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Hereford Publications Inc. MEDIA KIT American Hereford Association P.O. Box 014059 Kansas City, MO 64101

Hereford Publications Inc. STAFF

Joe Rickabaugh

Director of field management and seedstock marketing

Alison Marx

Advertising coordinator

Sean Jersett

Graphic designer

Debbie Rush

Production assistant

Caryn Vaught

Production manager

Abigail Shipley

Creative Services coordinator

Bruce Huxol

Graphic designer

Julie Mais


Christy Benigno

Editorial designer/assistant

Hereford World magazine is published for conscientious Hereford breeders and commercial cattlemen who make their living in the beef industry. Timely articles and editorial columns provide readers with information to help them make sound management and marketing decisions. From basic how-to articles to in-depth reports on cutting-edge technologies, the Hereford World offers its readers a solid package of beef industry information. Hereford World is the official voice of the American Hereford Association (AHA). The magazine is produced 11 times a year, with seven glossy issues mailing to 5,800 subscribers. Paid subscribers receive the glossy magazine, the majority of which are registered Hereford breeders. A tabloid newspaper is produced four times a year and is mailed to 20,000 commercial cattlemen and Hereford producers. The tabloid newspaper is an advertising vehicle editorially centered to reach commercial producers interested in Hereford genetics. The March, April, May/June, July, September, November and December issues are published as glossy magazines. The January, February, August and October issues are published as a tabloid. The audience is a solid core of loyal readers who don’t just read the Hereford World every month — they study it. Articles and columns provide indepth information about the beef industry. The tabloid version of the Hereford World has built a loyal following among commercial producers using Hereford genetics. These individuals see and respond to the advertising messages in its pages. The audience base grows each year as producers continue to realize the value of Hereford genetics. It’s a smart decision to advertise in the Hereford World. Your advertisement in the Hereford World grants additional exposure beyond your ad. Advertisers’ sale dates are published in the calendar in print and online far in advance. Your sale results are posted on for at least a year. Advertisers meeting the minimum requirements for field staff coverage also will have a sale report listing their top selling lots and averages from sale day in the Hereford World.

EDITORIAL CALENDAR January – Calving • Outlook feature • Calving features • NAILE National Hereford Show results February – Bull buying and management • Bull buying and management features • Western Nugget National Show results March – National Western Stock Show • National Western National Hereford Show results • Marketing and branding features • JNHE schedule April – Females • Dams of Distinction • JNHE schedule • Female features • Cattle Industry Convention Highlights • Fort Worth National Hereford Show results

May/June – JNHE preview • JNHE and PRIDE preview • Youth features • Summer management features • CHB Sires of Distinction July: Herd Bull and Reference Edition – Herefords Across America • Special section features Hereford operations and beef industry by region • Hereford Handbook • PRIDE preview August – Fall management • Fall management features • BIF summary September – JNHE • JNHE review • PRIDE review • Youth/family features • JNHE show results

October – Feeding/Nutrition • Feeding/Nutrition features • Annual Meeting Preview November – Annual Report • Annual Report • President’s article • Keystone National Hereford Show results December – Annual Meeting • Annual Meeting review • American Royal National Hereford Show results • National Western Stock Show preview

Hereford World AD DIMENSIONS Glossy format (March, April, May/June, July, September, November and December) Page trim size: 8.125”x 10.75” (Live area: 7” x 10”) Line screen: 150 Full bleeds available (allow 1 pica or 1/8” larger than trim size)

Full page

Half page

8.125” x 10.75”

7.125” x 4.79”

Half page vert. 3.47” x 9.75”


4.67” x 6.83”

Tabloid format (January, February, August and October) Line screen: 100 Bleeds not available

Full page

Half page

Quarter page

Quarter page vert.

9.5” x 13.5”

4.667” x 6.667”

9.5” x 6.667”

2.25” x 13.5”

Half page vert. 4.667” x 13.5”

Junior page

7.0833” x 9.667”

Quarter page 3.47”x 4.79”

Third page 2.25” x 9.75”

Hereford World AD RATES Glossy Advertising Rates Full page, four color $1,150 ½ page, four color $875 Island page, four color $925 1/3 page, four color $660 ¼ page, four color $440 Full page, black and white $725 ½ page, black and white $450 Island page, black and white $625 1/3 page, black and white $325 ¼ page, black and white $250

Tabloid Advertising Rates Full page, four color $1,200 Junior page, four color $1,000 ½ page, four color $900 ¼ page, four color $700 Full page, black and white $800 Junior page, black and white $600 ½ page, black and white $500 ¼ page, black and white $300 Seedstock directory $350/year

PRINT DEADLINES Issue: Deadline: January November 25 February December 25 March January 25 AI Book January 25 April February 25 May/June March 25 July Early bird: April 28 Final: May 26 August June 25 September July 25 October August 25 November September 25 December October 25 Indicates a tabloid issue If the deadline falls on the weekend then all photos and copy must be received in the HPI office no later than the following Monday.

“The Hereford World staff are great to work with. They communicate well and produce an ad that conveys the message we want to the buying public. We are proud of our breed and our breed publication. It is a first-class magazine!” - Dale Venhuizen, Churchill Cattle Co.


Banner advertisements rotate throughout the AHA website ( and are visible on all the popular pages. Hereford breeders can advertise their operation via a banner ad that shows the breeder’s logo, contact information, sale date, etc. The banner ad serves as a direct link to a breeder’s website or online sale catalog that has more complete information on their operation and program. In an effort to offer affordable advertising rates, the web banners automatically rotate from page to page where they are displayed. This rotational method allows for multiple banner ads to be shown in a specific place on a specific page for a specific amount of time, giving the advertiser more exposure on more pages. There is no limit to the number of potential ads in the ad rotation.


The American Hereford Association field staff can help you market your cattle and promote your operation. Give your local field representative a call if you are interested in: • Placing an ad in the Hereford World • Creative Services projects, including sale catalogs, flyers or brochures • Buying or selling Hereford-influenced feeder calves • Marketing cattle through CHB • Assistance in marketing your Hereford seedstock and commercial females

Pricing Options

Online Sale Catalogs

1-month banner ad — $500 with appearances in eNews and/or Sales Digest 2-month banner ad — $900 with appearances in eNews and/or Sales Digest 1-year banner ad — $1,500 with with appearances in eNews and/or Sales Digest Banner Ad Design Specifics • All banner ads consist of two frames • Additional frames are $50 per frame • There is a maximum of four frames • All banner ads can be linked to a web site or online catalog • All ads will be designed in two size formats: 311 px x 104 px and 150 px x 150 px

Hereford breeders can post production sale catalogs at at a cost of $250. Creative Service customers’ catalogs are posted at no extra cost. Hereford breeders catalogs who are posted on the will also be listed on the weekly Hereford eNews.

Whether your sale is six months or three weeks away we have a package that will work for you. For more information about banner advertising options, contact Caryn Vaught at or 816-842-3757.

AHA Members Only:

Advertisers with $2,000 of annual advertising ($1,000 for associations) qualify for ring service by field staff. Field representatives attend local, state and regional Hereford and beef events as time permits with respect to their sale schedule. These events include tours, state meetings, state shows, regional beef industry events and sales. They also are your link to the most recent industry and Hereford news and programs.

Western Region:

Mark Holt Wash., Ore., Utah, Idaho, Calif., Nev. and Ariz. 208-369-7425 Mountain Region:

Lander Nicodemus Mont., Wyo., Colo. and western Canadian provinces 307-421-8141

North Central Region:

Levi Landers N.D., S.D., Minn., Neb. and Kan. 308-730-1396 Upper Midwest Region:

John Meents Ill., Wis., Ind., Md., Mich., Ohio, Penn., Ky. and W. Va. 419-306-7480

Eastern Region:

Tommy Coley Ala., Fla., Ga., Miss., N.C., S.C., Tenn. and Va. 815-988-7051 Central Region:

Joe Rickabaugh Mo. and Iowa 785-633-3188

Southwestern Region: (advertising only)

Juston Stelzer Ark., La., N.M., Texas and Okla. 817-992-7059

Creative Services offers a talented creative team for your next promotional project. Our experienced staff can take your sale catalog, directory, brochure, flyer or other project to the next level. From photo retouching to a complicated directory, Creative Services is your source for affordable promotion.


Customized Mailing

When your project is produced by Creative Services, you will have access to the newest mailing technology. Our mailing list system can return a list customized to your specifications. Search categories include a combination of the following: recent bull transfers, recent female transfers, member radius search, active AHA members and active NJHA members. Data Integrity

Creative Services uses a direct link to the American Hereford Association database to retrieve pedigree and EPD information. This link ensures accuracy of information and access to the most current EPDs.

Services Provided (all are a per bid basis, unless otherwise noted)

Sale catalogs State directories Brochures Flyers Business cards Logo design Ad design Photo retouching/editing

$50/hour $50/hour $25/hour

To receive a bid or if you have more questions regarding the information needed to create a bid for your project, please call Joe Rickabaugh or Caryn Vaught at 816-842-3757.

“In 2013 we opted to give Creative Services the opportunity to produce and mail our sale catalog. We also started a new marketing and promotional program with ads in the Hereford World. Without a doubt this was a positive move. Creative Services helped us expand our horizons and take our customer base to new heights. The staff at HPI and Creative Services has been very helpful and courteous. The entire team has my stamp of approval that they will get the job done right!!� -Eric Walker, Walker Polled Hereford Farm

HPI Media Kit  

Hereford Publications Inc. advertising information.

HPI Media Kit  

Hereford Publications Inc. advertising information.