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Imagine a f ict ional town called Newtown...

Introducing the Buy2Give App

Read how it makes Newtown a Big Hearted Community

Big Hearted Newtown Imagine your own town or community was our fictional Newtown... Newtown is a great place to live! It has a vibrant and caring local community, great amenities and wonderful local businesses who want to play a bigger part in their community life. Newtown Community Association are delighted to give everyone an exciting opportunity to put new purpose and meaning into our community life through our Big Hearted Newtown Campaign. It features an amazing new tool which enables shoppers and businesses to generate donations for local causes and charities when we choose to Buy Newtown. Its called the the Buy2Give App!

A modern way to Fundraise Charities and community organisations are at the heart of our community life. They provide a wide range of vital services which address local needs – but they need support and to raise money in order to keep driving forward! We would all give more if we could... Luckily our new way to fundraise isn’t based on what you can give but is based on where you choose to buy your everyday essentials and services. In Newtown of course!

How it does it work? It’s very simple and the entire process is managed on your smartphone. To participate, consumers and businesses simply download the Buy2Give App. When buying from a participating business, consumers need only activate their app. The Business then use their app to scan or read it, identifying the customer and their chosen charity or cause. The business then uses the app’s unique functions to turn a specific percentage of sale value into a much appreciated donation. The Buy2Give App creates the vital link that makes our Big Hearted Newtown Campaign a fundraising, business getting, customer pleasing winner!

Newtown leads the way Our Key Users are Charity and Community supporting individuals and businesses who want to help their favourite cause by generating donations from their everyday spending.

There are 2 versions of our app which support consumers and businesses

They choose to Buy Newtown because they want to help their cause whilst supporting local businesses.

Download our FREE app:

For Consumers - 3 Simple Steps Register To generate a User ID which identifies you and your chosen charity with a personal QR Code and ID number. Search Your app highlights local purchase opportunities, using GPS to present a directory of participating businesses wherever you are and the donation percentage they offer. Buy When you buy, the seller captures your QR Code or manually enters your ID number on their app along with the transaction value. The donation due is automatically calculated and the transaction receipted. Your app also shows receipted transactions and donation totals.

For Businesses - 3 Simple Steps Download our app at: Set Up Businesses register to set up their Business ID and select the donation percentage which suits their business profile. Customers locate participating businesses through our in phone business directory....and Buy! Record The App captures the Customers ID through an inbuilt scanner or allows manual ID Number input. Businesses need only enter the sale value to calculate donation value, generating database entry and customer receipt in the same action. It also features a Business Buyer function which enables ‘donation generating’ inter trading between Buy2Give network members access to really useful ‘How To’ manuals with ideas for marketing activity. Track It then sends receipts to customer devices and gives account holder access to monitor transactions and pay donations. It also features a ‘Business Buyer’ function which encourages them to buy from other Buy2Give network businesses and gives access to ‘How To’ Manuals with ideas for marketing activity.

Any town can become Newtown with Buy2Give

Win local hearts for less than the cost of a typical small classified advertisement! By using the Buy2Give App as a central feature of their Buy Local campaign, any town can join Newtown to enjoy the positive social impact of being a Big Hearted Community. Trade or Community Associations, Councils, Charities and Town Centre Action Groups simply encourage Consumers and Businesses to Download their App and build their campaign around its unique features. They can even generate community wide interest by creating a local edition of our ‘Big Hearted News’ community newspaper, distributed free at local leisure centres, council facilities, workplaces shops and businesses.

The Buy2Give App - the Buy Local Campaign ‘in a box’!

Do your business in town to keep the town in Business! Join our Campaign! Buy2Give promotes local sales!

For more details, please visit Or email us at

Buy2give app  

This brochure provides useful information about how Big Hearted Buy Local Campaigns can be set up using the functions of the Buy2Give APP.

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