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Summer 2008

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BUUIC News Excellent academics, cross-cultural friendships, vibrant campus life

May - August 2008

MOUs with Chuxiong and Can Tho

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From the Acting Associate Dean


This summer, BUUIC entered into two memoranda of understanding (MOUs) with Asian universities. The first is with the Adult Education College of Chuxiong Normal University (CNU), China, and the second is with Can Tho Medical College, Vietnam. The MOU with Chuxiong establishes a 1+3 program in which undergraduate students will study their first year at Chuxiong, focusing on language skills, and the remaining 3 years at BUUIC, where they will pursue their academic goals in a business curriculum. (Continued on page 7)

Dr. Li Ming, President of Chuxiong University, Dr. Suchart Upatham, President of Burapha University and Acting Dean of BUUIC, Dr. Rana Pongruengphant, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Acting Associate Dean of BUUIC.

Summer Internships, 2008 Almost 80 BUUIC students participated in internship programs during the summer of 2008, which took them to locations as diverse as Pattaya, Bangkok, Krabi, Phuket, China, and the U.S. First- and second-year students in Tourism and Hotel management participated in direct working experience programs, while third-year Tourism students participated in Hotel Internships and Externships. In addition, students from all the other majors participated in cooperative education programs across a broad range of jobs and industries.

Tourism and Hotel Management students participated in almost every function of hotel management, including wait person, prep cook, housekeeping, and front office/ reception. Students with other majors worked in international marketing, customer service, IT support, secretarial/ administrative support, purchasing, and training (HRD). Organizations participating in the internship programs included Krabi Airport, Amata Corp., Siam Michelin, CP All, AIA, Thai Airways, Thai Oil, Pantech R&D, and Samitivej Hospital in Sri Racha. (Continued on page 2)

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Pantech R&D hired two of our graduating students into full-time positions at the end of their cooperative education programs with that firm. Other graduating students who participated in summer programs have also gone on to full-time employment or to graduate study in Thailand and abroad. Two of the participating students submitted essays about their experiences. Those essays appear on these 2 pages. ♦

BUUIC News • May - August 2008

Summer Internships My first thought was to select the company giving the highest salary! By Nattapong Sanchan (Noom) Noom spent the summer working in IT support at Laem Chabang International Terminal Company.

My four-months internship in Laem Chabang International Terminal Company was very challenging. I gained many experiences that I guarantee I would never have received in another place. Working in LCIT taught me several lessons. I leaned much technological knowledge from experienced people, including how to work on the job, which was obviously different from the classroom. In addition, I had to interact with different kinds of people. It made me learn how to act in society and to be acknowledged by others. “I always get up early and work very hard” I often said to my friend. Because I stayed at my dormitory at Bangsaen, I had to get up very early to arrive at Laem Chabang before 8.00 a.m. I spent my first day in the company learning a company profile, background, regulations of the company, and agreement of salary for an apprentice student. That’s when I learned the company had changed its policy and I would not receive a salary for my internship. I was very disappointed. A few days later, the company assigned to me three big jobs. The first was collecting computer specifications for all departments. For each of the many hundreds of computer in the company, I collected detailed identification in formation. In addition, I drew a layout map of the locations of the computers in each department. The second job was to develop the Vehicle ReserLeft: Noom with his co-workers at LCIT

vation System for use by the company. Fortunately, staff members taught me how to do this from the beginning until it was completed. The third job was to provide weekly and monthly reports about what work I had done and what I had learned from the staff. Every week I learned computer topics from the staff and every day I fixed computers for different departments. I noted each of those things on my reports, which I submitted to the company, not to the college. Different department have completely different problems, so I learned a lot. By the end of my internship, I had submitted about 21 reports, each containing 6 – 30 pages. What did I gain from my internship with no pay? At first I thought making money was most important, but now I can see that the experiences I gained were more valuable than money. Now I have a greater ability to solve computer problems and I know how to create my own software. I know how people work and how to work with people. And finally, I have improved my writing, active leaning, computer, thinking, planning, and typing skills, which I am confident I can use in my future career. To new students, I have this message: have a good time with your upcoming internships and gain as much experience as you can. Remember: “Don’t fear failure so much that you refuse to try new things. If you believe you can, you’re halfway done.” ♦

Summer 2008

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The most unforgettable experience! By Siripun Sinbuathong (Toon) Toon interned at Universal Studios, Hollywood, USA

When people think of Hollywood the first thing that comes to mind is the movie industry. People believe that Hollywood that is all about the glittering and the glamorous lives of celebrities. Many people do not recognize the work that goes into play to make Hollywood happen. I was lucky enough to be one of those

the food service department. As a manager’s assistant, my duties were to help the manager with the making of the schedules, ordering and checking of inventories, monitoring the food quality and quantity, training new employees, and distributing the customer satisfaction survey.

people to make the world’s most famous entertainment industry run as smoothly as possible. For my summer internship, I worked at Universal Studios Hollywood, Los Angeles California. I worked there for 4 months, 5 days a week, and usually at 8 hours per day. My position was a cook and a manager’s assistant in

Hollywood for many reasons. I got to meet and work with people from all over the world, got to use my knowledge, and got hands-on experience in a real-working environment. Not only that, I was also treated equally with everybody else, which really made me feel like I was a part of Universal’s success.

I chose to intern at Universal studios

New Programs BUUIC will begin offering the following new programs between 2009 and 2011:

 A nursing program for Vietnamese nurses, 2009 (20 students per year)  International Business and Trades, 2010 (30 students per year)  Airline Business, 2011 (30 students per year) ♦

Being overseas all on my own also made me stronger as a person. I believe that I am more confident and self reliant from this experience, and this something that you cannot learn from a textbook or being in a classroom. This internship has by far been the most unforgettable experience for me and I would love to do it all over again any day. ♦

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BUUIC News • May - August 2008

Welcoming New Freshmen Several activities welcomed the new freshmen to BUUIC in and trips to the aquarium and the zoo. ♦ May, including a Freshman Ceremony, a Welcome Dinner,

International Instructors for Summer Program Two foreign professors joined us to teach in the Summer Intensive English Program. They are both from Indiana University in the USA. Denise Shettle is a Master Teacher with an M.A. in Applied Linguistics and an M.A. in Advanced Japanese Studies. She taught ESL/EFL for 16 years Japan, Thailand, and the USA. She has taught at all levels, including university, junior college, junior high school, and IEP. She taught Japanese for 2 years in an Indiana USA high school.

David Lyman is an Instructor with an M.S. in Urban and Overseas English. He taught ESL for 30 years and was also involved in International Education Administration. He served for 3 years in ESL Administration in Malaysia and taught ESL 1 year in Spain. ♦

Summer 2008

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Visit to the Zoo By Aree Krumram

In the summer, all the new first year students, accompanied by the administrators and the lecturers, were taken to the Khaw Kheaw Open Zoo. There they visited and had some fun together the very first day of welcoming them to the International College. ♌

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BUUIC News • May - August 2008

Practical Exam at Ancient City Students in Ajarn Punnee’s “Principles of Tour Guide” class Ancient City, an outdoor museum that includes a reconreceived some first-hand experience at Samut Prakan struction of an old Thai city. ♦ province in May. There they served as tour guides at the

Summer 2008

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Student Statistics Below are the numbers of students in each year and in each major, as of summer 2008:


Year of Entry


2005 (Year 4)

2006 (Year 3)

2007 (Year 2)

2008 (Year 1)

























MOUs with Chuxiong and Can Tho

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BUUIC will offer partial scholarships every year for excellent students and will provide internships opportunities. The MOU with Can Tho Medical College in Vietnam establishes an English language program in nursing science. The agreement includes 4-year and 2-year Bachelor degree programs in Nursing Science as well as a continuing education program. Students will complete approximately 40% of their credits at Can Tho Medical college in Vietnam then complete the remaining credits at BUU. The degrees will be granted by Burapha University. ♌

The following table illustrates the diversity of the BUUIC student body during the 2007-2008 academic year: Home Country

# Students





















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BUUIC News • May - August 2008

From the Acting Associate Dean New students, welcome to BUUIC! Over 240 new freshmen arrived at BUUIC this summer and participated in the Summer Intensive English Program. They are now prepared to undertake their academic studies. With so many opportunities afforded to our

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rana Pongruengphant

 Vice President for Academic Affairs, Burapha University

 Acting Associate Dean, Burapha University International College

About Burapha University International College BUUIC offers a variety of Englishlanguage undergraduate programs, including:

 Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) in the following areas:  Logistics Management  Management  Marketing  Tourism & Hotel Management  Management Information Systems (MIS)

 Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Computer Science  Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Communication Skills for Human Resources Development Our Thai and international students benefit from an international, crosscultural academic atmosphere, and enjoy access to the large curricula of well-known universities in Europe, the USA, Australia, and other parts of Asia.

Burapha University International College Excellent academics, cross-cultural friendships, vibrant campus life Kasame Chatikavanit Engineering Building, 7th Floor 169 Long-Had Bangsaen Road Tambon Saensook, Amphur Muang Chonburi 20131 Thailand

Phone: Fax: E-mail:

03-810-2571 03-810-2572 03-874-5856

students, the International College is a unique experience for each undergraduate. It is BUUIC’s aim to inspire our students and empower them to fulfill their leadership potential at BUUIC, in their communities, and in the world. ♦

BUUIC Newsletter Summer 2008  

BUUIC Newsletter Summer 2008