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How Combination Lock Boxes Benefit Real Estate Agents

As a real estate agent, your clients trust you to care for their houses when you are showing potential buyers around. The best way to ensure the safety and security of any property you show is to use a combination lock box. A combination lock box allows you to store keys to the house securely so that you can have access to the property when the homeowners are away. Storing keys in this manner prevents the risk of keys getting misplaced as you show a number of houses throughout the day. Since the keys never leave the property, your clients can rest easy knowing that only you and your authorized representatives have access to the house. Houses that are placed on the market for sale are often the target of thieves because these properties are often vacant. Sometimes homeowners will hide spare keys on the property to give you access to the house, and professional thieves know this. They may be looking for electronics, jewelry, or boxes that have already been packed and are easy to remove quickly without arousing suspicion. When you use lockboxes, you are sending the clear message that the house is secured, which can deter those looking for an easy score. The key to making sure the house is secured is to choose a sturdy real estate lock box. A fourdigit combination model made from reinforced materials stands up to attempts to break the unit open, making the keys inside safe from would-be thieves. Most models hang securely around the doorknob of any entry door to the home, allowing easy access to anyone who has the key. Real estate lockboxes allow you to store several keys at one time, so you can access all secured areas of the house. Keys to garages, storage sheds, and any additional buildings on the property can all be secured in one central location. Your real estate business depends on how much your clients trust you and how quickly you get properties sold at a good price. Using a combination lock box increases the security of a house on sale when no one is present and it allows you the flexibility to show the house at your convenience. After all, what is your value if your clients have to shuffle their schedules to

entertain potential buyers?

This small tool can make a major impact on your ability to

successfully sell a house in today's competitive real estate climate. For more information visit us at

How combination lock boxes benefit real estate agents  

This article discusses the benefits of lockboxes for real estate agents. With lockboxes, agents can quickly have access to a house that is f...

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