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First-Aid :-

1. Fever&pain:- Combiflam Tab 15s 2. Cold&Allergy:-Crocin Cold & Flu Tab 6s 3. Burn:-Silverex AV Cream 20gm 4. Pan killer :-Brufen Tab 200mg 15s 5. Cut&wounds:-Betadine Antiseptic Cream 6. cough&cold:-Benadryl Cough Syrup 7. Acidity:-Dabur Pudin Hara 8. Eye Problem:-I-Kul Eye Drops 10ml

Babies 1. Allergy:-Atarax Oral Drops 2. Baby food:-Isomil Powder 400gm 3. Cold:-Flucold Oral Drop 4. Cough:-Alex + Oral Drops 5. Fever:-BABYGESIC DROPS 6. Iron:-Hepatoglobine Oral

Adult 1. Acne:-Acutret Cap 10mg 10s 2. Allergy:-Alaspan Tab 10s 3. Anxiety:-Alprax Tab 0.25mg 15s 4. Asthma:-Asthalin Expectorant 5. Blood Pressure:-Arbitel H Tab 10s 6. Cold :-Coriminic Syrup 30ml

Children 1. Allergy:-Allegra Syrup 60ml 2. Antacid:-Junior Lanzol Tab 3. Asthma:-Deriphyllin Syrup 4. Cold:-Febrex Plus Syrup 5. Cough:-Alaspan Syrup 60ml 6. Fever:-NICETAMOL 125MG

Skin 1. Allergy:-Betagel Gel 20gm 2. Antimark:-Brite Day Cream 4% 3. Shampoo:-8X Shampoo 100ml 4. Hair:-Morr F Solution 60ml 5. Infection :-AF K Lotion 60ml

Eye 1. Allergy:-FML Eye Drops 5ml 2. Infection:-Catarest Eye Drops 3. Lubricant:-Add Tears Eye Drops 10ml 4. OTC 5. Specific:-

Women 1. Antiseptic:-Betadine Vaginal Suppository 10s 2. Bone health:3. Infection:-Clingen Vaginal 4. Harmone:5. Multivitamin:-

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