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22nd April 2013 Issue 31—2012/13 season Closing day and Awards Function The Awards part was similar to last year but some other parts were different this year. First, the rain caused the popular closing day Roll up to be cancelled. Secondly, the meal this year was “Pot Luck”. Initially the Editor was not so keen on this change but the proof was in the eating. The Editor was easily won over and enjoyed lots of very nice food. The hard done by mostly the ladies in getting the food there was the reason.

The one thing a Bowling Club must have is a Green to play on. At Tawa we are very privileged to have both a natural and an artificial Green. The boss man is our Green’s Superintendent, Brian Gundesen. Everyone in our Club knows Brian Gundesen for he is always working on the Green or doing other jobs such as cleaning up, putting out the score boards, picking up cups left around the Green, cutting lawns, keeping the lawn edges tidy & straight, plus a few dozen other jobs as well. A look inside his “office” the workshop next to the railway line immediately conveys the impression of a very tidy worker. Although Brian will insist that others such as the Greenkeeper Graeme Miller and Bruce Christie are just as important as he is, this is Brian Gundesen’s Green. It is Brian who is always there, making sure everything is right and attending to maintenance as soon as it is needed. The award Club Person of the Year is determined by the votes of Club members. In their votes Club members have recognised Brian in a decisive manner, well done Brian, it is an award richly deserved. The silver ware was all polished and shinny and laid out ready to be presented to the season’s winners. Fiona Horne did a lot of the polishing.

The Tawa Junior Bowlers are excelling

Coaches recognised at Awards function A popular and well deserved award was made to our Coaches on behalf of all those who were regular attendees at the twice weekly coaching sessions. John Tomkies a 1st year Bowler spoke on behalf of all the coaching attendees and stated many nice things that the coaches had done to help all those starting out in our sport. They were nice words John, and the applause that followed certainly indicated they were the right words.

The Most Improved Juniors of the year L. to R. President Paul McEnaney presenting the Trophies to Murray Pirie & Isabelle Hassall

With close to 40 Juniors in the Club (that is the 1-5 year Bowlers) it is not easy to be the winner of one of these trophies. Murray & Isabella enter everything as well as attending both coaching sessions every week and there is no doubt that they have improved their standard of Bowls. 1-5 Year Wellington Reps L. to R. Graeme Munro (1st yr Bowler), Bev Lindsay (Coach), Peter Martin (1st yr Bowler), Mavis Woodman (Coach), Doreen McEnaney (Coaching Convenor), John Tomkies (1st yr Bowler)

The following from our Club have been chosen to represent Wellington next Sunday against Wairarapa. Jean Brewer Murray Pirie Peter Nixon Paul Hassall Ngarie Nixon Shirley Clark also from Tawa is the Manager.

Editor Graham Savell, Ph 04 232 6979 Email <> Whilst the Editor endeavours to provide correct and accurate information, errors can occur. Articles in the “Wrong Bias” reflect the views of the Editor and not the view of the Tawa Bowling Club unless specifically stated. The Editor will consider including articles from Club members and particularly Office Bearers. These can be Emailed to the Editor at <>

Raffles at our functions now a major achievement The first raffle to be drawn was the 200 ticket 20 prize one followed by a small 100 ticket draw. All prizes were donated or acquired by either Judy or Dawn in some way. The revenue to the Club was probably close to $600.

A beautifully wrapped raffle prize was donated by the Real Estate Duo from Tommy’s, Dianne Dunbar & Francesca Ward. Cathie Wilkinson won this prize and it was collected by Trevor Ross & Rae Chaney on behalf of Cathie.

Paul & Isabelle Hassall with all their winnings—4 cups plus the raffle 1st prize won by Paul.

Dawn Rangi & Judy Toomer are the Raffles principal driving force

That Albert Smith was the night’s nicest man. Albert won a raffle prize in the 2nd and smaller raffle where he was allowed to pick his prize. He could have picked a bottle of wine he liked or something manly in a box, but he didn’t. He picked a beautiful looking pot plant and presented it to his wife Jan to great applause and laughes.

Roll up aggregate awards

The Turners won the gin

Programme for the winter months Every Monday (already started) 1.30 500 Cards at the Club rooms Every Tuesday (starts 7 May) 10.00

Mixed Triples Gala

Every Wednesday (already started) Saturday afternoon Roll up L. to R. Graham Savell (Skip), John Hollick (2), Barbara Adams (3), Harry Craig (Lead)

Bowls Wgtn Champ of Champ Triples Rain was a problem on Sat & Sun but despite this some play was possible. Both our Men’s & Women’s teams are still alive and are not far away from making the semi finals. The event is to continue next Saturday at a venue that will be advised on the Bowls Wgtn Web site early this week. There will be an issue next week and this will be the last of the summer season. After this there will be issues as follows. ► ►

About 22 July with the main feature being the August Have a Go days. About 10 days before the next summer season starts—start date could be 7th or 14th Sept.

12.45 1.00

names/disks in for Roll up Mixed Mufti Roll up starts

Every Friday 4.30 onwards

- Social time at the Club - Membership No. drawn at 6 p.m.

Every 2nd Saturday (starts 4 May) 10.00

242 Pairs any combo Rotation A

Every 2nd Saturday (starts 11 May) 10.00

242 Pairs any combo Rotation B

Tues 30 April

Closing day for nominations for Executive Committee and Elective positions

Thurs 9 May

Last day for Notices of Motion for AGM

Sun 23 June


Annual General meeting

Editor Graham Savell, Ph 04 232 6979 Email <> Whilst the Editor endeavours to provide correct and accurate information, errors can occur. Articles in the “Wrong Bias” reflect the views of the Editor and not the view of the Tawa Bowling Club unless specifically stated. The Editor will consider including articles from Club members and particularly Office Bearers. These can be Emailed to the Editor at <>

Women’s Mid week closing day The Women’s Club day this season has been very successful with very few wet weather cancellations. It couldn’t last forever, closing day was set before the summer season started and the last morning was wet. But no compliant about the weather on the last day, the gardens needed the rain, and we did managed to get some outside Bowls and then came inside to have a little Indoor Bowls. A little change to the intended closing day programme but everyone still had a great time including a lot of laughs. The chocolate gifts especially were appreciated. There are many good cooks amongst our Women members and the pot luck lunch was superb. The all donated prize raffles was again a good one. The monthly Sales Table was again a major success story. Something that makes the crowd arrive early must be good. That home baked food always sells fast and there is never any left over. Also, the great knitting and other donated goods. The Sales Table proceeds totalled over $1,750, that is big money from a small group. Last season this Committee raised over $1,500 for the Club. After placing ideas in front of the Executive a year ago, it was decided that the $1,500 would be held for the longer term project of providing shelters around the Greens. The amount raised in the season just finished could also be applied to the shelter project. The Executive have been getting prices and information and once this is known they will be in a position to apply for Grants and determine the best way forward. $3,250 from the Women’s Mid Week Near table L. to R. Betty Shum, June Topham, Daphne group deserves big applause. Thank you, thank you all. Fenwick, Bev Johnston, Shirley Gaunt, Terry Vital

L. to R.—Dorothy Matheson, Barbara Allnut, Val Dibble, Dorothy Belz, Enid Turner, Helen Hansen, Gretchen Lash, Judy Toomer

Audrey Leacock was the winner of the Mid week aggregate. Runners up were Fiona Horne & Nanette Crowe

L. to R.—Ingrid Tyler, Chris Mowatt, Jenny Kenny, Nanette Crowe, Jean Brewer, Fiona Horne, Robyn Gundesen

The Mid Week Committee Ngarie Nixon (Convenor), Beryl Savell (Spokesperson), Anne Searancke, Isabelle Hassall, Margaret Tomkies, and Gay Adams. They all did a great job throughout the season.

The Sponsors of the Wrong Bias have been a constant companion throughout the past season. The Editor hopes you have enjoyed the food photos and words displayed each week. Every week a different food photo has been displayed. Every food photo displayed has come from dishes personally prepared by Sarah Searancke Catering. A different food dish every week, 32 dishes in total, that is remarkable. But Sarah Searancke Catering is a remarkable organisation.

Nigel & Sarah Searancke Caterers extraordinary & sponsor of the Wrong Bias

2012 / 2013 Trophy Winners WOMEN Trophy Name


Runners Up

M R Hogan Cup Championship Singles

Sandy Hickey

Cathie Wilkinson

Wynne McCarter Cup Championship Pairs

Doreen McEnaney (S) Lorraine Rowe

Nanette Crowe (S) Dorothy Matheson

Rene Gwynne Cup Championship Triples

Doreen McEnaney (S) Sandy Hickey Joy Irvine

Lynda Wightman (S) Barbara Adams Barbara Allnutt

Avis Fitzpatrick Cup Championship Fours

Lynette Clarke (S) Rae Chaney Ngarie Nixon Fiona Horne

Shirley Clark (S) Christine Long Marion Connell Lorraine Rowe

The Joy Wynne Trophy 1-5 Year Singles

Anne Searancke

Ngarie Nixon

Novice Singles – 1-2 Years

Not Played

Gene Bellman Cup Senior Pairs

Nanette Crowe Robyn Gundesen

The Peg Phythian Memorial Trophy 1-10 Year Pairs

Anne Searancke Isabelle Hassall

Ngarie Nixon Jenny Turner

Joan Beard Cup

Doreen McEnaney (S) Judy Toomer Margaret Tomkies

Rae Chaney (S) Barbara Adams Jean Brewer

Betty Beedell Memorial Tray Women’s Club Fours

Nanette Crowe (S) Marion Connell Fiona Horne Margaret Tomkies

Mavis Woodman (S) Alison Williamson Helen Hansen Susan Chu

Peggy Thompson Cup Mid-Week Drawn Pairs

Robyn Gundesen (S) Dorothy Matheson

Doreen McEnaney (S) Jenny Turner

Women’s Drawn Progressive Pairs

Nanette Crowe (S) Anne Searancke

Rae Chaney (S) Lorraine Rowe

Marg Walton Gold Bar Mid-week Aggregate

Audrey Leacock

Fiona Horne

Most Improved Junior

Isabelle Hassall

Jack & Jill Pairs

Bruce Christie (S) Lynda Wightman

Garratt Trophy Mixed Drawn Triples

Nanette Crowe (S) Louis van Zyl Gillian Prattley

Island or Origin

Not Played

Club Triples

Noeline Alexander (S) Riet van Koeverden Chris Mowatt

Schedule & typing supplied by Marion Connell

2012/2013 Trophy Winners MEN Trophy Name


Runners Up

The Fowler Trophy Championship Singles

Scott Johnson

Grant Traill

Eldon Armstrong Trophy Championship Pairs

Lynn Fenwick (S) Scott Johnson

Kit Chu (S) Paul Hassall

Jack Hurcomb Memorial Cup Championship Triples

Bruce Christie (S) Graham Savell Gavin McLeod

Brian Warburton (S) Louis van Zyl Mac Fa’atafa

Johnnie Walker Cup Championship Fours

Bruce Christie (S) Michael Johnson Nathanael Lucas Gavin McLeod

Lynn Fenwick (S) Paul McEnaney Gary Hedgman David Nolan

Allen Turner Trophy 1-5 Year Singles

Paul Hassall

Gavin McLeod

Novice Singles 1-2 Years

Graeme Munro

Graeme Aiken

John Lambert Trophy 1-10 year Pairs

Paul Hassall (S) Peter Nixon

Mac Fa’atafa (S) Digby Gudsell

Ken Fisher Trophy 1-10 Year 2 4 2 Pairs



Alf Gibbons Memorial Plate Club Triples

Rob McInarlin (S) Kit Chu Gavin McLeod

Monti Maich (S) Paul Hassall Don Far

Cliff McCarter Trophy Club Fours

Ian Matheson (S) Hong Chan Michael Chan John Tomkies

Rob MacInarlin (S) Chris Gaunt Vic Adams Nathan Williams

Barry Horsnell Drawn Pairs

Ken Ritchie Peter Nixon

Lynn Fenwick Alan MacLeod

Wally Greenhalgh Trophy Most Improved Junior

Murray Pirie

Con Stewart Memorial Trophy Mixed Club Fours

Ingrid Tyler (S) Les Wightman Alby Smith Jean Brewer

Club Person of the Year 2013

Brian Gundesen

Weekend Roll-up Aggregate

Graham Savell (S) Barbara Adams (3) John Hollick (2) Harry Craig (L)

Nanette Crowe (S) Vic Adams Sandie Cassie Margaret Tomkies

Schedule & typing supplied by Marion Connell

Wrong Bias 22 Apr 2013  

by Graham Savell

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