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Website Registration Form/ For All Subscriptions/ Please forward a completed registration form to All Subscription fees should be paid subsequently via PayPal (Located on the About Us page). 1) A-Personal Information First name: Middle name: Last name: Date of birth: mm/dd / yyyy. City: State: Country: Language used here: (English, French, Spanish) -----------------Sex: (man or woman): Your church affiliation: Email: Password: B- Characteristic Features Height: ------------Weight: ------------Size: slim---; petite----; athletic------; average------; large------; overweight-----; extra-large-------. Color of your eyes: ---------Color of your hair: -------------Race: Black American------; native American--------; Latino-------; Caucasian--------; Asian--------; African---------; Middle Eastern--------; Albinos---------; C- Church Affiliation: Do you accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior? Yes-----; No-----If your answer is no, then you are not yet ready to become a member of this website. You need to stop here and exit the website which is only for Christian. Thank you! If your answer is Yes, then this is definitely your milieu. You may continue‌ What is your favorite Bible verse? ------------------------------------------------------------


What church do you attend? Adventist ----------; Baptist-------; Catholic-------; Charismatic----------; Christian----Interdenominational---------; Non-denominational---------; Pentecostal-------; Protestant---------; Christian, but other (name it)---------------------------------D- Education: Associate degree-------; Bachelor’s degree------; Professional graduate degree----Master’s degree---------; Doctorate degree---------E- Profession:

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