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January 2013 Volume 1 Issue 6

The Kiwi Khronicles Official Division 2 Newsletter

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Division 2 I Region 9 I Cali-Nev-Ha District I Key Club

Happy New Year!

New Year, New Service

IN THIS ISSUE This Month………………..….....1 Pediatric Trauma Prevention.1 January DCM………...............2 Key Leader Reflection….……3 Candidate Training Conference…………………...3 Featured News…….…….....4-5 Thank You & Contacts……...5

This guy right here? He’s Charles Chu, our LTG, but also a member of the CNH District Project Committee. Hit him up with any questions!

Hey Kiwis! It’s a new year, and a fresh start in service! DCON is coming up soon, which means that you should all start fundraising to alleviate costs. You definitely don’t want to miss the biggest service celebration of the year! Submit your contest applications, elect your officers, and turn in the forms before the appropriate deadlines. For conclave, remember to assign TWO delegates to attend, and to invite club members to participate in the experience! Represent your club’s voice! The February DCM will also be on the same day. Happy 2013, D2! In Service, Kelly Chan Division 2 Newsletter Editor

We’ve raised $138,000 so far! Goal:154,000

CNH Division 2 Official Newsletter


January DCM Free in January? Not a club board member? Like recognizing the hard work of others? Join the DIVISION JUDGING COMMITTEE! Email Charles Chu for more info

CLUB ELECTIONS must be held in January or February, due to the early DCON date this year!


Division Awards Member of the Year: Recognizes one MEMBER per division who has served his or her club, division, and district diligently throughout the year Club of the Year: Recognizes one club per division for overall excellence Most Improved Club: Recognizes one club that has improved dramatically over the past year Kiwanis/Faculty Advisor of the Year: Recognizes one Kiwanis advisor and one faculty advisor per division who have gone ABOVE and beyond in SERVING their clubs.

*Applicants must submit E-portfolio in January (exact date TBA) *Winners will be recognized on stage at DCON

What did you think of the last DCM at Dublin Iceland? We met other Key Clubbers and reunited with friends from other schools. Along with the ice skating portion of this event, Charles Chu, our division’s lieutenant governor, held our monthly DCM. He and other divisional leaders discussed Key Club business. The event was really fun.” - Jennifer He


Division 2 January DCM Jan 19th from 3:30 -7PM at Studio One in Oakland (365 45th Street) What: Conclave /Feb. DCM Who: D2, D26N, and D26S Where: San Leandro Library 300 Estudillo Avenue When: February 2nd , 11am3pm

“I wasn’t planning on coming to this event initially, but I did and I am so glad that I did! I had so much fun. But it was so much fun to be with everyone and the event had such a positive atmosphere, you couldn’t help but be happy. It was a wonderful way to spend a Friday night.” - Danica Liang



Key Leader Reflection By Jessica Huynh, San Leandro SInce joining Key Club I’ve attended every Fall Rally, every DCON, almost every RTC but there had always been one event I wanted to go to, Key Leader. In my freshman year my friend had told me about how Key Leader had been so influential to him and how it brought the leader in him shine. I was then set on attending Key Leader. Key Leader is a Kiwanis leadership camp I attended during Veteran’s Day weekend at Camp Jones Gulch in La Honda (Where RTC was). The first session we had not too many people that participated willingly but as the night and next day continued their attitudes changed so much. There was no one who did not smile and participate with their all at the end of the next night. Our leader of the camp was Megan Faith Marshall, she had this amazing energy and this great attitude that pumped up the entire room. With every lesson taught about what not a great leader would do but a key leader would do, I had redefined what a leader is. A Key Leader is someone who is an active listener, someone who takes a compilation of ideas and thoughts and puts it to action, someone who is understanding, someone who is committed to the betterment of their community, someone who is aware of who they are and their connections to others, someone who helps others grow, someone who is persuasive in a nice way, someone who is compassionate, someone who builds community, and most importantly someone that is caring. After attending, I reevaluated myself and my role as a leader. I consistently have tried to better myself so I can proudly call myself a Key Leader. The experience was truly like no other and I encourage all of you Kiwis to attend Key Leader next year or at Occidental on April 26-28,2013.


Caring- Our Way of Life

…from your editors and historians Winter Ball Coat Check By Jeffery Van, Castro Valley For many people, Winter Ball promised a night of dancing, fun times with friends, and awesome pictures. But for Key Clubbers, it meant an evening of volunteering and lots of good ol’ fashioned bonding time. On the night of December 15th, at Castro Valley High school, members were helping out with coat check for the students attending Winter Ball. Oakland Tech




Armed with 500 paper bags, and about 20 people, members helped students put away their things in bags so they could dance without worrying about losing something. Members began arriving at around 6:25, and the teacher of the leadership class talked to them about what they were going to do. Soon, they began setting up for the event and got into pairs. Once the event actually started, our members were working hard to keep up with the crowds of students. Often times, things were a little crazy, but it was easy to see that everyone was enjoying the fast pace of the event. After the crowds cleared, the members spent time bonding with each other by playing games while waiting for the dance to end. Many of the members became closer to each other after that. As the dance ended, people began pouring in to claim their bags. The members had numbered the bags, so it was easy to tell who each bag belonged to. The entire thing took about 15 minutes, a huge improvement from last year, when getting peoples’ bags to them took about 45 minutes. In the end, it was very successful event, and it’s safe to say that the members had a good time and are a lot more closer than they were before.

The Elves are Working By Jenny Wu, Albany HS With winter break approaching, Albany High School Key Club wanted to do a holiday inspired fundraiser! On December 21st, the club will dress up as Santa Clause, reindeers and elves to deliver Winter Wonder Candy Cards to classmates while singing to favorite Christmas songs. To prepare for the delivery day, Key Clubbers met at the club president’s home during the weekend. There were stations set up so they could finish the task efficiently; Ashley Chao and Michael Nguy cut the themed paper into little squares with the X-

Oakland Tech

Acto paper cutter while Christine Lam, Brian In, Xiuhoon Giang and many others folded and labeled the cards. What was predicted to take at least three hours was actually completed in only two hours! On Monday, more Key Clubbers will meet up to bake homemade Rice Crispy treats and peppermint bark to attach to the cards. The week before the delivery date, Key Clubbers will start selling the cards in front of the school. Doesn’t it seem like regular club members have transformed into little elves, busily preparing


Thank you for reading this month's issue of the Kiwi Khronicles! Keep in mind all of this information for our next DCM, where two questions will be asked for prizes :) To submit pictures, articles, or kiwi clip art, email: Lieutenant Governor Charles Chu Newsletter Editor Kelly Chan

CNH Division 2 Official Newsletter


Division 2 January 2013 Newsletter  

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