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Me, myself and my tale British tale and Irish tale London – may 2014

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Once upon a time, in 2015, a future man explained a story to the children from the past. That story was about people from London. They lived very happy and in peace. One day, a horrible dragon from a far away country came to London. He was very hungry. So, he destroyed and ate everything in its path. All people got frightened. Two hours later, a giant that lived in a castle near London killed the dragon with his fantastic sword. All London people were very grateful to him. The giant helped them to rebuild the entire city. All lived happily ever after and they never had bad luck. THE END

Maria, Mohamed, NĂşria, Aitor



Once upon a time there were two witches, a very bad witch called Rapuixa and a very good witch, Maduixa. They lived in an old neighbourhood in London. Rapuixa was very dirty and she had a lot of animals at home0 cats, slugs, snails, frogs, rats and flies. Maduixa was very clever and had a fox. These witches hated each other. One day, Rapuixa challenged Maduixa to fight and she accepted. Rapuixa threw her animals excrements to Maduixa. But suddenly…. Rapuixa fell in a hole that Maduixa made the night before. Maduixa won the fight. All Rapuixa animals turned into fantastic beings as dragons, fairies, elves, foxes with wings, mermaids… and Rapuixa turned into a giant and disappeared. Ten years later, Rapuixa came back and took revenge on Maduixa. A loud knock was heard at Maduixa’s home door. They fought again and they both dead. THE END

Braian, Laura, Marina, Sara


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