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Fedora hats can easily be spotted as they come in a distinctive crease on top. Since it came out in the market in the 20th century, these hats has gained a following and was even sported in gangster movies. The Indiana Jones series, remember? To date, manufacturers of these hats have come up with more innovative ideas to make it more fashionable. These hats are now made from different kinds of materials and more options are added on to it.

Wool - this typical style will give your head the needed warmth in winter and can go together with a long winter coat or suit. They come in shades of black, gray and brown. Straw - would be advisable for use in countries with a warmer climate. They normally are in shades of tan. Canvas - this choice is suggested for temperate weather. These hats have now evolved into more stylish and modern designs which are tailored to suit women's taste. Some have details like silk, print, ribbon or braided bands to give it a more feminine and new look. There are also various colors to choose from ranging from light to the classic black just like the one used by Michael Jackson.In buying a fedora hat, there are some things which you must put in mind though.

Knowing the shape of your face will help you in choosing the right design that will accentuate more your facial features. Choose something which will suit your personality and sense of style. You also need to check your body's proportions. Of course, a broader shape will not look nice if you have a slim frame. If you want to project a sexy look, tilt it a bit. A straw fedora will look good with a louse blouse worn on top of a pair of shorts Fedora hats go well with casual outfits from dressy blouse, relaxed jackets, denim jeans and cargo shorts and pants. So, if you are considering buying a fedora hat, the above tips will more than likely be of help.

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