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EVERY AUGUST, as the sun rises

over Indy, so do hundreds of first-year Butler students who encircle the city as part of our annual Bulldogs Into the Streets program. It’s our voluntary, day-long service event for Butler community members and alumni to make a meaningful impact on Indianapolis. Volunteering is just the beginning of community engagement at Butler. The Indianapolis Community Requirement, which combines academic learning with relevant community service, is also a part of every Butler student’s education.

Through the Indianapolis Community Requirement, all students take at least one course that involves active engagement with the community—which inspires many to continue their involvement throughout their time at Butler. Why? Because these experiences help students better understand themselves and their world, discern what gives their lives meaning, discover new skills they never imagined before, and forge connections with people on campus and in the city they’ll call home these next few years. At other schools, this might be a lot to expect, but that’s just what Bulldogs do.

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