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Buy DJ Equipment: Selecting DJ Equipment Having your own club, playing your own kind of songs and mixing your own music is what DJs dream of! What great idea to purchase DJ equipment of your own so you can start creating great music and practice for your performance. There are great new DJ equipment in specialty shops or online but if you are just starting out with a limited budget then it is better to start with second hand equipment first. When you buy DJ equipment, you must know how to distinguish quality and durability especially if you are out looking for deals in a second hand shop.

Buy DJ Equipment Second Hand There is nothing wrong about buying second hand stuff; some great condition DJ equipment can be found in clearance sales, garage sales and flea markets if you look hard enough. It is important though that you know how to appraise equipment and know how to test them out before you purchase.

When buying major second hand DJ equipment like turntables and mixers, ask the owner to test them out; check out the tonearm, the stylus (extra ones maybe great!) the table itself and check out if the belt drive works fine. Ask for an actual demo and try doing some scratching on your own. Chances are if there are turntables for sale, there could be a mixer nearby. There may also be tables and mixers in one which could make your hunt easier. Mixers must be checked for the number of outputs it has, room and booth controls, capabilities for MIDI and latest input capabilities would be great. It may be difficult to sample a mixer out for any problems but ask for any repairs done and if there are warranties left from the manufacturer. When you buy DJ equipment and accessories second hand it would also be best to be particular about brands. Before you go bargain hunting be familiar with the great brands of headphones, controllers CD or MP3 players online. Great brands mean great sound quality and better performance thus even if it is second hand, they would still work great.

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Buy DJ Equipment Brand New It would be a dream to use all high quality and brand new DJ equipment. Whether you buy these online or you purchase them from the store it is still best to do your research for the best brands. Look for these on DJ equipment review sites and also in product comparison sites. As you shop for equipment remembers to find great manufacturer’s warranty on service and parts. Ask for possible parts ordering online just in case you need to replace a broken one. Be particular too for brands that have online support or 24 hour customer support just in case you need technical help for your equipment. Finally, when you buy DJ equipment, always ask how to care or maintain these pieces of equipment. New or second hand, DJ equipment may last for a long time when maintained in the proper way. You can also get great information on how to maintain DJ equipment online.

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