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Size of a Human Penis | Enlargement Pills

Men are obsessed with their penises. They are always asking themselves questions such as: Am I too small? Can you be too big?. The answer is very simple: your current size is probably just fine. Only a tiny percentage of all men fall outside the average male genital size. Some are indeed too small for their own comfort and some are too big for their partners comfort. There are only a couple of professional studies that can actually give an accurate idea of what the average size of a male penis is. No matter how often it's written that penile size doesn't matter, and that women aren't attracted to a man because of the length of his penis, the average male continues to think the same way. Although a big penis is currently thought to be aesthetically pleasing, it is, like other bodily parts, open to shifting trends. In ancient Rome or Greece for example a enlarge penis was thought laughable but it is also true that many cultures still consider a large penis as a symbol of both potency and strength. Penis size is determined by genetics. Penis growth starts between the ages of about 10 to 14 years of age, although some in some boys the process starts sooner, while in others it starts later. The testicles begin to enlarge first and hair grows in the pubic region. The penis then grows in length and later in girth. Average penis size for the mature non-erect adult is between 3 to 4

inches. Teenagers have to wait one or two years after they have stopped growing in height before they will know their final penis size. The trouble is that every man is a victim of the foreshortening effect. The angle at which you look down inevitably makes your penis seem shorter than it is. But when you glance at another man's organ, there's no such foreshortening effect, so more often than not it'll look as though the other guy is slightly better endowed.

A lifetime of comparison of this sort (and virtually every male does a quick mental check on each naked man he comes across) can easily make you feel a bit inadequate. But it's important to realize the true dimensions of penis length. Of course, it's true that some men have big penises and some have smaller ones, just as some men have small feet and some have big feet, but size is not really a mark of virility. The average erect size of a penis seems to be in the range of 4 to 8 inches long, with the vast majority falling between 5 to 6.5 inches long. Most people think that a tall man has to have a large penis, but this is not true. The distinguished American researchers Masters and Johnson measured the penile lengths of more than 300 men. The largest organ was 14 cm (5.5 inches) in the flaccid state. It belonged to a slim man who was 5' 7" tall (170 cm). The smallest penis measured 6cm (2.25 inches). It belonged to a fairly heavily built man of 5' 11" (180cm). How about that? So use enlargement pills like vigrx plus and make your sexual life happy .

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