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There are many benefits of having a website spokesperson on your site. An effective video can increase sales, communicate a professional image, and even reduce support calls. To do business online in today's interactive web environment, adding multimedia to your website is a great way to engage your customers in a personal way. More specifically, a website spokesperson allows you to: * Capture the attention of your website visitors. * Deliver your product message quickly, without relying on your customer to find and read the necessary information * Demonstrate your product or service * Stand out from your competition Choosing a Website Spokesperson Company Several companies exist today that will create video for your website. While on the surface many of these companies look the same, the cost and quality of what you receive can vary greatly. There are certain factors you need to consider when choosing a website spokesperson. Specifically, these include: Model Selection Your video needs to deliver the right message, and part of that message is the physical appearance of your spokesperson. If your target audience is young and hip, you're going to want a spokesperson that will appeal to that demographic. On the other hand, if you're marketing a financial product or legal advice, then a more experienced, professional spokesperson would be more effective at communicating a sense of trust and wisdom. Knowing your target audience and what will inspire them is important in getting the best results for your website. The best companies provide dozens of models and allow you to choose the one that fits your company's needs. Video Quality Production companies will use either high definition (HD) or standard definition video. The benefit to high definition is the quality - and you want to be sure to project a quality image to your customers. Website video providers run the gamut with video quality. Your first step is to look at their actual website and their sample video spokespeople. If the color is yellow, muted or distorted in anyway, then you need to ask about their quality process. Video Sound Your video sound should be top notch. A professional studio with a directional shotgun microphone attached to a boom will provide the best sound quality for a video. Cheaper versions would be lapel microphones or mics that attach to the camera; these will give less quality sound.

Script Writing Many people will feel very comfortable coming up with the script they want their spokesperson to say. However, if you don't have the skill or desire to be this creative, you'll want to choose a spokesperson company that can offer this service for you. Cost Generally speaking, the cost of adding a spokesperson video to your website is based on the length of video requested. The price range for a typical 30 second video can range from a very low monthly fee to over $1,000 per video. There can be high margins in this business, so don't think you have to spend more to get more. A lower cost company can produce spokesperson video that equals or surpasses videos costing far more. Preview the work they've done for other customers to get an idea of the quality they can offer you. Summary Choosing a good, quality spokesperson video company increases your chances of receiving a professional video product that can have an immediate effect on your bottom line.

Brian D. Dolezal is the President of Your Website Spokesperson, LLC ( ). An accomplished entrepreneur, Brian has seen firsthand how effective spokesperson video can be on a website. He and his company are dedicated to offering professional, top quality video spokespersons at prices that truly anyone can afford.

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==== ==== Brought to you by your friends at Tweople! ==== ====

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