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Mas D’Ousvan french fabrics catalogue 2013

available wholesale in the UK from and selected stockists

BPS-24 Princess Chambray Red

BPS-09 Princess Ivory Grey Red

BSG-CHR Sevigne Chambray Red

BPS-21 Princess Red Pink

BPS-28 Princess Ivory Red

BSG-GR Sevigne Beige Red

BSG-IR Sevigne Ivory Red

BSG-GK Sevigne Beige Pink

BME-CHR Melaine Chambray Red

BME-RY Melaine Red Grey

BCH-33 Cherubin Pink

BCH-36 Cherubin Red

BCH-30 Cherubin Chambray Red

BCH-38 Cherubin Beige Pink

BELE-TR Helena Tea Red

BELE-CHR Helena Chambray Red

BEVA-CHR Eva Chambray Red

BEVA-GR Eva Red Beige

BELS-RD Elsa Red

BDOT-RY Dots Red Grey

BDOT-CHR Dots Chambray Red

BRT-GR Ratna Beige Red

BRT-YR Ratna Grey Red

BRT-RG Ratna Red Beige

BRT-KG Ratna Pink Beige

BRT-GK Ratna Beige Pink

BRTS-02 Ratna Stripe Red Grey Ivory

BAO-31 Manon Chambray Pink

BAO-10 Manon Beige Pink

BAO-15 Manon Red Pink

BAO-14 Manon Ivory Pink

BACE-IR Alice Ivory Red

BACE-YR Alice Ivory Grey Red

BACE-CHR Alice Chambray Red

BSY-41 Satya Red Beige

BSY-48 Satya Beige Red

BRNE-CHK Rosine Chambray Pink

BRNE-RD Rosine Ivory Red

BION-YR Marion Grey Red

BION-IR Marion Ivory Red

BION-CHR Marion Chambray Red

BNG-95 Angele Taupe Red

BNG-98 Angele Chambray Red

BNG-99 Angele Ivory Red

BMUS-GR Marcus Beige Red

BDNO-GK Dano Beige Pink

BDNO-IR Dano Ivory Red

BMUS-RG Marcus Red Beige

BEA-97 Lea Tea Red Pink

BDNO-CHK Dano Chambray Pink

BDNO-IK Dano Ivory Pink

BJAN-IK Jan Ivory Pink

BJAN-IR Jan Ivory Red

FWHIT Solid White

FOFW Solid Ivory

FBEIG Solid Beige

FBURED Solid Burgundy

FSPIRED Solid Spice Red

FPURP Solid Dark Purple

BRT-PT Ratna Purple Taupe

BRT-TP Ratna Taupe Purple

BDNO-PG Dano Purple Beige

BJAN-IP Jan Ivory Purple

BSG-GP Sevigne Beige Purple

BSY-44 Satya Beige Purple

BSY-45 Satya Purple Beige

BEA-96 Lea Tea Purple

BPS-31 Princess Charcoal Purple

BPS-25 Princess Chambray Purple

BACE-CHP Alice Chambray Purple

BPS-26 Princess Chambray Blue

BPS-10 Princess Ivory Grey Blue

BSG-CHB Sevigne Chambray Blue

BPS-22 Princess Blue Blue

BPS-29 Princess Ivory Blue

BSG-IB Sevigne Ivory Blue

BSG-GB Sevigne Beige Blue

BME-CHB Melaine Chambray Blue

BME-BY Melaine Blue Grey

BCH-34 Cherubin Blue

BELE-CHB Helena Chambray Blue

BEVA-CHB Eva Chambray Blue

BCH-31 Cherubin Chambray Blue

BCH-39 Cherubin Beige Blue

BELE-TB Helena Tea Blue

BEVA-GB Eva Beige Blue

BELS-BU Elsa Blue

BDOT-CHB Dots Chambray Blue

BDOT-BY Dots Blue Grey

BRT-YB Ratna Grey Blue

BRTS-01 Ratna Stripe Blue Grey Ivory

BRT-GB Ratna Beige Blue

BRNE-BU Rosine Ivory Blue

BRT-BG Ratna Blue Beige

BRNE-CHB Rosine Chambray Blue

BAO-32 Manon Chambray Blue

BAO-16 Manon Ivory Blue

BACE-IYB Alice Ivory Grey Blue

BAO-11 Manon Blue Beige

BAO-17 Manon Blue Blue

BACE-IB Alice Ivory Blue

BACE-CHB Alice Chambray Blue

BSY-42 Satya Blue Beige

BSY-49 Satya Beige Blue

BEA-99 Lea Tea Blue Blue

BION-YB Marion Grey Blue

BION-IB Marion Ivory Blue

BNG-94 Angele Taupe Blue

BNG-99 Angele Chambray Blue

BION-CHB Marion Chambray Blue

BNG-97 Angele Ivory Blue

FBLUY Solid Blue Grey

FBLUK Solid Blue Sky

BMUS-GB Marcus Beige Blue

BMUS-BG Marcus Blue Beige

BDNO-CHB Dano Chambray Blue

BDNO-IB Dano Ivory Blue

BDNO-GB Dano Beige Blue

BJAN-IB Jan Ivory Blue

BPS-23 Princess Beige Charcoal

BPS-30 Princess Ivory Beige

BPS-27 Princess Chambray Charcoal

BSG-IY Sevigne Ivory Grey

BSG-GY Sevigne Beige Grey

BSG-GG Sevigne Beige Beige

BSG-CHY Sevigne Chambray Grey

BME-CHY Melaine Chambray Grey

BME-YY Melaine Grey Grey

BCH-35 Cherubin Grey

BCH-37 Cherubin Beige

BACE-CHCH Alice Chambray Charcoal

BACE-ICL Alice Ivory Charcoal

BSY-43 Satya Beige Charcoal

BELS-GE Elsa Beige

BCH-32 Cherubin Chambray Charcoal

BELE-TG Helena Tea Beige

BEVA-CHY Eva Chambray Grey

BDOT-CHY Dots Chambray Grey

BDOT-YY Dots Grey Grey

BRT-GY Ratna Beige Grey

BRT-GG Ratna Beige Beige

BRT-YG Ratna Grey Beige

Bea-98 Lea Tea Beige

BRNE-GG Rosine Beige

BRNE-CHY Rosine Chambray Grey

BMUS-GE Marcus Beige

BDNO-CHY Dano Chambray Grey

BDNO-EY Dano Grey

BJAN-IG Jan Ivory Beige

BJAN-IY Jan Ivory Grey

FCOAL Solid Coal

FCHAM Solid Chambray

FDKREY Solid Dark Grey

BDNO-GE Dano Beige

Mas D’Ousvan available wholesale in the UK from

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Mas D'Ousvan Fabric Catalogue 2013  
Mas D'Ousvan Fabric Catalogue 2013  

Mas D'Ousvan french fabric catalogue available from