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Company profile for Nowadays nobody make faces or stare doubtfully when they hear about generic medicines. It is because of the wide awareness about the effectiveness of these drugs and of course the very little price they come along with. These drugs are available at virtual pharmacies like This pharmacy keep drugs which are FDA approved. Generic medicines are not different from their branded counterparts. They both share the same chemical part and thus the mode of action, side effects and precautions to take are same. Therefore you can order generic medicines confidently. These drugs are made by some of the well known drug manufacturing units.

We have a team of amazing people working as customer care executives. These people have roles to do such as keep tracking of orders and answering to the queries of customers. An email is sent to the customers after they place an order. This mail has details about the drug whose order has been placed and order tracing number. This is a unique number which can be used to track your order till you get it.

We, are known for our faster shipment methods. The shipping charges are also not high and thus it is affordable. Under special offers, we also ship the parcel absolutely FREE. There is a shipping policy displayed on the website which will let you get a clear idea about shipping. Online shopping comes with a fear of online threats and data leakage. At this virtual drug store you don’t have to worry about the same as the whole website is protected with SSL security system. This won’t allow any third party to access your data. Thus there is no chance of leakage of data thus online threat. Shopmedpills has a refund policy also with which you can claim for money back.

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