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Championship winners decided on Saturday For most of the day the weather conditions were good, a bit of sun and a bit of wind. Towards the end of the 2 finals the rain came and forced a stoppage, fortunately only for about 30 minutes. The Men’s Pairs only had one end to go and the Women’s Triples about 4 ends to go. A stoppage at this stage of a final is never good but the teams coped well.

8th October 2012 Issue 8—2012/13 season If you have not looked at the Web site in recent weeks, now is the time to start looking at it on a regular basis. Go there now and then click on “Tawa Events”. Here you will see these Tawa events. Jim Graham Trophy Barry Horsnell Men’s Pairs Saturday Roll up aggregates

The finalists of the Women’s Championship Triples The winning team are on the left—Enid Turner (Substituting for Joy Irvine), Doreen McEnaney (Skip) and Sandy Hickey. The runners up on the right are Barbara Adams, Barbara Allnutt, and Lynda Wightman (Skip). Lynda’s team had a lead of a few shots almost to the end of the final but lost vital ends late in the game. It was a good game to watch. The Men’s Pairs combination of Scott Johnson & Lynn Fenwick (Skip) went the Men’s Pairs title for the 2nd time as a combination. Their previous victory was in the 2009/10 season. For Lynn this was the 10th time he has been successful in the Men’s Championship Pairs. His 1st success was 27 years ago. Lynn & Scott went through this entire Championship without conceding a single defeat. Well done fellas.

They are completely up to date with all results from last weekend. As soon as everyone gets used to viewing results & draws by using the Web site, the need to include them in the Wrong Bias will disappear.

The Editor sees the Wrong Bias evolving to be a news vehicle that would have the stories, some photos, and what is new on the Web site. This is the Editors opinion only, it has not been discussed with the Executive or the Webmaster of the Web site. NOTICE—Women’s Mid Week Drawn Pairs Due to the number of players unavailable on Wed, 10th October, the 3rd round of the drawn Pairs WILL NOT BE PLAYED until 24th October. The usual Roll up with be played on Wednesday, 10th October.

Women’s Club Fours (drawn teams) This happy group had every reason to be happy, they had just won the Women’s Club Fours which was played on Sunday in nice weather. The runners up were Mavis Woodman (Skip), Alison From L. to R. Marion Connell, Margaret Tomkies, Williamson, Helen Hansen, Fiona Horne, and Nanette Crowe who had the and Sue Chu pleasure of Skipping the happy team.

Women’s Inter Club Co-Ordinator (Women’s Pennants) When I volunteered to do this job I did not realise it included Women’s Pennants which is played on Thursdays. I can still do Saturday Inter Club but as I work midweek, I need someone to do the Thursday Pennants. Ring Alison on 234 6645 evenings please.

Editor Graham Savell, Ph 04 232 6979 Email <> Whilst the Editor endeavours to provide correct and accurate information, errors can occur. Articles in the “Wrong Bias” reflect the views of the Editor and not the view of the Tawa Bowling Club unless specifically stated. The Editor will consider including articles from Club members and particularly Office Bearers. These can be Emailed to the Editor at <>

JIM GRAHAM TROPHY—Men vs. Tawa Services Played as scheduled on Sunday at Tawa where 8 teams of 4 from each Club played for the annually contested Trophy. Result—Tawa 359 shots (11 wins), Tawa Services 273 shots (5 wins) As Tawa Services could not field 8 teams on the day, 8 Tawa club members played for them. This did not effect the final result, it did enhance the Tawa Services score as one of those Tawa teams playing for Tawa Services won both their games.

Dave Connell on the left presenting the Trophy to the Tawa President, Paul McEnaney

A rare feat was achieved during one of the games when the Tawa team of Ian Matheson, Jock Miller, John Hollick, and Roger Noble when they scored the maximum of 8 shots in a single end. The Editor remembers Jock doing this once before several years ago.

If you want to order a Black Jacket with the Gold stripe and Club logo, there is a order form displayed at the Club rooms. Enquiries to Fiona Horne, Ph 232 6950 Limited stocks of Club shirts are also available, please see Marion Connell, Ph 232 6878

Programme for next week Mon 8 Oct

4.00 onwards—Coaching

Tues 9 Oct

12.30 Horsnell Men’s drawn Pairs 2 rounds of 1¾ hours each

Wed 10 Oct

9.30 Women’s Club Day Roll Up Rnd 3 drawn Pairs now being played on 24th October 1.00 Roll up be there by 12.45 p.m.

Friday 12 Oct

10.00 Coaching From 4.30 p.m. Social time at the Club. Membership draw is made at 6.00 p.m.

Sat 13 Oct

Women’s Championship Pairs 3 rounds of Section play

FINALS TO BE PLAYED SUNDAY, 28th OCTOBER 10.30 a.m. Start—Green One Women’s Club Triples

1.30 Roll up (Dress code applies) Max of 3 rinks available Sun 14 Oct

9.00 Championships continue from Saturday. 3 rounds

Mon 15 Oct

Fowler Trophy (Women) postponement day

Men’s Club Triples * Men’s Club Fours * * As at least one player is in both events, only one event will start at 10.30 a.m., the other will start at around 1.00 p.m.

9.00 Men’s Championship Triples 3 rounds of Section play

Entry closing dates & times Sat 27 Oct

4.30 1 to 5 year Championship Singles

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by Graham Savell