timer & choose “When Timer Ends”, you will see an option at the bottom “Stop Playing”. 

Click pictures without pressing volume buttons or touching screen

Are you tired of pressing volume keys while taking a selfie? Now you don’t have to worry to touch your phone or volume keys. You can do it with the help of iPhone Earpods & it is possible to take a selfie without shaking your hand. This can be also done with the help of Apple Watch. 


Your iPhone has a leveler which can be used for your household activities through which you can get the levelling right. Locating it is also easy, go to your Compass app & swipe on the right side. 

Use Siri to know what flights are overhead

Siri is amazing and you can use it to tell you about the flights which are flying over your head or even those which are nearby. Siri will search on Bing & also uses your Twitter account.


Stop any unintentional in-app purchases

Your child doesn’t know much difference between a paid & free app. So, if you want to prevent any accidental in-app purchase. Go to settings>>General>>Restrictions & turn off in-app purchases after you enable restrictions. Both Apple & Google have refunded plenty of money over the past years. This is all for now. If you any suggestion or some good iPhone tricks you want to share then share it below in the comment section. Source:

10 iphone tricks which you are unaware of  

You have an iPhone but you are slowly getting bored of it. Why? Because your cousin has got a new smartphone which has endless tricks and yo...

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