Page 1 Discloses Easy Payment Tips for Genuine Online Degrees sells online degrees from their online portal. Clients can buy the degree that they have always wanted from the privacy of their homes, at the pace that is right for them. Potentially, with the online degree, one can make over a million dollars more in their lifetime compared to if they chose not to continue with their studies from high school. The platform offers high-quality degrees that are genuine and processed at affordable prices.

In a past address, their Marketing Director asserted, “We want you to acknowledge the fact that we listen, support and understand your needs. We also understand how important it is for you to be secure when shopping online regardless of your location and that is the reason we only accept the most secure methods of payment that we could find. These methods include International Bank Wire Transfer, TransferWise (, Western Union or PayPal. So, be rest assured, you are safe with us. You will pay us in two installments. The first payment is 30% as deposit upon ordering, and then the second payment is the remaining 70% before delivery. We prepare the full set degree documents in just 14 days. Remember, we will email you the pictures for preview before you send the second payment. This is meant to ensure there is no spelling mistake in the documents, and for you to feel safe that we actually produce the real degree documents before you send the balance payment.�

They offer accredited degrees from real universities with multiple worldwide affiliate campuses and provide their clients with an opportunity to help further enhance their education credibility. They save their clients the time to attend class, sit through exams and lengthy study time and even save them tens of thousands university tuition fee. Most importantly, buying a genuine degree in the UK[ definitely saves one a lot of money and time that they can use elsewhere. They provide only genuine degrees that one can use professionally to climb the ladder of success. They offer full-time, part-time and distance learning degree from various courses. The Marketing Director went on saying, “Our prices are higher because the degrees we provide are for universities that are officially accredited and physically existent ones. This is ideally a mark of quality. If we had to sell our degree just in the name of any existent or non-existent university, then we would definitely have offered a more affordable price. We are indeed offering real, original, accredited degrees from highly reputable universities and as such have to take care of many persons involved in the process and so have to maintain the prices accordingly.� Since they are the direct employees working in the University, they do not want to expose their client's identity to anyone that eventually might make them at risk of losing their job and face legal prosecution. Nonetheless, they will handle their client's order via email, collect the information required to produce the degree. The degree is produced in the University; once ready, then they only forward the documents to their agent and finally courier to their client by FedEx.

About operates differently from other players in the industry as they specialize in very few highly reputable universities for providing the degrees. Concisely, these existent universities are officially authorized and have real university campuses. Prospective clients can visit their website to know more.

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Buygenuinedegree com discloses easy payment tips for genuine online degrees sells online degrees from their online portal. Clients can buy the degree that they have always wanted from the privacy...