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Tvoje státní maturita 2018 ,


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Praha 2017



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Text k úlohám 4-10

Bryan's letter home Helio mum and dad, I have finally found some time to write you a letter. lt has been very difficult because we have been doing something all the time. I think that the description of one day at our camp will show you the best how everything works here. Yesterday is the best day to describe. Many things happened. First, we got up at 8 o'clock. Then we left our tents for the morning workout, where we stretched and exercised a little bit. After that we went to the dining room for breakfast. We had sliced bread with butter and honey. lt was delicious and I ate four thick slices, mom! The others then went to the kitchen to wash the cups and plates but I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, because I forgot to do it before breakfast. Next, we all went back to our tents and I played a game of cards with my friends. Soon we heard the ringing bell that always indicates that the supervisors are calling us for line-up. My ťriends wanted to finish the card game, but I convinced them to go there quickly. The supervisors told us that we would be playing sport games of our choice in the moming, then we would have lunch and after the after-lunch break we would have a ping-pong tournament. I was excited because ping-pong is my favourite game. I chose to play badminton in the morning, because Julie, a girl from my group, decidcd to play it and I wanted to spend the morning playing with her. We had a lot offun. At 12:00, we were called for lunch. We had vegetable soup and rice with chicken pieces and mushroom sauce. I ate only a little bit, because l didn't like it at all. I gave most of it to John, our supervisor, who Ioved it. He ate the leftovers from three children! l couldn't believe it. We were supposed to stay in our tents during the after-lunch break until I4:30. But I agreed with Julie to meet at her tent at 14:00. While l was on my way there, John saw me. He immediately sent me back to my tent and told me that I would have to stay there the whole afternoon. I was very sad because I couldn't 8

play ping-pong. I tried to convince him to let me play ping-pong but it was impossible. I returned to my tent and just lay on my bed until dinner. I heard other children enjoying the game. I was really sad and I wanted to do something nice so that the supervisors would forgive me. When dinner came, 1 apologized to the supervisors and they forgave me. Twas really glad and I volunteered to help John clean the kitchen after dinner. So, thaťs about it. Luckily, we will be playing ping-pong tomorrow again, because everyone Iiked it. I can ' t wait! I hope everything's alright at home. T' m looking forward to seeing you all, especially my dog Woofie. Is he fine? Do you give him enough food ? You know how much he likes to eat. T'm going to pet him so much when 1 come home. Goodbye Bryan P.S. It would be great ifyou could send me some more chocolate cookies.

Následující úlohy se vztahují k danému textu. Z nabízených možností vyberte vždy pouze jednu nejvhodnější a nejpřesnější odpověď na zadanou otázku.


Why didn't Bryan send a letter to his parents earlier according to the text?


He wanted to describe the best day ofthe camp.


He hadn't had time to do it at all.


He didn't want to.


He hadn't experienced anything interesting at the camp.


What did Bryan do right after breakfast according to the text?


He washed the cups and plates with the others.


He gave the leftovers to John.


He brushed his teeth in the bathroom.


He returned to his tent. 9

Tvoje státní maturita 2018 - Anglický jazyk  
Tvoje státní maturita 2018 - Anglický jazyk