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Facts About Birth Control That You May Not Know

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A birth control pill is a form of contraceptive that is majorly used for preventing pregnancy; however a considerable amount people also use contraceptive pills for a number of other reasons like treating ovarian cystic syndrome, migraines/headaches, regularizing periods, lessening painful periods etc. Even so, it should be noted, that awareness about side-effects of birth control should not be dismissed. These side effects include hair loss, fatigue, low sex drive, low thyroid function and weight gain etc. Even though these side effects are subtle, every woman using birth control should be educated on its contents, how it works and how it affects your body. Although contraceptive education has more awareness now than ever before, there are still some facts about birth control that you may not know

There are different types of oral birth control There are three types of oral pregnancy prevention pills; - there are regular pills, low dose & ultra low dose, and progestin-only variety. Some regular dose pills have 50 mcg estrogen while low dose ones have 35 mcg and ultra low ones only have 20 mcg of estrogen. Progestin-only pills do not contain any estrogen. There are even different pills which contain various type of hormones derived from either Estrogen or Progestin. For e.g.- Ovral G containing norgestrel and ethinyl estradiol ( hormones from progestin and estrogen

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respectively) and other like Yasmin pill (ethinyl estradiol and drospirenone) etc.

Oral emergency contraceptives can take effect in three different ways Emergency contraceptive is another form of birth control which has become increasingly common. Even so, proper information regarding oral emergency contraceptives like Plan B pills is lacking. Plan B takes effect in a way that provides the body with high doses of progestin and estrogen hormones which can prevent pregnancy in three different ways. These include,   

It can prevent ovulation ( it delays ovulation to a more suitable time, it doesn’t stop it) It can prevent fertilization of an already released ovary. Lastly, it can cause an already fertilized egg from attaching to the uterine wall and prevent the pregnancy from growing further.

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Missing a day of birth control can open a chance for pregnancy If pills are missed occasionally or at different time of the day especially in case of lower dose pills, it can cause irregular bleeding. It is not a sign of lack of efficiency but it can cause problem. Missing a pill even a day or two can stop ovulation impediment and therefore allow pregnancy to occur. It can also affect sex hormones balance and can cause symptoms like fatigue, irritability and weight gain etc.

You can skip non-hormonal pills Up to 15% of women on pregnancy prevention medication will stop having periods for a prolonged period. This may cause panic as, periods are sign that that no pregnancy has occurred while the woman is off the pill. For women on the birth control medication, however it is common for some to stop having periods altogether and it is normal and safe to do so. Even so, many women like to see a menstrual cycle every month as it comforts them. If you are one of those who have skipped placebo pill, you may be a part of people who completely skip placebo pills.

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For e.g. there are many women who buy Ovral G pills which contain 21 and 28 pill package. These 28 pills packages contain seven placebo pills which women take for remembering intake even after the seven days gap. While 21 package all contain active drugs.

Birth control can prevent/decrease chances of polycystic ovarian syndrome For women who are prone to ovarian cysts, birth control has proven to be an effective way of countering it. Considerable amount of women take these pills for other causes like for prevention of cysts, regularizing periods and for clearing up skin problems/acne etc. Gynecologists state that the pill doesn’t necessarily cause the ovarian cysts to resolve or shrink, but a woman with one cyst is more at risk of getting others. Therefore the pill prevents further cysts from developing and the present cysts from getting larger.

Birth control replaces naturally occurring hormones with chemically altered ones Birth control pills contain progestin that stop ovulation. This stops the release of mature eggs each month that could be fertilized and cause pregnancy. Along with ovulation, however progestin also stops the women from producing her own sex hormones, i.e. progesterone, estrogen, testosterone. A gynecologist major states that it is common for women who have been regularly taking the pill to have low sex hormones levels like women in menopause because of this impediment. In place of naturally produced hormones, the tablet gives the body artificially altered sex hormones. These artificial hormones are effective enough to convince the human system to not produce more hormones but not enough to successfully replace what the woman stops producing. Therefore, this is partly the reason of common side effects occurring while on the pill.

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Birth control pills do not affect future pregnancies or fertility There is a popular myth around birth control that says that these tablets cause infertility. The reason why this myth is so popular is because when a woman is taking capsule, her body is still aging and that is naturally changing her body. These changes include- prevention of pregnancy, developing health issues like endometriosis, contracting STDs, fibroids or low thyroid functions – which are common causes of infertility. While she is taking the tablets, it prevents the woman from knowing that she is developing infertility as it is not being tested. By the time she gets off the birth control, she is older and her eggs are older too, and she might have developed condition where she cannot get pregnant. When such thing occurs, it is always blamed on the birth control, but that is never the issue, the real problem is masked.

Helps in alleviating painful menstrual symptoms Most women look forward to relieving the pain of stomach cramps and migraines while going through periods. The pregnancy prevention pill

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works to diminish or completely alleviate these symptoms in the following way – Heavy periods are commonly caused by an excess of estrogen and due to low amount of progesterone in the system; while estrogen is the excessive, painful menstrual, fibroids, ovarian cysts and endometriosis hormone. Progesterone is the anti-dote of all of the above. It results in normal and pain free periods and helps to relieve the burden of fibroids, endometriosis and poly ovarian cystic symptoms. Therefore, even if the pill does not contain the same quality of hormones as natural ones, it still has enough potency to diminish the progesteroneestrogen discrepancy and prevent the difficult symptoms.

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Facts About Birth Control That You May Not Know  

A birth control pill is a form of contraceptive that is majorly used for preventing pregnancy; however a considerable amount people also use...

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