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The Student Guide To Buying Modafinil Online Here is a short guide for any student interested in getting a hold of modafinil online. We'll discuss common problems when attempting to purchase modafinil online and other relevant topics. What is modafinil? Modafinil is a nootropic drug that enhances the communication between the hemispheres in the brain. Its commonly prescribed for narcoleptics to prevent them falling asleep but is now commonly used by academics to help them study. Its a prescription only medicine so you can't be it over the counter. Why do students use modafinil ? Students use modafinil for a number of reasons. Students have always be known to use stimulants from classical stims like amphetamine to the current trend in bingeing on energy drinks. Modafinil is a superior stimulant as unlike other stimulants, it doesn't give you any crashes, its very safe, its non addictive and it has a 12hr half life. Students prefer modafinil as it only stimulants the mind rather than the whole body. As with any stimulant, its used for staying up late to finish coursework and dissertations and to power through the long hours of studying students are required to do these days. Its now being used a lot by med students to stay awake when on call. Is modafinil safe ? Modafinil is really safe compared to other stimulants like ritalin and adderall. The most common side effects are headache and nausea. Common problems with buying modafinil online: 1. Getting Scammed 2. Customs seizing your order 3. Receiving fake/subpar modafinil 4. Having you card details cloned To avoid these problems its important you stay vigilant when buying modafinil online. Here's how we recommend you do it: 1. Avoid getting scammed by using a reputable site. We recommend Avoid any sites that are registered using a free sub domain ii.e Check that the site isn't a scam by googling the site URL + "scam" 2. Check the import laws of your country. In the UK its legal to import a 3 month supply of any non-controlled medication. will reship any order that is seized.

3.There are many fake versions of modafinil being sold in the market. Modalert being the most popular (see image below) as its cheap and readily available. The best way to know if your modafinil is real or fake is to compare its effects to the brand version provigil. Or have a spectrographic analysis performed on the tablets, as we did from the ones received from (see image below) 4. Use a prepaid card to make your purchase or if they provide it paypal..

We hope you found our guide useful, have fun modding !

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A guide for students that explains where to buy mdoafinil

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