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==== ==== Check out these fat loss tips for idiots! ==== ====

Let's see if we can get this straight. You want to lose weight? Yes. You want to lose weight safely? That's another yes. You want to lose weight now? We see that you are nodding vigorously. But nothing seems to be working for you, and you have tried almost everything; and that you are a few desperate measures away from trying invasive surgery like Bariatric surgery? Okay, okay... stop crying, we know what your answer is. There really is no way to put this kindly, so we are just going to say it bluntly. The only way for you to lose weight is to cut down on food and for you to exercise more. There! We said it. All these fad diets, protein shakes, low-cal foods, supplements and pharmaceutical preparations can only bog you down in your quest to lose excess pounds. So if you are wondering why none of them works for you, here is a list, which we like to call: fatloss 4 idiots - secrets revealed! Fatloss 4 Idiots - Secrets Revealed #1: Crash diets work... but only for a limited period of time, and only once. Eating a cube of cheese the size of a small die for almost a month can certainly trim off 10 pounds ASAP. However, as soon as you go off the diet, your body reacts to this (for lack of better term) period of starvation by beefing up its fat cells, so that when you eat, it stores more and more fats into your body and holds them there. This is a natural physiological response to starvation. Instead of crash dieting, ask your doctor or dietician or nutritionist how to curtail your eating pattern. Fatloss 4 Idiots - Secrets Revealed #2: Eating zero-fat, low-cal, no-sugar prepared meals, drinks and snacks will help you lose weight. No, no and no. The one thing about these products is that it lulls you into a false sense of security. It may say right there on the box that their product has low calories, but did you look at the serving size? Take no-sugar cookies, for example. It says right there that one serving size (depending on the size of the cookies) is one, or two at the most. That means, in order to get to your target weight, without feeling so deprived of your sweeties; you only have to take one or two cookies per meal. If you consume the entire package in one sitting, then you are most definitely on your way to gaining more weight. Fatloss 4 Idiots - Secrets Revealed #3: Planning your diet around food only. Oh no! This is one of the pitfalls that many of us go through. And we are not even talking about protein shakes or those drinks that are supposed to help us lose fats. We are talking about regular drinks we take on a daily basis. Exactly how many sodas do you go through in one day? How many bottles of beer? What about wine, or that chocolate drink? Do you take those energy drinks as well? Even if you are only consuming sugar-free drinks throughout the day, like food, you need to control your portions. If you want something to drink, go for tap or bottled water - and not the flavored water too! Fatloss 4 Idiots - Secrets Revealed #4: All dieting foods are so icky. If you start off with this

mindset, then you are definitely going to lose the battle of the bulge. Food should be used as a dieting tool - something that should be enjoyed, and not as something to despise. But yes, we have to agree that some of the pre-packaged dieting foods are icky. Then, why not try fresh foods instead. In fact, fresh food is the best dieting foods there is. Now, you have to consider this: fresh food is not merely fruits and vegetables consumed raw. This can be freshly made food using fresh ingredients. Take hamburgers for example. If you like frilled burgers, try making fresh burger patties instead using fresh onions, rock salt and ground pepper. This is way better than the packaged burgers that are loaded with preservatives and extenders.

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==== ==== Check out these fat loss tips for idiots! ==== ====

Fatloss 4 Idiots Secrets Revealed  

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