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Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Temple Bodywork

Advanced Training Program With Gregory Goodson LMT, NTS, RMTI

Lomi Ha’a Mauli Ola

“The course was fun, challenging and spiritual. Gregory’s command of Lomi made it a pleasure to watch and learn.”


Lomi Ha’a Mauli Ola

“Gregory is love, presence, and unconditional positive regard. His ability to gauge the class needs while also attending the needs of each Individual, is amazing”

“Space was made sacred, kept light-hearted, very positive and supportive for very internal work.”


Lomi Ha’a Mauli Ola Pre-Requisite Workshop ~ Pahi Lomi Lomi is the Hawaiian word for massage. The body of work taught in this workshop is based on a traditional style of Hawaiian bodywork - Lomi Ha’a Mauli Ola “Dance Massage of the Breathe of Life”. Pahi Lomi is an adaptation that bridges the gap between therapeutic massage and the ancient shamanic style of Lomi. Students will learn basic techniques, movement exercises, and theory through lecture and discussion time, meditation, and fun. The main techniques of Lomi are long body strokes, stretches, breath, and movement, used to affect all levels of body tissue leading to integration of the entire being. The therapeutic aspects of this technique can be incorporated into various styles of other bodywork and/or practiced alone. This class serves as an introduction to the Advanced Training Program that Gregory has developed. Gregory Goodson has been practicing this style of Lomi since 1991 and teaching it since 1996. Lomi is Gregory’s

Duration: 3 days Prerequisites: None Level Tuition: $450.00


Lomi Ha’a Mauli Ola

What is Lomi Ha’a Mauli Ola? Lomi Ha’a Mauli Ola, “the Dance Massage of the Breath of Life”, is the name of the unique form of Hawaiian massage taught by Gregory Goodson. This sacred form of bodywork is actually a profound spiritual practice, and a powerful healing art that traces its origins to the temples of the ancient Kahunas. The ancient Hawaiians believed that the body was the vehicle of spirituality. Every family, every clan, had it’s own form of bodywork. The Lomi Ha’a Mauli Ola was specific as an initiation into becoming a responsible adult in the culture. This was particularly important for the Ali’i, the ruling class, so they might be in deepest service to the people, to the land, and to each other. Although not used in the same way in the modern times, Lomi Ha’a Mauli Ola is a deep heart opening that encourages full integration of being. The practitioner, by aligning oneself with the “Mana” (life force energy), acts as a channel for the healing process of the client’s awakening to Self. The practitioner further acts as a container for the client to experience their journey on a physical, mental, and emotional level in a safe atmosphere. The use of long, connected strokes, stretches, movement, breath, and voice becomes the vehicle that creates this integration. Students are presented with the opportunity to experience this spiritual journey for themselves, and to become a catalyst for others.


Lomi Ha’a Mauli Ola Level 1 ~ Ho’okele (The Navigator) This introduction to Lomi bodywork begins the exploration of Self Knowledge. Open the heart through experiencing the deep connection and unconditional love of “aloha”. Enhance your capacity for love and compassion. Explore your limits. Delve into the meaning, principles and practices of Hawaiian culture and spirituality known as the Seven Arts. Begin this exploration through the practice of ancient Hawaiian awareness, exercises, meditations, chants, Hawaiian dance, and sacred massage. Deeper selfknowledge will arise naturally from these practices. These practices are used as our tools to charge our energy and cultivate “mana” in order to navigate our own canoe (ourselves) through the waters of life more smoothly. This introduction will take place in a residential setting, establishing our Ohana (family) eating, working, and playing together in much fun and laughter.

Duration: 7 Days, Residential Prerequisites: Pahi Lomi intro workshop and/or approval of instructor. Level Tuition: $1050.00 (lodging and food additional expense)


Lomi Ha’a Mauli Ola Level 2 ~ ‘Ike Kumu (Basic Knowledge) This training expands the foundation teachings from Level I with vocabulary, client dialog, stretches, advanced lifts, and introduction into a clinical setting. Level II will continue the study of the Seven Arts, deepening the principles learned in Level I, and also deepening the sense of Self while exploring the concepts of Grounding and Holding Space and Self-Care. The continual practice and refinement of Level II skills establishes a strong foundation into the art of Lomi Ha’a Mauli Ola. This is essential for the student to pursue any advanced levels of training, and to derive maximum benefit as a personal spiritual practice. Duration: 5 days, Residential Prerequisite: Completion of Level 1, including homework*, Practicum ** Level Tuition: $750.00 (lodging and food additional expense)


Lomi Ha’a Mauli Ola Level 3 ~ Iwi Kuamo’o (The Spine) Level 3 offers advanced instructions in the healing therapeutic aspects of the art of Lomi Ha’a Mauli Ola. Although the therapeutic aspect is not the main focus for students wishing to evolve themselves spiritually through the practice of the Lomi, it is a wonderful side benefit of this art. Learn to analyze various pain and dysfunction syndromes, such as low back and neck pain, headaches and sciatica. Students gain a sound base for treating problems such as these by utilizing deep tissue work, corrective exercises, passive joint motions, and therapeutic stretch positions. Duration: 7 days Residential Prerequisite: Completion of Level 2 including all homework*, Tutorial** Level Tuition: $1050 (lodging and food additional expense)


Lomi Ha’a Mauli Ola Level 4 ~ Mauli Ola (Power of Healing) Level IV continues the teachings of level III, focusing on the extremities, hips, face, abdomen, rotator cuff, organs, and T.M.J. All analysis and treatment procedures related to the above areas will be covered. The healing aspect of this art views the body/mind/spirit complex as whole; therefore, treatment of a problem in one area usually involves the treatment of other seemingly unrelated areas. Duration: 4 days, Residential Prerequisites: Completion of Level III including all homework*, Tutorial** Level Tuition: $600.00 (lodging and food additional expense)

Level 5 ~ Lima Lama (Hands of Light)

This workshop is an opportunity to become truly immersed in Lomi. Students will work on each other, using everything they have learned up to this point. This is the place to play, revel in the work, discuss, meditate, question, practice, practice and practice. This workshop is to give and most important, to receive the work. Using all of the various aspects and creating the deepest experience of the Lomi Ha’a Mauli Ola - here it is all put together! Duration: 7 days, Residential Prerequisite: Completion of Level IV, including all homework*, Tutorial** Level Tuition: $1050.00 (lodging and food additional expense) 9

Lomi Ha’a Mauli Ola Ho’oma’ama’a (Practicum) Final Practicum*** with Instructor Prerequisite: All homework* completed from all levels Module Tuition: $200.00

*Homework: Each student will be required to complete 10 sessions after each level of training and write up the session for review and feedback from the instructor. **Tutorial: Each student will be required to work on someone in the presence of the instructor for review and feedback. Tutorials available at additional expense, one-on-one teaching session with instructor. *** Final Practicum: This final session determines your completion of the training in Lomi Ha’a Mauli Ola, the student will be working on the instructor. Standards for Practice: Students may need additional tutorials after any training level in order to stay up with the group education standards. Any additional individual tutorial sessions will be up to the instructor’s discretion. Each extra tutorial will cost the student an additional $200. This applies to the Final Practicum as well. 10

Lomi Ha’a Mauli Ola The Instructor Gregory Goodson took his first workshop in Lomi in March of 1991, where he met his teacher, Dr. Ronayane Loderus, and immediately knew he had found the work of his heart. Gregory continued to study with his teacher at every opportunity, and in 1994 went to Australia to apprentice with Dr. Loderus for six months. At the end of that time, Gregory was initiated and given permission from his “Kumu” (keeper of the knowledge), Dr. Loderus, to teach Lomi Ha’a Mauli Ola. He was encouraged to carry on the tradition of his teacher and his teacher’s teacher, Abraham Kawai “Kahu”. Gregory continues his private practice, including Massage, Polarity and CranioSacral therapy, integrating Lomi, as well as teaching in both New Mexico and Kentucky. He began to teach Lomi to private students in 1996 and workshops in 2001. Gregory’s passion for the Lomi is because of the beauty and love that it conveys. Lomi Ha’a Mauli Ola opens the heart, and Gregory believes that healing the heart is the true healing of everything. His teaching mission is to teach other therapists to connect to their own heart space — and thereby become the catalyst or vessel for helping others to connect and open their hearts as well. Gregory believes the only way out is to go in. His work is an avenue to pursue his own life journey, the philosophy of unconditional love and acceptance of self and others. 11

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Lomi Ha'a Mauli Ola Program Catalog  

Lomi Ha’a Mauli Ola, “the Dance Massage of the Breath of Life”, is the name of the unique form of Hawaiian massage taught by Gregory Goodson...

Lomi Ha'a Mauli Ola Program Catalog  

Lomi Ha’a Mauli Ola, “the Dance Massage of the Breath of Life”, is the name of the unique form of Hawaiian massage taught by Gregory Goodson...