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Our Champions this week Frances & Mark Lenihan

5th November 2012 Issue 12—2012/13 season

Married 65 years ago on 25th October 1947 at Kilbirnie with 60 of those years being in Tawa. They are still regular and competent Bowlers. Mark enters a number of events as well as attending Roll ups almost every week. Frances is a Tawa Services member and has won many Championship titles, maybe as many as 20. Well done Frances & Mark, we do admire your wonderful achievement. Women’s 1—5 year Singles

Recently a couple of deaths have occurred of former Bowlers of our fellow Tawa Club. Merv Missen died last Friday at the age of 80. Merv was a Past President of Tawa Services, an Umpire, and a Life Member of the RSA. His late wife Mary was a big challenge on the Bowling Green. Milly Hanna who died Thursday at age 89 was also a Tawa Services member. Many will also remember her late husband Ivan Hanna. Both funerals are being held on Tuesday.

There are 3 Bowlers left in the competition they being; Anne Searancke—2 lives left Isabelle Hassall—1 life left Ngarie Nixon—1 life left The next game is between Isabelle and Ngarie with the winner then playing Anne in what could be the potential final. Anne has the luxury of still having her 2 lives and her final opponent will need to defeat her twice to earn the title for this season. A bit of a clean up by the mid week committee as they are all on that committee.

Top left—Anne Searancke Top right—Ngarie Nixon Lower—Isabelle Hassall

Men’s 1—5 year Singles What a great contest this has been so far. At the beginning there were 15 entries and after the completion of 4 rounds, 6 Bowlers remain. There has been a bit of everything, some fast games, some very long games, and some waiting around by some. The one constant was good bowls especially by some of the 1st year Bowlers. The only remaining 2 Lifer is a 1st year Bowler, Toru John. Toru’s standard of play and his confidence on the Green is well above that expected of a 1st year Bowler. Another 1st year Bowler, Graeme Munro lost his initial game but went on to win his next 3 rounds. Graeme is bowling extremely well.

Toru John

John Tomkies

Allan Chee

Graeme Munro

Yet another 1st year Bowler, John Tomkies, is also still alive. In his round 4 game, John was well behind at the half way mark but he never gave up and ran out to be the 21-19 winner over a more experienced opponent. Allan Chee a 2nd year Bowler has improved enormously. Allan played well throughout all 4 rounds and his only loss was to the unbeaten Toru John. The other 2 who remain alive with 1 life each are Paul Hassall and Gavin McLeod.

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1—5 year Singles

Women’s Mid Week drawn Pairs

THANKS ARE DUE All those Markers who made themselves available and turned up to do the job they volunteered to do. There is no title for Markers but no one can win a Singles event without them. To the Live Scoring which was on the web page. Go and have a look now at; Lynda Wightman sat at the Club all day to enter the results as they happened for the benefit of anyone who accessed the Web page during the day.

These teams qualified for Post Section on Wednesday morning. Cathie Wilkinson & Eunice Rogers Mavis Woodman & Barbara Allnutt Robyn Gundesen & Dorothy Matheson Bev Lindsay & Susan Chu Shirley Clark & Isabelle Hassall Doreen McEnaney & Jenny Turner Noeline Alexander & Gay Adams

Programme for next week


Mon 5 Nov

4.00 onwards—coaching for everyone

Tues 6 Nov

12.00 Melbourne Cup mixed Gala Cuppa from 11.30 Sweeps from 11.00

Wed 7 Nov

9.30 Women’s Mid week drawn Pairs Post Section round 1 9.30 Women’s Roll Up for those not in drawn Pairs

1.00 Saturday—Men’s Club Fours Teams R MacInarlin (S), L Wightman, V Adams, N Williams I Matheson (S), H Chan, D Gudsell, J Tomkies This game is already in progress, having been rained off in September. It is being played under the trial handicap system. The Editor understands at least one player is absent and will need to be replaced. This may make a difference to the handicap which could need adjustment when game resumes.

1.00 Men’s Pennants—Round 2 Thurs 8 Nov

10.00 Women’s Pennants—Rounds 1 & 2

Friday 9 Nov

10.00 Coaching From 4.30 p.m. Social time at the Club. Membership draw is made at 6.00 p.m. 5.30 Grant’s Corner to Corner (see next page)

Sat 10 Nov

9.00 Inter Club (Men & Women) 1.00 Women’s Champ Pairs—2 rounds

3.00 Saturday—Men’s Club Triples

1.00 Final Men’s Club Fours 3.00 Final Men’s Club Triples

Teams R MacInarlin, (S), K Chu, G McLeod

1.30 Roll up (Dress code applies)

M Maich (S), D Far, P Hassall

Sun 11 Nov

9.00 Men’s Champ Triples—3 rounds 9.00 Women’s Champ Pairs– 3 rounds

Entry closing dates & times

Keep an eye out for the entry closing dates


Sat 10 Nov

4.30 1 to 10 years Pairs (2-4-2 format) Men & Women (starts Sat, 17 Nov)

Sat 17 Nov

4.30 Con Stewart Mixed Fours (Being played Sun, 25 Nov)

Grant’s Corner to Corner tournament is back! Our club is 1 of only 125 clubs selected to take part. Coming on board this year is Corbans Wines, so whether you prefer a delicious Grant’s Whisky or a relaxing glass of Corbans wine, we have you covered. Prize Structure Weekly club winners receive 1 x Grant’s Whisky 700ml. Weekly club runner up receive 1x bottle of Corbans Homestead Wine. Overall club winners receive 1 x Grant’s Whisky 700ml and 1 x Grants Bowls Bag. Overall club runner up receive 2x bottle of Corbans Homestead Wine. Regional club winners receive 1x Grant’s Branded Bowls Set. Regional runners up receive 2x bottles of Corbans Homestead Wine. National winner receives $3000 for their club. There is a $1000 prize pool for clubs that put on the best “Grant’s Evening”. The “Grants Evening” is a chance for the club members to have a little bit of fun, don’t forget to check out the Grants cocktail suggestions. Format The 10-week competition runs from Week commencing 5th November to 7th December 2012, and 21st January to 1st March 2013.

We will run our competition as usual on Friday evenings at 5.30pm. Starting this Friday 9th. November, be there and have a go it’s not hard. The regional finals are on 16th March, with the national final taking place in Auckland on Saturday 6th April. Freebies As part of the promotion of Grants, remember to get your loyalty cards (like ‘coffee cards’) from the bar and every time you buy a Grants get it stamped; Purchase 5 Grant’s drinks and receive the 6th drink free. Please note that each person can only receive 3 stamps per day. Remember the more cards we can return the more likely Bowls NZ can continue this sponsored competition.

Thanks to Peter Nixon for this information

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With meticulous planning, attention to Nigel & Sarah Searancke detail and a wealth of knowledge we will Caterers extraordinary & sponsor deliver a truly magical day that leaves of the Wrong Bias Ph 04 232 6511

you and your guests with many lasting memories.

Wrong Bias 5 Nov 2012  

by Graham Savell